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  1. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Jon, I'm implying both that he is biased, and that he lacks ethics as a journalist. feelthedarkness, I'm used to being misunderstood, replying to several people at once kind of helps. Yet we seem to agree discussing Eron is not worthwhile. Kind of strange how before I jumped in there was a bunch of judgment of Eron's character though... in fact you kind of doubled down on it. Edit: Well, three more replies, getting more substantive at least... Edit 2: Deadman, I didn't expect to be welcomed, I've lurked Idle Thumbs for quite a while and you guys wear your politics on your sleeves. So I know what I'm getting into. Then again, this is a community where abuse isn't really tolerated, so I think I'm safe enough. I'm far from surprised at selection of evidence mate. But I thought journalists were supposed to be different from lawyers somehow. Guess not... social justice indeed. I am surprised at one thing: how you take legal judgements as objective proof of character, right after knocking on objectivity I guess Dreyfus was a traitor, until he wasn't. Is that what subjective truth means? That it depends on legal sentencing? Is that the new liberal approach to what is just? Social justice indeed... Edit3: Gormongous, No, there is obviously a strong case against Eron. He did get convicted after all, and I don't think US justice system is as big a travesty as it often seems. I haven't read the Ferguson thread in a while, has the consensus there also turned in favor of the legal judgment? Just curious... Now, I appreciate you're already trying to predict how I could respond. But I think you are a bit on the wrong track. If you want my opinion about Eron ask away, but don't expect a substantial debate over merits - character judgment is too subjective for me to find value in arguing with you about it. Let's say the following: that the article positions Eron's character in a specific light, can be argued to be independent of what the underlying reality is. I'd disagree with that argument actually, my point is that it took conscious intent to paint the picture in such a harsh light. Now, you have an opinion on that underlying reality, obvious from your post. I also have an opinion on that underlying reality, but honestly, I haven't really offered much on it yet... So since you haven't really asked directly, let me offer this - since you went to the effort of posting all that - while saying again, this is not the discussion I'm interested in having: obssessive, yes; sociopathic, no; stalker, undecided (too dependent on technicalities imo). Are you interested in any clarification?
  2. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Deadpan, I'm here... I'm not particularly interested in apologia for several different things, but I'm not even going to suggest you should shut up. Are we cool? Feelthedarkness, well, in a thread titled after ethics in journalism, I actually think it illustrates nicely that journalists often will select what to quote in the interest of a specific bias. After all if her lousyness in judging character applies, it applies also to impliying Eron is autistic. Right? So I guess you see the journalist quoting an unreliable source as justified by... his prejudice? And given how part of the content is in positioning Eron as obsessive stalking sociopath, I think the rest of the quote about how Eron discussed with friends what was the right way to proceed re the zoe Post kind of seems more relevant... is Eron's character what you are interested in discussing?
  3. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    And I'm sure that was not taken out of context at all Consider the other friend quoted as saying about Eron he's "a very intellectual person with semi-decent people skills" And given the intent of the article consider the full quote (emphasis mine): Eron I first met in college. We were both in the same class at school and hung out with the same group of people between classes. I struck up a friendship with him. I always saw Eron as a very intellectual person with semi-decent people skills. He was always super friendly and everyone had good things to say about him. Before Eron even started writing “The Zoe Post” he reached out to me. He wanted to make sure he was thinking clearly about this situation and what he should do about it. I ended up doing my own research asking people who knew her more in-depth about her… seems that Eron was not alone in being manipulated by her. Of course as a sociopathic mastermind Eron must have fabricated the whole thing, yet simultaneously be so stupid as to go and get interviewed while explictily announcing he is breaking the law doing it. Right...
  4. Agreed, so much agreed. It's better in boardgames though. And I see more and more references to good works that take a comparative approach across different gaming media, which is helping me develop that literacy at least. In addition to which, I think video games are fundamentally defined by the video aspect; this introduces syntax elements of thematic and narrative nature regardless of the aesthetic or political intent, be it authorial or interpretative. It's an interesting tension really, as I think the deeper ludological "grammar" is very incompatible with the more superficial "meaning" grammar. Do bear in mind the superficial adjective is meant for the context of gaming only, since in almost all other communication I see the superficial "meaning" as more fundamental.