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  1. Great podcast as usual—I always like it when discussions range a bit from the game ostensibly being discussed. I listened last week so I might be remembering, but I think Rob asked whether Take Command - 2nd Manassas is still available. It's actually on Steam! I picked it up at the last sale, but unfortunately wasn't able to resolve the DirectX 9 runtime error that kept it from working on my WIndows 10 machine. I've also been wondering if anyone's had luck getting Sid Meier's Gettysburg to work on modern machines. Since it doesn't seem available through digital distribution, I tried obtaining an iso through, uh, more dubious means, but was never able to get it running on Windows 10. I'd love to be able to check it out—when it originally came out I wasn't playing strategy games that didn't have "Civilization" or "Alpha Centauri" in the title, and it still doesn't seem to have been fully supplanted.
  2. 3MA has a Patreon

    Consider yourself patronized! Could you give a bit more info about the patrons-only podcast? Will they be about the length of a normal episode? Will you be committing to releasing them at specific dates, or just some time within each quarter? Will they mean no more general Q&A shows? I'll admit that at $120/year, or $60 more than the previous level, for four extra podcasts, that level feels a bit expensive. (My points of comparison here are Savage Lovecast, which is $36/year for an extra half-hour or so of content each week, and We Have Concerns, where all patrons get access to occasional extra episodes.) Not that you guys don't deserve the money, but, y'know, freelance writer married to another freelance writer = not rolling in dough. But, I'm happy to give 3MA some money no matter what.
  3. Episode 225: Brave New World

    Agreed on the outro. With things like that and the bombastic orchestral intro that played a while ago, do you guys purposely put that in, or does Michael Hermes pick up on your comments and sneak the magic in there as a surprise?