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  1. Would love an invite to the guild. I'm an EU player that usually plays the ward buyer class. http://steamcommunity.com/id/darkripper
  2. DOTA 2

    I'm a new player and I'm willing to team up with people at my level. I usually play in single draft, because it's a great way to learn new heroes and I've found out people are less obsessed about results, feeding, etc. I also have a bunch of invites if there's still someone lacking one (I doubt it). I'm up for friendly matchmaking at night, especially the weekends. steamid there.
  3. Warhammer Total War...

    I know it's not going to happen for all sorts of reasons, but as an ex-warhammer player I'd love a rule-by-rule or at least a close, turn-based adaptation. If not that, there are certain mechanics that would be interesting to take from the wargame. For example, I remember the two players deciding where to place the scenery pieces, each one deciding where to place certain pieces like hills, walls, etc and different scenarios allowing special rules on what and where to place stuff. It was something that allowed your army to play to your strenghts and felt more interesting than the standard maps we are used to in computer games. Terrain is generally very dull in games like TW. I feel that especially when I'm supposed to make strategic decisions on the world map and I have no idea how that's gonna reflect on the actual battle map.
  4. First time listener (ok, who I am kidding? after hearing about the podcast joining the idle thumbs family I subscribed and listened to a bunch of the backlog), first time caller! I've never been really an hardcore strategy fan, apart from the occasional Civilization or RTS game, but I find really interesting to read about strategy games. And via the podcast I've found a couple games that might interest me already, so I'm thinking of getting my feet wet in the wargaming genre (well, to be honest I tried once with Steel Panthers WaW - that didn't go well). The interesting thing about CK for gamers like me is the fact it is really a narrative-driven game. You can pretty much decide that the winning condition is telling a good story, and role-play your way through it. In that case, Failing can be as interesting as winning (if you play like that, the closest thing to it I can think of is probably Dwarf Fortress). For someone that usually snoozes through the endgame of things like Civilization, that is a really interesting change.