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  1. The links I promised: 90% of What it Takes to Play Command Baloogan's YouTube Channel Stoic Frog Gaming's YouTube Channel Also something I found handy, a way to put pictures into the database so you can actually see the ships / planes being referenced: Database Images
  2. Episode 355: Stellaris

    Yeah, 2.0 is going to be changing some pretty fundamental systems. We'll definitely be revisiting Stellaris but it will be after the big update and after everyone on the panel has gotten some time in.
  3. Episode 403: Survival Strategy

    Not to mention his rugged good looks and charisma.
  4. Episode 403: Survival Strategy

    Well, we do the best we can. If a few plate clinks bother you now, you'd be pretty enraged by the things I take the time to remove every week. While I'm sorry there have been some instances that did not live up to your expectations, I hope the hundreds and hundreds of free hours of entertainment we provide can make up for it. Sorry to see you go. Bye!
  5. I stand by it! The systems in MM are abstracted almost to the point of the ship systems in FTL. (Think of any spaceship game - you're not an engineer in the future, but after a game or two you can intuit what ion thrusters and mass drivers are doing on your ship.) Tuning your car consists of moving sliders until the little arrows are in the green area, and the feedback from your drivers ranges from angry face to smiley face. You don't need to know about transmission gear ratios, your driver gives you all the feedback you need after the practice laps or qualifying. The feedback systems are good enough that knowledge about how cars work is practically unnecessary. Conversely, FHM offers little to no feedback other than the player statistics. if you don't know how to interpret those, you're really on your own. And accurately interpreting that requires an in-depth knowledge of the game.
  6. I guess I didn't make myself clear with my previous post. This conversation is not going to lead anywhere productive and is over. To clarify for later generations: I deleted (and will delete) any posts after my message above that continued the conversation that started above.
  7. The internet is big, wide open place. There are plenty of other more appropriate places to have this discussion and I would like to leave this thread open so people can discuss Shadow Tactics. RocketDog, our show is never above criticism, but you clearly have an agenda or point to make and it's not going to lead to a productive conversation here. Consider this a friendly nudge in the right direction. If anyone has any questions or would like clarification, please feel free to PM myself or Rob.
  8. Episode 232: Sid Meier's Gettysburg!

    When we switched from Libsyn to Soundcloud for hosting our podcasts there was a bit of a hiccup during the migration. Basically the numbering on a slew of episodes ended up off by one. This issue comes up from time to time though I thought I had fixed most of them at this point. I can fix it tonight and examine the other shows in that number range and see what needs fixing.
  9. While you're technically correct, you're looking at a small, Paradox-heavy subset of shows. We've done 5 Paradox shows over the last calendar year and, yes, 4 of them have been pretty recent. That's because: Paradox just released a whole bunch of stuff recently Our panel loves talking about and playing Paradox games Paradox content gets regular updates which means it's always fun to revisit the games and see how they've changed Paradox shows routinely do very well by our numbers We love suggestions for show topics, games we should cover, game mechanics... you're always welcome to hit up @3MA on Twitter or email at threemovesahead@idlethumbs.net
  10. Episode 386: Steel Panthers

    The links: Steel Panthers World at War Steel Panthers World War 2 Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank
  11. Looks like this has been a polarizing show. Fascinating!
  12. Thanks! And yes, someday I'll shoehorn UnReal World into the show. I love that game. My beef with VB6 is mostly due to the fact that I've been forced to use it so many times thanks to work. At my current job I have some more autonomy and do as much as I can in Python, but I've made my fair share of terrible VB6 interfaces. So many tabs... I did find it! Eventually. And CMANO will get its turn - we can't let something as beefy as that game lie fallow. Yes! Now I remember that I don't like that movie at all, except for the Bill Murray parts. Is DW2 something that they've announced? That would be exciting.
  13. Yes, this is unfortunately the case. Shortly after coming under the Idle Thumbs umbrella we switched from hosting our shows on Libsyn to Soundcloud. As it turns out, there was a range of about 75-100 shows that got shifted by one episode number relative to their actual spot during the transition. We thought one or two got borked but we're learning over time that it was a big range. We received another note about it last week and I've been looking into it (that was when I realized just how many were off). I've got a spreasheet to track which shows I've fixed, but given my slow upload speeds I can only do them a handful at a time when I have the chance. But we're working on it. If find a show that you want to hear and it turns out you get the wrong audio, head to the previously numbered episode and it should be there. Eventually they will all be fixed!
  14. Duelyst

    I really enjoy Duelyst. In addition to all the points made in the show, I'd like to add that the sound design for this game is stunning. The music is forgettable but the sound effects and creature sounds are some of the best I've heard in any game. It's very, very impressive.
  15. Sorry, I didn't see this until now. But the day after you posted we got our Endless show up, and Civ VI will be posted tonight or tomorrow. Not everyone had an early access review code for it and we wanted to make sure all the panelists had enough time with it. We have another show coming in this weekend, so we're back on track. Thanks! --- To all: thanks for all the feedback on everything. I check these boards regularly and we do read all the posts even if we don't always reply.