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  1. Episode 448: Valkyria Chronicles 4

    Also, I'll re-plug John Bartholomew's chess channel, he was a great guest on the show. Also: Mato Jelic and Simon Williams. All great and informative chess channels.
  2. I firmly agree that we need to work more Dominions into the show somehow.
  3. Yes, I (we) apologize that there has been a gap. We try very hard to avoid missing a single week - much less several - but some personal-life issues have come up and it caused a hiccup in our schedule. Sometimes real life gets nasty and in the way. We have several shows planned and will be back on track very soon. Sorry for the wait.
  4. Episode 432: BATTLETECH

    Taking this point by itself: I would tend to agree with you. It's something I've noticed over a couple of different episodes and I brought up in our chat. Sometimes the panelists dive into the minutiae right away and forget that it can be useful to give an overview of the game at hand for those that are unfamiliar with it. I'm guilty of that, too. Anyway, you have a fair point and I forwarded it on to the group.
  5. Episode 424: Command Ops 2

    Thanks for the kind words. It may be two weeks before we get back to it, though. There are just too many good games being released. We had to break up the WOWAG schedule a bit but there are a few more episodes planned for it.
  6. Episode 424: Command Ops 2

    Here is the AAR mentioned in the episode: https://forums.lnlpublishing.com/resources/command-ops-2-return-to-st-vith-tutorial-aar-part-1-pages-1-30.85/
  7. Episode 417: 2017 in Review

    Haha, I asked about that. Apparently it's an Idle Thumbs thing that goes way back, we just stumbled upon it with our pined apple discussion. No one really knows why it's on the list.
  8. Episode 417: 2017 in Review

    That would be me. It's not supposed to be authentic Hawaiian, it's just supposed to have *********. I had ********* / jalepeno and the combination of sweet and spicy rocked my world. ********* and pepperoni turns out to be way better than the ham version.
  9. The links I promised: 90% of What it Takes to Play Command Baloogan's YouTube Channel Stoic Frog Gaming's YouTube Channel Also something I found handy, a way to put pictures into the database so you can actually see the ships / planes being referenced: Database Images
  10. Episode 355: Stellaris

    Yeah, 2.0 is going to be changing some pretty fundamental systems. We'll definitely be revisiting Stellaris but it will be after the big update and after everyone on the panel has gotten some time in.
  11. Episode 403: Survival Strategy

    Not to mention his rugged good looks and charisma.
  12. Episode 403: Survival Strategy

    Well, we do the best we can. If a few plate clinks bother you now, you'd be pretty enraged by the things I take the time to remove every week. While I'm sorry there have been some instances that did not live up to your expectations, I hope the hundreds and hundreds of free hours of entertainment we provide can make up for it. Sorry to see you go. Bye!
  13. I stand by it! The systems in MM are abstracted almost to the point of the ship systems in FTL. (Think of any spaceship game - you're not an engineer in the future, but after a game or two you can intuit what ion thrusters and mass drivers are doing on your ship.) Tuning your car consists of moving sliders until the little arrows are in the green area, and the feedback from your drivers ranges from angry face to smiley face. You don't need to know about transmission gear ratios, your driver gives you all the feedback you need after the practice laps or qualifying. The feedback systems are good enough that knowledge about how cars work is practically unnecessary. Conversely, FHM offers little to no feedback other than the player statistics. if you don't know how to interpret those, you're really on your own. And accurately interpreting that requires an in-depth knowledge of the game.
  14. I guess I didn't make myself clear with my previous post. This conversation is not going to lead anywhere productive and is over. To clarify for later generations: I deleted (and will delete) any posts after my message above that continued the conversation that started above.