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  1. Destiny

    That time works for me. But we still need one more now! JC! Rearrange your life to play this video game with us!
  2. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Something else to consider - assuming you want to stick with it at all - is to put the difficulty all the way down. Should let you avoid whatever back-end systems you're not enjoying with minimal consequence (oils and potions mainly). In general, the only gear it's worth it to craft is the witcher gear; the rest can be ignored. The crafting system really is annoying...I think the game would have been better off without it. By the way, I think the idea is that Geralt is using the alcohol to brew new potions, not drinking it himself Oh, also if you're playing on PC I'm sure there are mods out there to remove the weight limit on your inventory.
  3. Destiny

    I should be able to do Saturday (morning for me). Here's the roster we had from a few pages back.
  4. Destiny

    Oh no, I meant getting all of us, just that we may not make it through the whole thing on the first go if people have obligations or whatever since this is a bit of late notice.
  5. Destiny

    Hmm I could probably do tomorrow morning though I'm not 100% sure how long...the first section or two at least for sure. I'm at 354 as well I think. If not tomorrow, let's try and lock it down for one morning next weekend maybe?
  6. Destiny

    Oh yeah! The community could be better to check because I think some people are in reddit clans or whatever instead. Apparently an ARG came and went over the past day or two that reveals how to get a new exotic quest via a room in the raid. Just read the summary on reddit (it doesn't spoil any raid stuff). Pretty bananas.
  7. Destiny

    There was a thread in the multiplayer subforum but it's really just a handful of us still active now. If you go through the last page or two you should be able to find all our PSN names. There is an Idle Thumbs clan, Crota Today, that you can join if you want. It actually shows online clan members in-game now so that's something.
  8. Virginia - Strange and Confounding

    I played through a couple nights ago. I've got mixed feelings on it. The score is great and it does some really cool stuff with jump cuts that I think other games could learn a lot from. It's almost got a stream of consciousness thing going on. But the story overall didn't totally land for me. Maybe just a little too open ended for my taste. Also, while you can walk around a lot of rooms, they are often not fleshed out enough to make exploring worth it, which I found frustrating. Hopefully someone on the podcast plays it...I'd be really curious to hear their thoughts. Random spoiler thoughts:
  9. Destiny

    While there's some kinda neat lore buried deep, deep within the website-only (still!) grimoire cards, the stories in Destiny so far have been pretty garbage, so I say reboot away. If the story in Destiny 2 is good I'll be happily surprised. I'm in the 340s right now...should get to 350 by the weekend. I think the hard strikes and vendor packages are the best ways to get 350+ gear, right? Anyway I'd be willing to give the first section or two a shot this weekend if we can get a crew together.
  10. Destiny

    Yeah another week or two should get everyone there...I'm at maybe 330 at the moment. The real challenge now is avoiding spoilers until we're ready. I tried out the new crucible mode last night. Although I am very bad at PvP, I really liked it. It's a cool twist having to recover crests after kills to get any credit. Leads to some interesting changes in play style in both rumble and team matches.
  11. Idle Thumbs 281: The Marfing Barfo

    I'd never heard of the Wide-Boy 64 either...apparently it was only available to (greedy) devs and the press.
  12. Destiny

    A small bit of advice anyone that tries to get the SIVA cluster at the top of Fellwinter's Peak. Make sure you respec yourself for max agility...I stupidly assumed it didn't factor in in the social spaces but after spending an embarrassing amount of time falling of that stupid mountain I changed it and it actually makes a pretty huge difference. Based on the number of people dying along with me though, I wasn't alone...
  13. Destiny

    The only character I have at 40 with decent gear is a Warlock so I'll be using that one. Leveling up alts is kinda tedious which is too bad because I wanna be able to mix up which ones I use to run the new stuff.
  14. Destiny

    In the logs those buffs are being called armor infections of some sort. I know this won't happen but I'd love for it to be a precursor to some sort of gear reset because the internet rage would be top notch. People still want their Fatebringers upgraded... For the new raid let's go with this: 1. Me 2. Vasari 3. Vasari's friend 4. Vulpes Absurda 5. Mechanations 6. Mechanations friend/someone from here? We'll leave that 6th spot kinda open in case someone else from here really wants to do it. Once we're all geared up for the thing we can lock down a time and that last spot. Probably earlyish on a Saturday or Sunday to make it work for the various time zones.
  15. Destiny

    Well, that's four of us, maybe five? Osmosisch, you interested? Anyway I'm sure it'll take a little while for us to gear up for the thing. Hopefully in the meantime we can round up one or two more.
  16. Destiny

    Yeah I've jumped back in as well. Just been doing some of the new quests and things I had left open when I dropped off. I wouldn't worry too much about increasing your light level at this point. The expansion ups the light level to 400 and I imagine it's main questline will get you well on your way. But for now here's a fancy graphic I found on reddit that lists the light level caps for the various activities. My PSN ID is spork_armada. If anyone sees me online feel free to join up. BTW would we have enough interest in doing a blind raid at some point for Rise of Iron? Might be hard to avoid spoilers but was (mostly) a lot of fun figuring out the Taken King raid.
  17. Destiny

    I wanna say they've added Prison of Elders stuff that will drop some decent gear. Is that right? I guess I have the same question...what drops >300 light level gear now?
  18. Idle Thumbs 270: BIG GAME HUCKSTER$$$$

    Valve sets the drop rates. While looking for info on this I came across this RPS article on the skin economy. Looks like they deliberately make the more "visually salient" skins rarer.
  19. Destiny

    I checked these out and apparently I've only done one (complete the main story). I dunno how deep in I want to get right now, but if you want some company for any of these and don't need me to have a super high light level, I'd be willing the jump back on. I think I was just above 300 when I dropped off.
  20. Idle Thumbs 270: BIG GAME HUCKSTER$$$$

    Aside from skins, weapon cases are also drops, which require a key ($2.50) to open. And of course cases can also be bought on the market for as of now about $0.25. I think this is where you can really pull kids in since the dollar figures required are much more modest and the potential return is so high. The whole gambling industry attached to this just helps pump up the dollar figures attached to the skins...amounts that compel people to buy keys or whatever who otherwise might not have. Honestly what the core system reminds me of from my childhood is baseball cards. Affordable packs with "rare" inserts that according to some magazine had a huge value...I remember the appeal going from getting my favorite players to almost exclusively wanting rare cards of whoever (look at how ugly the most valuable skins has nothing to do with looks and everything to do with rarity). At least with cards there wasn't some easily accessible gambling system attached to the whole thing that I'd have been too young to fully understand. Honestly I find the whole skin system as it's currently implemented really gross and it doesn't make me look kindly on Valve in the least. BTW I think I saw someone say that these gambling sites get their money from things like ads...I'm not sure if there's a casino rake equivalent or not.
  21. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    I know for sure on the PS4 it's swipe up or down on the touchpad for the map, long press for the inventory. I think for xbox it's double tap start or back (whatever the normal menu button is) for map, long press for inventory.
  22. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    Those two features (quick access to inventory & map) are never communicated in game as far as I know, which is insane because they are freaking critical.
  23. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    The Hearts of Stone has the option of starting with a level 30 character. No excuses!
  24. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    Witcher 3 v1.0 sounds like a nightmare.
  25. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    Wait, the storage chest was patched in post-launch?