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  1. I did this exact thing and felt like such a fucking boss for it.
  2. Get Out

    Re: plot holes
  3. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    The Crota ones were kinda good, actually. I don't think I read any past that expansion though.
  4. Destiny

    Yeah, I thought this update might pull me back in for a bit, but with everything else coming out around now I'll probably sit this one out. I've killed poor Atheon enough times. RIP, robo-timelord. Very ready for some Destiny 2 news though.
  5. There was an article from Bloomberg News about a year ago about how Google was planning on selling off Boston Dynamics. Nothing seems to have every come from it though. I wonder what happened...
  6. Official Giant Bomb Thread Mostly for Complaining About Dan

    I imagine this is what happens to most people when you put them in front of a camera with an implied expectation that they be entertaining. Some people are naturally comfortable with it, but most aren't.
  7. Important If True: Show Announcement Teaser

    On the latest Idle Thumbs ep they say to keep sending in game questions there since Bag Blasts are fun and easy.
  8. Recently completed video games

    I've knocked out a few smaller games over the past few weeks. Inside - Loved the aesthetic and atmosphere. The puzzles were never frustrating. Oh and the animation work is SO good. Really the entire game is polished as hell. The story (and more specifically the ending), while certainly memorable, was a little abstract for my taste. ABZU - This game is basically Journey but underwater. It's gorgeous and chill and the final few areas had me saying "fuck yeah" and fist pumping, which I totally needed coming out of 2016. Lara Croft GO - The puzzles were good and they mix things up well over the course of things. While the art style isn't as novel as Hitman GO, I still dug it. Glittermitten Grove (Frog Fractions 2) - First I wanna say Glittermitten Grove, a fairy base building game, seems totally legit and I think I might actually go back and play it more. FF2 is pretty interesting. Structurally, it's an ascii style overworld that you puzzle around in to discover items and these bizarre one-off minigames that are twists on established genres or classics. I don't want to give the details away because discovering what they are is part of the fun. A few were forgettable, but several were really great and I only actively disliked one. The writing is good and everything is absurd in the right ways. My main complaint is that there were several times I had no clue what to do next and that got frustrating. Downtime like that really killed the pacing in what is essentially a comedy game so keeping things moving is especially critical.
  9. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    It's been a while since I played the game, but I think they weren't surprised people could listen in, but that they were listening in (and then realizing what sort of stuff would have been heard). But maybe there's dialogue that is explicit about their understanding of I said it's been a while.
  10. Infinite Jest

    Yeah, the thing that's hard about it is that it throws a lot of characters at you pretty quickly combined with the fact that the chronology is all over the place. Once you've got that under control, which I'd say happens after the first 200 pages or so, it's pretty easy going.
  11. Fantasy Finale XV

    I have no idea what you're talking about.
  12. Recently completed video games

    I finished Technobabylon. It's a Wadjet Eye adventure game so mechanically, no big surprises (I've played one other of theirs, Gemini Rue, also good). The puzzles are mostly fine...I only got stuck once or twice and it was usually just missing an available interaction somewhere. The lack of a button to highlight interactable objects was annoying, but like I said, only an issue a few times. It's cyberpunk as fuuuuuck. Mindjacking, entering "the Trance", omnipotent city-managing AI's, etc. The writing is good and cast of characters is pretty diverse and interesting. I got lost once or twice as far as what was going on, but got it sorted out quick enough. Anyway, worth checking out if you're an adventure game type of person.
  13. A Dedicated Thread For Talking About Star Trek Episodes

    I recently rewatched "All Good Things" for the first time in ages and noticed that Future Data is a cat hoarder. Like his office is practically overflowing with them. I love it.
  14. Destiny

    I'm a warlock
  15. Destiny

    I could probably do something Sunday. I haven't had a ton of time to play lately so I'm not up to Hard Mode levels yet (378 I think?). I also need to do misc Outbreak Prime stuff that requires one of each class in your fireteam.
  16. Movie/TV recommendations

    He did Anomalisa, which came out about a year ago I think?
  17. Destiny

    Tons of fun. Still amazed at how we cruised through the zamboni this time. Sounded like there was interest to rerun some of the old raids. We'll have to figure out a good weekend to knock one or two of them out. Also potentially the hard mode for the new one if/when we level up enough for it. Bonus video:
  18. Destiny

    So tentatively 12pm EST tomorrow? We still need two more, right? I only had time to play like once this week but it was enough to bump me up to 370 or so. Should help a lot in the later sections.
  19. Destiny

    I can only do Sunday this weekend. Does that work for people? They are bumping up the light level cap for drops this week right? We should be able to get in pretty good shape for the next run.
  20. Destiny

    Looking unlikely that I'll be able to make it tomorrow. Sorry guys
  21. Destiny

    Yeah the new raid was a lot of fun. Nothing we came across was impossible to puzzle out or frustrating to execute. I loved our transitions from "there's no way we can pull this off" to "we can definitely pull this off...just one more try!" I can only do Sunday next weekend. A similar time will probably work. I'll probably read up on strats for the stages up to where we got...still want to try and work out that final phase if we can though. @marginalgloss: Vasari's got it right. Just play through the story content as it opens up. The way the scaling works means it shouldn't be a total cakewalk for you even when you're overlevelled. And aside from Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris, PvP ignores levels so jump into that whenever you're feeling up for it. I'd also say remember to grab the various bounties you think you'll manage to do since the XP is helpful in levelling up your various subclasses. And you're right that not a lot is explained in game (plus a lot has changed over the past two years) so if you have questions, feel free to ask them!
  22. Destiny

    I'll try and pick someone up from the Something Awful LFG thread, which is where I generally went for raid groups in the past. They've usually been pretty good folks. Edit: Got someone who's done it before but is willing to keep quiet while we make fools of ourselves. I'll hold out for another blind person if I can but at least there'll be someone to fill the spot.
  23. Destiny

    Vasari's friend can't make it