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  1. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    I feel like my animal "friends" are just using me for my couches though. Anyway thanks for the info...probably just not a game for me.
  2. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    I never played Animal Crossing before so keep that in mind here, but I tried this game out over the weekend and it felt like there was nothing really to it? Go around, pick things up, give them to animals, buy stuff for your campsite. It feels very shallow. I get that customizing your campsite can be fun but to even do that you have to do the tedious item gathering step. Is this how it is in normal AC as well?
  3. Stranger Things

    I finished S2 last night and thought it was decent...I like the characters a lot though the plot overall was kinda unremarkable. Some random spoilery hot takes:
  4. Important If True 36: Never Say Goodbye

    Yeah I wanted to say the same thing. The bit where you correct yourself on the Usual Suspects anniversary was killing me.
  5. Gaming HDTV recommendations

    I don't think it's fair to say they're all the same...there's definitely differences in panels and tv quality at the various price tiers. Diminishing returns as you go up in price though for sure. Anyway, last year I got a Samsung 65KS8000, which I've been pretty happy with. 4k/HDR content looks amazing and it's got a game mode that minimizes input lag (I did notice the lag when in normal mode). One thing it's got which I've only toyed around with once or twice is a Steamlink app built in...seemed to work ok! My one complaint is that because it's edge lit instead of backlit the black levels are probably not as good as they could be. Like in very dark scenes like for example credits or load screens where the screen is all back aside from some small text or image, you can see that that column of the screen is being lit up and the "black" in the column is a bit grayer, whereas I assume something that's backlit will just have a gray zone in the area where the text is (or in my dreams where I have one of those LG OLEDs, only the white pixels are lit up and the blacks are perfectly black). I haven't found it to be a dealbreaker though. Also, go as big as you can afford/fit. At first you'll say "haha this is comically large" and like ten minutes later you'll wonder how you dealt with your old set.
  6. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Honestly I think just saying to the player "kills increase chaos" is enough to push a lot of people towards nonlethal play. Chaos sounds bad! Edit: so beaten...
  7. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    But with this extra income think of all the games you can now afford to buy and not have time to play!
  8. Spelunky!

    I played the hell out of Spelunky but watching various people do the daily challenge spoiled most of the secrets/easter eggs for me before I got around to playing it myself (though to be fair watching people is probably the only reason I started playing it in the first place). Should be fun to go into a new one blind and discover some of it for myself.
  9. Important If True 31: The Illusion of Control

    Ignore the haters, Chris. Canned sardines are awesome. A solid endorsement.
  10. A Dedicated Thread For Talking About Star Trek Episodes

    I saw one episode of Orville. The marketing seemed to push the comedy side of it pretty hard but the show plays things surprisingly straight. It was essentially a bad Star Trek plot with quippy one liners spread throughout.
  11. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    For console at least, I think most of the thumbs migrated over to the Waypoint clans due to larger numbers there. There is a clan thread in their forums where you can get info on signing up.
  12. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    I'm going to be out of commission through the next few weekends Blind raids are super fun...ya'll enjoy! Don't worry about how quickly you get to the endgame content. People that are pushing through quickly will almost definitely still be playing by the time you get there. A mic isn't required generally, but it's super helpful in the raid so if you want to run that you might consider picking one up. Since not everyone here is in the same clan, it's a good point to remind everyone that we have a forum ID exchange doc here. The Destiny tab is old so maybe best to ignore that, but I think it's safe to add anyone that's been posting in this thread.
  13. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    Here is the original clan for what it's worth: I used to be an admin on it but it looks like that all got reset. If we want to move on to a new one that's fine with me...only real loss is the name.
  14. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    There were relatively big open areas in the overworld but the main missions were all very arena + corridor. Based on what you've said in the past about shooters I'd be surprised if it's your thing
  15. Twin Peaks Rewatch 51: The Return, Part 16

    Yeah, the Dougie we've mostly dealt with is actually the Cooper that was trapped in the Lodge, just in some half-awake state due to I assume his bungled return to the real world. Tulpa Dougie was just some weird shitty guy who got into terrible gambling debts and had the nerve to cheat on the amazing Janie-E. I mentioned this in the slack chat, but I'm kinda puzzled by the whole coordinates thing. Were they a trap set by Jeffries? If Bad Coop knew it was a trap, why was he so set on finding them? And what would he have done if he hadn't run into Richard Horne outside the convenience store? I'm not super hung up on this or anything...just really curious what Bad Coop is actually up to...
  16. Half-Life 2: Episode 3

    Cool that he put that out there but now I just feel sad...
  17. Official Giant Bomb Thread Mostly for Complaining About Dan

    Yeah it's been a fun podcast...some things fall flat but that's how it is with improv heavy stuff sometimes. I wish they had told that Patrick guy to stay close to his mic though. The way he kept fading in and out was driving me crazy.
  18. A Dedicated Thread For Talking About Star Trek Episodes

    Maybe encoded within the slight changes to the post are hints to how we can free him from the loop.
  19. Official Giant Bomb Thread Mostly for Complaining About Dan

    This is such a small thing but I noticed the episode numbering for Kingdom Heartache has four digits in it and the idea of that series running for 1000+ episodes cracks me up.
  20. Road Trip Recommendations

    Here are my suggestions. These are definitely the books I thought of and not stolen from @BillTheCat my audiobook list: Abaddon’s Gate, Between the world and me,Wolf in white van, Billy Lynn’s long halftime walk, Seveneves, Genghis Khan and the making of the modern world, The name of the wind, The dark tower, High country, Leviathan wakes, The Disaster Artist
  21. Twin Peaks Rewatch 49: The Return, Part 14

    I think it's possible that his experience in the lodge would have appeared just as cryptic to us as Andy's did. Andy seemed to know exactly what was going on and what to do once he returned despite his just seeing a stream of strange imagery on the ceiling.
  22. Twin Peaks Rewatch 48: The Return, Part 13

    As far as what Dougie mouths, I'm pretty it's "so much" after Janie says "I love you so much" to him. I actually found it kinda touching?
  23. Twin Peaks Rewatch 47: The Return, Part 12

    I do wonder if the monster's appearance and actions were due to anger at the guy missing Cooper's passage through the box. Seems possible at this point that the setup was to trap Cooper on his return. The link between BadCoop and the monster isn't 100% clear (and of course may never be)
  24. Twin Peaks Rewatch 47: The Return, Part 12

    He's only human, Bjorn!