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  1. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    I have played 270 hours of MH4U since release! HAHAhaha... i really need a life... To be fair i have a friend i have been playing online with like every night
  2. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Another tip for if you are bouncing a lot is that the sword mode on switch axe, and I believe the powered up R attack on long swords ignore armor. Also once you break the basarios' chest it doesn't deflect and he takes a lot more damage there, but it's a dangerous place to hang out.
  3. I've been thinking this last few days, and i'm gonna have to drop out of reyturner's DnD game, i want to do it, but i just have too much on my plate these days as is. Luckily it seems as though there are lots of people signed up already! Have fun everybody!
  4. Tim was merely trying to assist you in your rescue of our trapped comrade below. Glad i could be the element of chaos in the group.
  5. I dont know about merus and the others, but I would have no problem with you joining our Numenera game when it picks back up. Also Rey was talking about starting his 5th edition game soon as well i think. Reddit can be scary, and certain boards are really bad, but my guess is that tabletop rpg stuff is probably pretty ok. I can't say for certain though.
  6. No worries merus! might be kinda nice not to have a standing appointment during the stress of the holidays.
  7. yeah I was just starting to look at the clock when you said one more hour in the chat, I thought that would be tough, but it went by really fast. I think it was mostly just that I was starting to get a headache and didn't really know what to expect (play time wise) going in. That was a pretty good length.
  8. Here Here, Fun time all around. I look forward to collecting more spines.
  9. Screenshots. Shots of your screen.

    forgot about this one, but i quite like it.
  10. No problem rey, we'll probably still all be here in january. Probably good for my sanity to only have to think about one game.
  11. I felt this needed to be posted here.
  12. I'm definitely down for both games. Twig, you might want to update the OP, a few more people have expressed interest, and the start dates would be nice info. Or maybe we should create a google doc or something, so the GM's can fill out the schedules and games, and players can just "sign up".
  13. I have to say, this looks really cool. I love team games with lots of ways to play. It's cute how a lot of the characters are like blizzard tropes, siege tank robot guy, monk robot guy, sniper lady, really big hammer guy, dwarf engineer guy etc.