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  1. Can I get on that whitelist? ScipioAfro in Minecraft
  2. It is worth noting that their other video is just as good.
  3. And it's quite subtly explained that Seath has an overwhelming fetish for spherical astrolabe's, so Dukes makes perfect sense as well.
  4. Its worth going to 19:50 in the giantbomb xbox stream to hear everyones reaction to J Allard (CEO)
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    Have you seen the original Maniac? I haven't seen the new Maniac, but I know when I saw the new Evil Dead, once I'd got over the initial shock of the gore I pretty much just thought about it in terms of genre tradition/gender roles/fear of drugs/all the other things that film is commenting on, I think because I'd become used to thinking about Evil Dead films in that way. I wonder if Maniac would be the same. That said, the entire point of Maniac seems to be to make the viewer uncomfortable, so if its any good it would be just as effecting on that emotional level anyway.
  6. Instead of the book cast intro being read by the guy who normally does it, can you get Nick to do it in his excited/frantic voice? the Soviet space program is uuuuuuunbelievably fucking interesting, if you can find Asif Siddiqi's books on the subject at your local library they are well worth a read.
  7. Isn't an Irrational Dead Space System Shock?
  8. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor) Its here its here its here its here (It looks p. cool)
  9. Interestingly I think Cities comes closer to that Borges tone and focus that gregbrown mentioned. I had a friend who despised If on a winters night because of the male-centric and specific structure the narration in that book has. I think that calvino can offer some super interesting work on gender, (see the on a carpet of leaves chapter in winters night) but I still recognise a particular male perspective that is quite hard to get away from in his work.
  10. Movie/TV recommendations

    There has not been a single bit of news about that film that hasn't made me more excited for it.
  11. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    Everyone just goes round in circles if the discussion is which metal gear is better. I mean I don't think that the last 2-3 hours of 2 was a long winded mass of bullshit? I thought it was super tight. But then I don't know how the conversation gets beyond 'well I disagree' (which is obviously a completely understandable answer). Also, yo is this that same art book for 50ish american US dollars instead of 338?
  12. BioShock Infinite

    Finished it the other day. don't read unless you've finished i guess!
  13. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    How did I miss a thread for one of the best games ever made... I basically agree with this. I think if you changed DS so, say when you first arrive at firelink, you had the same lack of understanding of the narrative stuff, but knew what humanity was, how kindling worked, etc. It would have a fairly big impact on the game. It wouldn't be worse, but it would be a different game. That level of restraint that you point out becomes really impressive when you realise how good the multiplayer system is, (well, in design anyway, not when it's being hamstrung by all of the technical problems). I honestly think that if From had explained and pushed the online system in game and when talking about the game, you'd see a lot more designers mentioning it now as an influence. Choosing to obscure it to create a game with an incredibly strong theme is so cool. (Maybe it wasn't a choice to hide the online like that, maybe it was translation issues or whatever, but I want to believe) Also, while there is that quote from the lead about being more straightforward, I've also seen one from him talking about the grand sense of melancholy that you get when looking at the sea. Which is exactly the sort of stuff I want to hear out of a Soul's game designer.
  14. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    edit. whoops read your post wrong. I actually do understand now.