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  1. Oh yeah, that's probably it.
  2. Episode 311 is coming up, better get ready to release that secret file: I'll be sending a reminder email to make sure it happens.
  3. I can't believe Chris said the word "foghorn" two times in relation to chickens and never once said "leghorn."
  4. I'm weirdly happy that Chris vocalized the observation I've had that basically anyone can say "Here in [non-Muslim-majority nation], we really like our booze."
  5. I think audio is what most people associate with it, but some sources seem to imply that visual stimuli can be the primary trigger.
  6. So does Chris not know what ASMR is, or does he just not think that's what happened with Catacombs of Solaris?
  7. Don't worry about the Switch, even the WiiU has actual profiles that you friend. There's still strides to be made in their online/profile infrastructure, but we're past friend codes at least.
  8. Man, is a blast from my webcomic-reading high school past. I read Adventurers! back in 2000. I am strangely happy webrunner is an Idle Thumbs listener.
  9. Idle Weekend August 27, 2016: Sci-Fi's Sky

    My wife was super amused by your discussion of her Liara-bashing. A little follow-up/explanation: She actually didn't care much for Kaiden or Ashley either, but tolerated their presence and spared Ashley simply because her abilities complemented her own. She actually hated Liara mostly because of her scientific approach. Since she's a scientist herself, she simply could not abide Liara's shoddy methodology. It was a grudge that lasted two-thirds of the series. Also she shacked up with Garrus, because obviously.
  10. Idle Thumbs 271: Cool Blob Future

    I can't draw so I'm just going to lazyweb some fanart: Insidle Thumbs:
  11. Idle Thumbs 267: Real Slyboots

    Whoops, there were a bunch of typos and I had to re-export the video. It'll have to be Friday morning.
  12. Idle Thumbs 267: Real Slyboots

    Link's awakening also had a jump button via the Roc's Feather item. Also, as far as the depiction of technology in Zelda goes, if you make it far enough into Twilight Princess it starts to be heavily hinted at that the magic used by the Twili (the race Midna and Zant are) is probably technology. It's not as blatant as what's been shown in Breath of the Wild. It's actually cool in the sense that it's sort of depicted in such a way medieval people would depict technology they didn't understand. Stuff that you would find on an old tapestry and then some History Channel motherfucker would point at it and go "This is obviously alien technology." Stay tuned for the YouTube version tonight.
  13. Jeff Goldblum

    Hot Goldblum on Goldblum action: