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  1. I've been super behind and slowly catching up and I just want to say learning about the corn vs maize battle on wikipedia has been one of the most wonderful things.
  2. I'm clearly not in the loop - what was the scathing review of Unravel that was mentioned in passing?
  3. Black Lives Matter

    To clarify, I was in particular referring to police officers shooting people who they think are holding a gun in places where there are 'open carry' laws.
  4. Black Lives Matter

    I'm 90% certain i'm paraphrasing a tweet i read but how do cities/states with open carry laws justify shooting unarmed / possibly armed people.
  5. New people: Read this, say hi.

    I've listened to the podcast since pre-kickstarter but i think the only time I ever posted here was a one-off question about DOTA2 back when I was insane enough to think I would want to try that game everyone was talking about. Hi.
  6. Ok, this is probably a really weird question, but - can one play lords management games competently on a touchpad? I tried playing the Dota2 beta a few months ago on a mac laptop in bootcamp, and it always seemed finicky about L mouse versus R mouse. I don't know how much of it was bootcamp versus touchpad control in general, but I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with this.