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  1. anime

    so I've been trying to get push my through the second season/arc of Shirobako having enjoyed parts of the first 12 episodes but having having some serious bugbears about its character design. I need to get to get to ep24 before a final judgement but so far I feel those bugbears having gone into a temporary hibernation seem to be back fiercer than ever. I've actually found myself having to walk away from the TV mid episode (18) for the first time for a long long time because I was so angry there was a distinct likelihood I'd end up throwing the remote &/or screaming curses at it in impotent frustration at how on gods earth they do so much right at times but end up driving me mad with the dissonance between some of their creative choices and the tone of the rest of the show.
  2. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    Glad you got this rolling Gorm, may i suggest a couple of things(when i say things what i mean is lists) : Firstly and most importantly you make a list in your OP of the time zones potential members of the pod are in, so we can try and figure out who overlaps with who the best/worst. (Being a Brit i'm GMT) It's only after we know how well our core team overlaps that we can really get this rolling because it might not matter how enthusiastic someone is to be a regular if the rest of the core are on a utterly different timezone. (This is important for Hosting duties in particular). Once you have a idea of who the core will be there's a whole bunch of little but important "logistical" type things to be decided which although everyone should feel free to suggest feedback on will probably come down to the core to decide, and you should prob put a To Do list of them in the OP (in the order of which they need to be decided). I'm just going to throw out some intial thing and let gorm build his list using whichever ones he feels are important: - How often to record - How long should a (avergae) episode to be - Would Pod members use realm names or "stage/forum" names (as silly as this seems i can imagine legit reasons why people might not want to cast under a real name) - The name of the Pod - A logo of the Pod - Hosting/RSS Feed for the Pod itself - What would should any Website/Blog/whatever do? (should there be shownotes? a comment section? links to clips? so on) - Intro Music? Needed? Not Needed? I'll be damned if i know but most shows seem to have it.
  3. anime

    That's a intresting comparison, it's certainly feels like it's from the same ideological school of animation craft as Kon. I don't think it ever quite has the subtlety of storytelling that Kon's works had at their best however. Death Parades central conciet of mortals being judged by emotionless immortals is a template that is old as myth itself (& more recently it reminds me of the sandman comics in some ways), now it does deserve some credit for eventually doing some intresting things with some of those concepts, with a decent take on the whole fall from grace thing, as well as additionally it's managing to tread with surprising sensitivity around waht could be some quite delicate issues.
  4. anime

    Death Parade started off feeling pretty contrived and as you say was heavy handed at quite a few points but I feel hit it's stride around the mid point and ended up handling the conclusions to some of its arcs with if not subtly, then certainly confidence. I also ended up sadly underwhelmed by Yurikuma Arashi, but then again I like Penguindrum but disliked Utena & the critical consensus was pretty much the other was round so what do I know I'm weirdly optimistic about the comming season btw, the last few seasons have all had hidden gems that I really didn't expect anything much from(specifically: The Eccentric Family, Rage of Bahumat, & Death Parade) but then enjoyed a lot so I'm sure there will be something good lurking out there everyone will probably just has to watch a few duds before finding the show that clicks with them each season.
  5. anime

    As a Yeti owner I can 100% recommend it as a lovely peice of kit but the snowball gets great reviews as well As for worries about you lacking 'literacy' for any perspective podcast discussion as I said above I think part of the strength of this thread (or any podcast it might spawn) is its good mix of knowledge levels. Having someone like you who is new to all the stuff people who've been watching anime for a long time take for granted or have grudgingly accepted and don't notice anymore is a positive rather than a negative.
  6. anime

    Basically my attitude about a community podcast is this: We have a really nice group of fairly articulate and open minded to discussion people from a reasonable mix of backgrounds and locations (although like so many things on the net it would be great to have more women's voices) but i don't think leaping straight from that to a in one step podcast will work Imo possibly the best sort of template to work from if we really want to make this work is something like the GWJ Conference Call. It's somewhere in between the general ramblings of the thumbs and the focused discussion of 3MA. They have a couple of people who can sit in the host seat on any given week, and bring other people on week by week if that weeks topic interests someone, normally leaving the podcast's size somewhere between 3-5. Their format is based on the typical "what you been playing/watching" section and then followed by the topic discussion, and I think that's perfect for a group like this forum who might have some people who might feel really passionate about one show or genre but not necessarily always be watching the latest on air stuff. With something like that we could My suggestion is perhaps we make a list of all those who might be interested in being regulars see what effect timezone etc have on possible recording times and then organise a skype/mumble/whatever conference call and do one (or maybe a couple) of "off air shows" just so people can get to know each other a bit people and can work out technical glitches, discuss things like the exact format/length, update schedule, future topics, & pick a podcast name etc. Picking one person to act as overall/primary host would also be something wed probably have to make a decision on. I've suggested to Gorm before that I think he'd be a good choice for that for a number of reasons (primarily but not limited to: the fact that he already critically writes about anime occasionally, he's one of the most active posters and seems to get on with most people on here) but fact is once we get talking on air it may be that someone else is better fit for the group for any number of reasons. We also need to know who has audio editing experience because just as it's good to have backup host's it good to have backup editors when none of us is a professional (I used to be fairly competent with Audacity, but I'm out of practice but i was planning of doing a few short form monologue/audioblogs to get back into practice in the next few weeks anyway so hopefully that's one name into the hat for that particular job). So yeah I'm up for doing this but I do think we need to give ourselves a solid but adaptable and above all realistic framework to operate around. I know that's not the most exciting part of the idea of doing a show but its a big old chunk of the reality of any cooperative creation. Sidenote: Although a lot of you guys seem to like it I have more than a few gripes with Shirobako (although i'm only half way through atm) so maybe that's something we could try as a practice/opening topic since it's still fairly current.
  7. I really should swear never to build a PC for family or friends ever again, the whole thing just destroys my nerves. So I went with the config I mentioned and all of it arrived today so after disassembling the case ready to reassemble it i hit a roadblock with the very 1st component i went to install. I carefully sized up the the CPU cooler onto the motherboard, before going ahead and a seating the CPU and adding the the thermal paste etc (& therefore making return a impossibility) and what do you know despite the manufacture saying it was compatible the heatsink doesn't clear the capacitors on the Mobo near the cpu socket (it has about a 7mm clearance on 3 of 4 sides & the capacitors are around 9mm tall). It's frustrating but I think I'm just going to install the stock cooler since the case still does have enough room for it (although things will be tighter), and return the Noctura. Sure the case wont be quite a quiet as i wanted but I'm really not willing to take any sort of risk with the Noctura not seating properly, it's entirely possible that placing it on top of a mounted cpu with paste on it might add that tiny mm or so needed to make this work but I'm really not keen to take that risk The bright side is that the Microsoft 3000 Wireless keyboard my parents have just decided they want to go with the set up comes in at almost the exact same price as the Noctura cooler did, so I'm go to ring up the company i bought it from and hopefully sort out a return/exhange. As a sidenote to this I'm going to say i don't think I'm ever going to buy a Dell monitor (or anything else from them again) because of how bad their customer service has been with this model. For whatever reason when i tried to register it & their autofill form online didn't work but the lady i contacted first time around assured me it was no prob as long as i gave her the model number and purchase details (which i then did providing her photographs of just about every code or number anywhere on the monitor or its packaging. After that point everything went downhill after not hearing anything for a fortnight i rang them back, and was passed onto a different person who once again asked for the details I'd already sent them, i asked him to send a email detailing what he needed from me & what the problem was but I never received one and instead i got repeated calls to me made during office hours (which id specifically asked for them not to do) asking either if I considered the enquiry sorted or again requesting the details they had already sent (which by this point was over a month ago). So i'm basically gathering my resolve to launch the process again from the very start along with a very clear note in the original enquiry saying that I want all communication by email, & if its not cleared up within 14 days I'm going to basically make a complaint to the uk regulatory body (and although i wont say this in the email see if making a post on/to one of the prominent consumer rights forums/twitter personalities provides either advice or at least some bad publicity for Dell.
  8. anime

    That gif immediately makes me think about Mako from Kill La Kill I'm not that familiar with the franchise but a quick google of Usagi reveals some similarities. Anyone a bit more familiar able to say whether Mako was likely some sort of direct tribute?(something that certainly seems possible to me) Speaking of which I think you (& maybe Gorm too) might enjoy The Rolling Girls which is comming to the end of its run atm. It's basically a Moe KLK (without any of the direct sexualisation) I'm not sure it's anything special by any means but it's nostalgia filled road trip across Japan's pop culture with 4 over earnest girls might help fill that Usagi shaped void.
  9. Other podcasts

    I'm really happy that Tom Chick has been back in action this week popping up on both QT3 podcasts & 3MA I've really missed his voice. Also I've listened to a couple of episodes of a cast called The Heroines Journey (which is about exactly what it says it is, female protagonists and their stories) and so far it seems promising, (my entry point was their most recent episode about the alien franchise).
  10. Life

    My relationship with my parents has been up and down over the years but what probably governs it more than anything else is just how clearly I am their child. It's almost like I'm a direct result of my dads nature but my mums nurture. I've never really connected with my dad but as I've got older it's become clearer and clear to me how much of that is a reaction against seeing some of what I percieve as my own worst natural personality qualities in him, He can be arrogant, stubborn and over cautious all of which I see in myself to varying degrees. As much as my genetics my govern the way I understand my inner self, In terms of the way I connect with the world my mum is clearly the dominant influence. It was her art books I ended up reading as a I grew up, her vocational path I almost eriely followed (both going to a arts uni, working in print and ending up a librarian for a while) and ultimately her views of vegetarianism and the way that I should try and treat others that formed at least part of the lense that constitutes my moral view of the world. It think because the similarities I share with my mum are external ones they have always been easy to talk about and share that we've always been close. Where as with my dad as similarities are things which are both psychological and (to a certain extent) negative, some which as I've got older I've begun to understand meant that whenever I encountered the negative aspects of my personality in my father it reminded me of the difficulty I have controlling them in myself and caused me to push back. However that same self reflectiveness that led me to realise this is slowly helping me to form a better relationship with my dad. I've been going with him to watch our local soccer team this year and its provided a nice little space that both harks back to the moments in my youth we were closest, and strangely in the time we spend walk to and from the match these moments we can talk about some of the things we are unquiely positioned to understand about each other. As for my mum where as once she influenced me it now seems to be going the other way a bit, after getting her 1st smart phone I bought her Monument Valley, and after some intial trepidation she's now played through it and it's expansion(before starting to play through it again ). We've also been watching Twin Peaks together every couple of week after I mentioned I was going to be doing so. Which in turn at my prompting has led to her downloading and listening to Twin Peaks Rewatch.
  11. I've been asked to build a nice slim but responsive work PC build together for someone they wanted a mini itx tower so i put together this build 1stly I'd like opinions on that as a reasonably future proof and reliable build for someone who wont game on it. 2ndly If anyone could offer any advice on slimline slot loading dvd's id be extremely grateful part picker lists this EVGA Slim Slot Load 8x DVD Rewriter for EVGA Hadron Chassis as compatible however i'm nervous as the it is listed as being specifically for one type of chassis the only other option i can find is this more high end Panasonic UJ265 Slim Slot Loading x6 Blu-ray BD-RE Writer 12.7mm but really they have no need for the extra functionality so its money i'd just be spending for compatibility's sake though i suppose it will do them no real harm.
  12. anime

    Looks intresting from a non fan perspective, If they are going to do fully cell shaded 3D stuff a bright colour pallet and simple iconic shapes it is hopefully going to avoid some of the weakness of the technique. Also am I mistaken or Is it a French studio animating it? If so maybe that's a good thing a bit of distance from the source material might allow them to take the best from it without feeling they have to retread every bit of ground.
  13. The Corny AMV/VGMV Thread to Ruin Everything

    Jesus that is just incredibly good, I mean better than half the actual anime out there. I mean it's legit good, avideo which is at very least admirable as a work of craftsmanship at the very least of the editing of the clips and the way images are superimposed is damn professional. Not to mention I don't think I can think of a subculture more fitting for that song (or a show/character to be its mouthpiece for that matter).
  14. Feminism

    Yeah TKJ could be seen as the worst of men (both what they do to other & themselves) where as the New batgirl was being pitched as a much (for lack of better words) fun take of a woman at her best. Which is why the two stories are such a bad match for a cover.
  15. Feminism

    So as a result of all this talk i decided to re-read the Killing Joke. & a lot of what SAM says above holds true but there's one earlier bit of story/context which is worth talking about a little & which i think makes that complete story as disturbing but relevant to feminism in a weirdly different way to the cover which was paying "homage" to it. See I think pulling the cover probably the right idea as the artists seems to have entirely missed the point of what the Killing Joke was about. The story was in some ways a examination how cycles of violence that perpetuates themselves and the role patriarchal archetype has in causing harm to men & women, . The Killing Joke is in part a (possible) origin story for the joker, in it he is depicted as having been a "jobless loser" who felt that he had a obligation to look after his wife and soon to be born child. It's implied that his relationship with her is strained by his perceived failure to be a provider/father but that he does love her and is very emotionally honest with her in some ways he's trying to be a "nice guy" and "to do the right thing". So finally driven by yet another failure he takes a job as a bit player in a mob heist to try and get the money he needs to be the man he feels he needs to be he even says He's depicted as very nervous, probably not cut out for the work. The out of nowhere during the meeting with the mobsters to check the plans details, hes suddenly informed that in his absence his wife has died in a freak accident, shocked and now wanting to back out of the heist (his only motivation to do it having been to provide for his wife/child) he is instead compelled to take part by the mobsters (you know how it goes from here chased by batman falls into chemicals etc), and the final flashback we see if of him alone breaking as the full impact of these events hit him. So everything during the story is a attempt to break Gordon in the same way these events broke him. Gordon is the very image of everything the pre-joker wasn't, a near perfect patriarch, successful, honest, and most importantly able to protect those he loved. I'd like to know which came 1st to Moore, the idea that the joker had a past & a wife he loved but couldn't protect (as he was expected to), or the idea to shoot Barb to put Gordon through the same. Is his whole backstory just a justification to shoot her or was her & her fathers relationship about the only healthy/ideal family one which existed in the batman universe at the time and so the only one which could mirror the backstory he'd decided on for the joker. Sidenote:Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight film feels like it was clearly inspired by TKJ with Harvey Dent as the prefect man who the Joker want to find out if he can break & who's lady is once again harmed as the climax event of that breaking. Batmans whole role in this is very passive until the final confrontation even then batman talk to the joker at the end as important it's a plea for empathy, trying to convince him there is a way out, that they both need to break out of their loops of violence, there's a moment where it almost seems like he want to take the olive branch but that somehow its too late, maybe if someone had got to him sooner he might not have ended up this way, but in the end he's too broken to trust anyone scared he would end up hurt again. I'm not claiming that TKJ was in anyway a feminist work, but I think it almost accidentally it manages to address the idea that the patriarchy and how men who fail to live up to it's ideals are harmed and harm other by its perpetuation is very relevant today.
  16. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Was the Animal Man he gave you the "revival" 4th wall breaking one penned by Grant Morrison? If so that might lead me to push my recommendation for The Filth a bit harder, but it REALLLY is weird stuf so i do advise a try before you buy on it. Sadly Through The Woods is quite hard to source in the UK being out of stock in most places, and only available for a big markup elsewhere. It's on my wishlist but i guess i'm waiting for a new print run. & yeah Vol. 3 of Phonogram should be interesting, there's always been a autobiographical element to it as far as Gillen is concerned and i wonder how the fact he's now working with Major IP's like star Wars etc will affect the way he see's himself since Dave Kohl was clearly more than a little based on him.
  17. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Do you have any idea which artist/writers work he liked on Batman? It's tone could vary hugely I think i actually prefer Phonogram (in particular The Singles Club) to W+D of Gillen & McKelvie's works. Part of that i think is because it hits my age & music taste so spot on, and is basically set in Bristol exactly the same time i was living there however equally i think it's stronger just for being a fully self contained story arc rather than just vol1 of a ongoing series. Infact tbh that's my main rule when buying other people comics, the work has to be standalone. So lets see for the Gaimen style stuf, Phonogram & W+D cover that but maybe if you want something with a distinctly darker on the supernatural tone of things you could go with Grant Morrison's The Filth but warning it is actually a bit disturbing so tread with care on that one (maybe take a look at it in store somewhere). For the Batman stuff personally I associate the series most with Alan Moore & Frank Millar, so Perhaps V For Vendetta & Sin City? but as i say above it entirely depends on what artists/writters they like. Outside of single volume stuff The Authority, Powers, Preacher & Promethea are all great and all in some way were reflections of some of the stuf going on in things like Gaimen's books and the superhoero comics of their time & as Ben X says Y: The Last Man is a great book of a slighlty more modern era (which in turn references preacher )
  18. anime

    Don't worry twig those of us subscribed to the thread still got that comment in all its glory
  19. Recently completed video games

    Just finished off Sleeping Dogs, overall i feel like i've just watched a solid but unremarkable Hong Kong action movie. Combat was quite fun, both with & without guns (though unremarkable in either), i liked the setting it felt messy and organic in a way that a lot of video game city's don't. Was a good game to just spend some time travelling (driving model felt nicely arcadey and responsive while not silly) about collecting stuff, my big gripe with it however comes with how you unlock the map locations for those collectibles. I mean come on really was there any need to make sleeping with around with different woman the only way to unlock collectibles map positions.
  20. anime

    I remember really finding Stein Gate near intolerably contrived and unconvincing relationship wise, maybe it needs to go on the list along with Utena, as things i need to rewatch and see if i still bounce of them as hard as i did 1st time round. A lot of fairly sensible people seem to like it. looking at the stuff we've collective recommended Mushishi, Planetes, Paprika (& most of Kon's stuff tbh) deal a lot with relationships in fairly adult ways
  21. Feminism

    After thinking about how cool that would be for a moment that immediately brought to mind a series called Moribito & it's heroine Balsa but perhaps the closest modern equivalent might be Legend of Korra anyway both are bad ass but a full "cannon" Asian wonder woman would be great in many ways i almsot have a mental image of her clawing her way out of one of those terracotta pits having dug her way out after 1000's of years looking pissed as all hell
  22. anime

    Thinking back to what Patrick said about coming in as a outsider perhaps one of the notable things about Cowboy Bebop, is that it's protagonist are mostly adults with adult concerns (& therefore easier to relate to for us (supposed) adults?).
  23. Webcomics

    Cucumber quest continues to be great I love the idea that the most terrifying thing that exists to a bunch of anthropomorphised cartoon rabbits is a realistic one. Conceptually i guess It's like when I see a close up on someone face on a ultra HD TV and you can see every pore and hair and vein
  24. Feminism

    Yeah that's a intresting concept which doesn't seem to have been taken very far. Additionally to me at least it feels like she looks more like marble than clay not really earthy enough somehow, perhaps a terracotta warrior Diana could be cool variation.
  25. anime

    Isn't Kaworu basically space satan sent to 'test' space Jesus Shinji? There are a few specific episodes of Mushishi which I feel hit similar notes to some lovecraftian horror for me. Bad things happening to people powerless to stop some great incomprehensible force. During the discussion of the Moe aesthetic a few pages back this was one of the few series that came to mind where you had character who were Moe but ended up also being threatening.I don't remember else much from the time I watched I though which doesn't speak strongly for it though.