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  1. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    Part one is technically done have posted it for the participants to have a listen to, it clocks in at 1hr 12mins. will put in on here after i've taken their feedback on whether they want me to be more aggressive with the cutting &/or make any tweaks or add in anything at the start and finish
  2. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    actual mics, which was almost the problem the actual audio quality is generally pretty good but people were picking up a lot of background noise while "idleing" (or the mic also picking up the clack of their keyboard automatically at a level which was impossible to filter out without also filtering out soft speach).
  3. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    So far i'd agree with this, but part of what makes all of the long running podcasts work is that they have got comfortable ebough that the host (or others) all feel they can step in when needed to ask for clarification, explanation or just to steer things away from a tnagent thats run away with itself. But we are not at that stage yet & it shows.
  4. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    This show will be fine Delerat, but when gorm decides to record the next one and whatever the cast for it is there no harm in him sending the audio to both of us. I'm partly doing this just to fine tune my rusty skills so its not a chore for me by any means it's just wkends are when i have my big blocks of free time.
  5. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    Ok just a progress update, things are going ok but i just haven't had all that much time to edit during the week. Spending this afternoon headphones on, head down, getting it done. I'm not sure about the other peps who have volunteered to help with audio but this could be a recurring issue (at least initially). I mean sure there a certain amount of stuff that can be done automatically but a lot of the stuff I'm doing today just requires me to listen and then use my judgement to make edits (think about it this way its for every second of audio you probably need to assume 1-3 secs of manual clean up & sometimes more). I think in the long term things will get better as people adjust their Mic settings and just um & er less (and dont fall to the temptation of the devil keyboard) Recording on a sunday has meant that I haven't been able to sit down and give it my full attention till today (since, alot of evenings during the week I either have prior commitments or i'm just tired by the evening)
  6. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    My new pet hate is people with loud keyboards typing at the same times as they speak......................
  7. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    Just so people know roughly what my own plan editing wise it goes a bit like this: Phase 1 Basic Cleanup: -Break the podcast into two parts: so the editing program can actually handle it. -Apply the noise gates, equalisation and the compressor to the track to get rid of the worst background noise, remove any high spikes and hopefully make people sound smoother. -Manually remove any keyboard typing/squeaky chairs etc -listen through both parts and look for any big synch probs I can at this point put up the unedited sections here or after i've done phase 2, it will still be messy but at least no echo, hiss or keyboards clacking away Phase 2: Conversational Editing: -Going in and trying to cut out human speech which adds nothing, so general things like grunts of agreement etc that are useful in a conversation but maybe don't actualy serve much purpose for a listener. which can't be removed automatically and which require some judgement. Phase 3: Content Editing: - The "Ok did that go anywhere or did we just ramble" part, depending on how people feel about it i cant either go in with a light touch or a slash & burn approach. I'm kinda a over critical SoB so I might write up my notes & post them back to participants before making any of these changes. Phase 4 -Put parts 1 & 2 all back together plus add any into outro stuf gorm wants me to.
  8. Sadly there's no chassis speaker on the mobo, atm i'd give my right arm for a nice set of LED's or a beep code
  9. after spending a full day assembling the itx pc i posted previously, it of course fails to boot past even a black screen, the fans & drives spin up but the screen remains resolutely black and hammering the bios key on start up hopefully made no difference. i wouldn't mind so much but this case is not easy disassemble/reassemble, and worse yet after switching to a zalman cnps 8900 to replace the noctura cpu cooler i was going to do original removing the ram is going to be a bitch to remove (since the cooler overhands them)to the standard remove everything & try again test I've tried resetting the bios with the cmos jumper but its made no difference tomorrow when I'm feeling a little less like smashing the damn thing i'll unplug the battery to the bios leave it and see if that full clear does any good but im not hopeful. My worry is that when i look at the supported cpu's My Core i5-4960k has only been supported since version f4, but i've got no idea how I'm supposed to flash a bios which doesnt get past post or even if this should/could be the a reason why it wont get there.
  10. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    As a huge Mike Mignola (& Hellboy in particular) fan i'm always glad to see a reference to his work poping up anywhere, & tbh knowing Hellboy's luck he was probably wandering through that dungeon when something bad happened and the rest of him is buried underneath that big old pile of trash with only Hand of Doom poking up. biggest reference/tribute I've come across in anime to Hellboy though was the credits of Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei hope you enjoy it
  11. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    My favourite 'bit' in any podcast is the 3x3 section of The Quarter to Three Movie Podcast. It a reallly simple concept the three hosts list their 'top three <whatever> In films'. Its great because it allows them to take it ultra seriously or not as the mood takes them, while bringing up concentrated little anecdotes about how a particular moment, or character, or shot, worked for them. I will happily listen to that section even if I haven't seen the film because you get a wide variety of films in a relatively short time, and the briefness means your given just enough information to think 'I'd really like to see that now'.
  12. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    I have a kinda small watch set out in preparation: apart from LWA itself I'm going to try & re-watch Kiki's Delivery Service & at least a couple of episodes of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi and maybe a episode or two of Kill La Kill if i get the time
  13. anime

    I forgot how much I enjoyed the ending theme of From the New World. Sort of reminds me of Music era Madonna some ways sonically, and the animation though a bit loose for my taste overall works well for the song & the "dream/memories" subject of the ending.
  14. anime

    Mamoru Hosoda is probably the most promising director working in longer form anime atm, Wolf Children is great and probably the strongest technically, & most mature in terms of the subtlety of its themes and storytelling work in his portfolio but I think I might prefer The Girl Who Leapt through time by a whisker, its a more raw and more silly and less original work in some ways but I think I just watched it at a time where it's simple but strong story would affect me most.
  15. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    This is how it shows for me set as london GMT currently I'll try inputting some times when I'm back at my desktop just incase ipad plays havoc in some unintended way.
  16. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    Gorm does that chart/time thing take into account time zones etc?Also is this still going to be a dry run/off air/getting to know peps test episode or would you like to aim for rolling properly? Sidenote: it may be that I'm confusing stuf again but for some reason I feel someone mentioning having backed the LWA 2 kickstarter and I'd love to get their opinion on what seems to have been a seemingly distinct lack of action on triggers part on getting it out.
  17. anime

    MWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YOUR RAGE ONLY FEEDS ME! seriously though having your own moment of nerd rage (as I did with ep 18) at something then seeing someone else have a similar moment but throw it out in as thorough way as you did is super useful. I'd be really interested in your opinion of From the New World if you can make time for it at some point, because I honestly do feel that uses some of the same masking techniques I talked about & some of the Moe as a iconified ideal stuf you mentioned, but used them in a way which on reflection is actually far smarter than I gave it credit for when I first watched it. In fact I'm actually gonna Re-watch at least couple of episodes because of this whole conversation.
  18. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    I've actually really kinda grown to like this idea but ...I tried saying 'Mouth Flaps' out loud and had to be very careful to avoid real trouble with way the soft consonant end of one and the soft start to the other, they end up kinda merged. But I really like the lack of pretension it carries, and the way it manages to talk about a flaw/characteristic of some anime in a sorta affectionate but aware tone(& also is a sorta call back to Idle Thumbs in a way). All of which are things I'd like any name we came up with to have. Flapping Mouths? Maybe as a slight variation? Idk just I really like the concept of the name name in some ways but don't want it to be a tongue twister. My provisional inner brain title was the much more boring but easy to say "The Anime Readers Club" Edit: Zeus's size1 comment actualy wants me want to think of some pun on the word "Cell" for the name but I'm comming up blank Edit No2: I'm also probably free next wkend for a prospective episode 0/ general chat about the cast itself but would really need to know the time any recording would take place.
  19. anime

    If those posts were in anyway excellent much of the credit for it lies with Blambo and N1njaSquirel(& his GF) for providing a excellent rant and anecdote to use as lens from which to view my at the time far less coherent emotional response. That & Scott McCloud Understanding Comics is probably the most important book to me in terms of the formation of my overall attitude to artistic craft in all mediums and to critical commentary itself.
  20. anime

    Yeah as I say I don't think it can fully excuse the excessive misuse of Moe but it may offer some insight into where it evolved from, and where perhaps it can be used without being utterly unpalatable. Someone who is a 'other' is by definition never fully understandable, and by extension never fully predictable and maybe even a little threatening. Moe & it's associate character sub types feels like the very opposite of this, a comforting set of fully knowable templates, who's behaviour is predictable and therefore entirely unthreatening. As you put it no matter what this person does or says subsequently it's incredibley hard to break the mould from which they are cast. There have been some shows which have actually made really good use subverting it though, The most recent of which I can think of is "From The New World" which basically had very Moeish Male and Female designs used which are used as a short hand for youth and innocence in a utopia like idylic setting but who's actions and relationships never quite fit how you'd expect them too and who's world slowly breaks apart.
  21. anime

    So this is sort of the prelude to a longer post but here we go anyways. There's a great book called 'Understanding Comics' by Scott McCloud within which there's a chapter which talks about cartooning part of the vocab of comics and in specific a technique called masking (where highly iconised charcters are placed in realistic settings) in a way which feels like it mirror that sentiment exactly. In some ways there's a argument to be made that those characters you talk about as being based on real people are drawn in a realistic style not just because they need to resemble the people they are based upon but so that they are very much a 'other' part of the world building as much as the scenery where the audience surrogate characters exist. While this doesn't wholey excuse why there are so few women who are portrayed realistically. It can offer a partial explanation for the clash which I felt so jarring initially.
  22. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    Oh god I remember listening to one of the animation tutors at my uni go into a near incandescent rage rant on that whole subject. & probably still unsurpassed in terms of the most consistently funny anime I've watched
  23. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    Argh I'm gonna be the miserable git who everyone hates upon for saying this but even though I know Gorms trying to be as inclusive as possible & I know I'm over simplifying, I feel like it's very much a mistake to conflate two very different form of art, just because they both use some of the same craft in the creation of their content.To me a game is a form, it's content can be pixels or pawns but it's the rules of the game (be they hidden in imergent systems or written on cardboard) and the way they allow the user to interact with the content Is what defines games as a art form to me. Where are comics and animation are both two different art forms which happen to feature some of the same sorts of content. I mean, man I'd love to hear a whole episode of Tegan talking about Tezuka and what makes him so important but of the Tezuka I've read so far some of the things I've loved about it are things like panel composition and the the way he makes use of transitions are things that Anime either simply can't do or struggles with (admittedly Tezuka might be a bad example because he was also a master charcter designer and storyteller, and those are very much applicable to anime). I think what I'm saying is i feel like having manga discussed in the same conversation as anime could leave us doing justice to neither and so we should tread very carefully. That said I'm mid way through making a response about Shiribako on the anime thread which talks heavily about a technique I've seen used in comics which seems very relevant in this particular case, so we can talk about the craft where it overlaps but as I say I think it's very definitely something where concentrating too much on the craft might make us forget the medium.
  24. anime

    It probably didn't help that I had been watching the first few episodes of Watamote last week, which for all its flaws hits uncomfortably close to what real anxiety can be like. This however.... just felt totally contrived, I mean there's a difference between being shy or having anxiety issues and being utterly unable to form coherent words. She just seemed to be there to show her senior in a good light, and to have cheap jokes made about her.
  25. anime

    Ok I'm done after marathoning the final 10 episodes today. I get where Gorm and NS are comming from here with the whole moe sells line of reasoning but did they have to lay it on so thick in places. What your GF brings up is intresting NS, and I sorta agree with her that the introduction of Taro's grumpy friend helped a little, the whole based on real people thing also actually makes it worse for me in some ways, it's like saying here is the reality of a male dominated industry & here is the unreality of women being part of it. Anyways I should go to bed very soon and will probably have more thoughts once ive had time to mull it over, they finished well and overall I'm more positive than I thought I'd be howeve... I do think that introduction of 'shy baby key animator chan' is utterly irredeemable, she was so utterly unreal and tropey I couldn't stand it when she was on screen,