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  1. Life

    After suffering my first serious panic attack just after the turn of the year I was having chest pains which initially my doctor couldn't explain either, I had every heart test under the sun and came out fine. However after seeing a physio about back problems I'd been having at the time as well she suggested I try working light excersizes that stretched my chest muscles into my daily routine in case loosening up the are did some good. I've since took up swimming and slowly but surely the pains have stopped occurring and my mood and general health have improved. Obviously swimming may not be a option for you but if you can find some equivalent light excersizes which you doctor approves of maybe you will see some benefit.
  2. Oh man listening to the Fallout shelter discussion my thought was they have basically created Schroedingers App. Your vault dwellers can't die until they are observed! They aren't alive or dead until you open the app
  3. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    I think the best thing would to wait until we do a Ping Pong show (which hopefully we will do) maybe with some Kemonozume talk too!
  4. DOTA 2

    Weirldy last hitting is one of the things i miss! but yeah i might give it a go however it does seem more like a death match rather tha a actual Lords management game which puts me off
  5. DOTA 2

    I'm in a really weird place with Lords Management's atm i have basically stopped my occasional dalliance playing Dota2 and have switched wholeheartedly to Hots BUT I'm still really excited about TI and have no desire to watch a Hots tourney atm. I guess for me at least it all comes down to the fact that if I'm watching dota, I can zone out and do other stuff and pause if something comes IRL up in a long match, or rewind the video if I miss a cool fight because my attention has waned during the lanning phase. Things i just can't do inside any game of dota i'd play myself. It requires a long period of concentration from me, which evidently i'll happily throw aside for the less complicated but more condensed Hots
  6. tnx for that tip supasheep, i wasn't sure if any of the dota sites would have a hots spinof but so far heroesfire has been really usefull. Just passed lvl16 and having a lot of fun learning a hero vs the ai and then jumping into a quick match
  7. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    1. They did react! just the reaction wouldn't have made any sense to anyone who didnt know about our proto name so /cut 2. I actually watched witch blade a few years back out of curiosity of what a anime would do with something which felt like it was from such a strong american tradition of comics, I don't think it was much more ecchi than Kill La Kill (make of that comment what you will!) 3. The show did make me want to watch Trigun but annoyingly its not on any of the streaming channels in the uk, its always a big kick in the teeth to look at how many more showsthings like hulu or netflix give US folks access to.
  8. Other podcasts

    I've been working my way through Justice Point's after hearing Apple Cider on The Heroine's Journey a little while back, enjoying my journey back to the days of MoP so far I had no idea you guys started out focused on the ladies of azeroth when i began listening so it was actually a kinda nice surprise for me since i'm a long time wow player (just finished the lady Vashji episode). Looking at the feed it's impressive how you managed to keep on throwing out so many shows. It should be interesting seeing how your style evolves as shows go on. also it was sorta funny to me how different your audio quality was in some early JP episodes compared to your apperance on HJ but as i'm finding out atm a lot of that stuff comes from more practice and better equipment
  9. Can any thumbs recommend a good site for builds for Hots? it was fairly easy to find out where to look with more established lords management games but idk where to go for Hots since its kinda the new guy.
  10. anime

    I suppose it depends what story they are actually trying to tell. I mean half these sort of shows end when the romantic leads actually get together, but these guys were a happy couple just a few episodes in. I get where your coming from but the whole "every episode is the same thing" critique is something i think applies to a lot of anime, but as long as the moment to moment stuff is as well executed as it is here I'm ok with it. that does seem super early. The only explanation that comes to mind is that maybe they are pivoting to buy themselves some time to change the story somehow, i mean from what I understand the plot line we are seeing come to fruition is one unique to the anime which means there could be dozens of reasons why a finale might have to get altered.
  11. anime

    There's something about odd couple romances with a big chunk of humour which I feel make them a lot more approachable to people who wouldn't normally watch that sort of show. I'd love to know how successful it was in japan. I feel like Ore Monogatari has been the stand out show of this season quality wise (& it certainty seems to have good production values) and it would be interesting to know if that's converted into commercial success. I'm really glad that it has at least been successful enough to get a second season because i also really enjoyed Nozaki-Kun last year but it seems to have disappeared without a trace. Sidenote: probably my all time favourite example of a anime Rom Com is Lovely Complex, which is in some silly ways the inverted version of Ore Monogatari.
  12. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    "war in the pocket" sounds 100% like it should be the name of a some indie stratergy game reviewed in a 3MA episode
  13. Life

    nice, i've been looking at all these expensive ones but i suppose when push comes to shove it's only a 10-15min walk i do with it so it doesn't have to be super advanced, just comfortable and tough. That a pretty shitty set of events, but and i know from personal experience a breakup can make it feel like life has pulled the carpet from under you but!: - you still have a job don't underestimate just how important having a daily routine to fall into after something shitty happens in your life can be, i know it's cliche but keeping yourself busy really does work. - you had a major brake up, but it sounds like neither of you said or did anything horrible to the other that you will later regret and make you feel bad about who you are - it made you depressed but you were able to take, the positive step of seeking out help. i know those might not seem like much but if you can see these things that are happening in your life, and even do something as simple as making a tiny post on a forum acknowledging how you feel about them its a good start.
  14. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    I know nothing of Gundam but considering that it does unquestionably occupy a big old chunk of the collective otaku culture surrounding anime for a certain generation i'd love to hear it talked about. So if your game for it i'll pester gorm to schedule a gundam show for the future because that is something id love to see done.
  15. Sports

    I'm drunk, my tiny country has beaten another tiny, country, and we (might) have qualified for a tournament in the first time since 1958 so (i blame the profusion of emoticons wholly on the fact i cant embed the gif of my choice!)
  16. anime

    Good good, now pls just reassure me that they will wrap up the whole things story arc by the end of that and not leave me hanging. Because dammit, i didn't even know Chihayafuru was on infinite hiatus until you spilled that on the podcast.
  17. anime

    latest episode of Ore Monogatari!! was super good. Does anyone know how many episodes this season is due to run for & if it's going to roll straight into another one?
  18. Life

    It's a shame it's quotes like the one Squirrel linked that always gave the impression he was a total professional and Wicker Man is one great little film, especially on the 1st time you watch it. In more crappy (but this time it's personal) news I found out i'm going to have to pay the tax man a couple of hundred quid fine because i made a mistake on a form a few months back. I'm hoping my appeal might be accepted though since I was far from well when i did the filling in. It's frustrating though because I've been trying to put a little bit of money aside for a new office chair for a while now since my old one is causing issues for me when i have to spend the whole day at the computer, and now that's out of the water. Taking comfort however that although i can't afford the big thing, i can still afford to get myself a few new small put practical thingsi've been meaning to get for a while to cheer myself up, so plan to go searching for a nice new backpack to work as a gymbag on the weekend. so any recommendations of a good backpack for gym use (specifically one which can hold trainers, gym kit & sweat towel, plus swimming kit & bigger towel)would be deeply appreciated
  19. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    Ok then Mr Wiseguy define "A sports anime"! (also "Not Ping Pong" doesn't count)
  20. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    At a similar point myself. I'm lvl 25 but have been able to finish off the lvl 30+ ones. My log is empty apart from the collect all the Gwent cards quest. There's blatantly a couple I didn't buy from some innkeeper somewhere because I was broke at the start of the game (where as now I'm at 16k gold with spare respec pots in my inventory). However I'm still wary of heading in because I have a few bugged quest items & locations. Though I suspect that But annoyingly one of the bugged quests is linked to one so arm im dredging the skellig oceon of smugglers caches.
  21. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    a unrepentant "but wait one more thing!" at 58mins & 26 secs is the cause of my ire
  22. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    1h 0min & 36 sec, goddamit twig i was there watching the clock tick up as i was finishing the edit thinking,"oh wow, it's gonna be under 1hr" but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we could have that could we. Anyways editing done but I'm gonna listen through tomorrow morning & will post it to gorm to upload in the uk morning edit sorry its a little late bu8t the morale of this story is remember if you have work to do there's no such thing as one pint with your friends on a sunny sunday
  23. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    I always understood it to be simply OP=opening titles ED=End titles,
  24. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    You know looking at that stuff my memory tells me maybe Claymore is the only series i can remember which seemed to fetishise muscles even more (even compared to what i guess was it's nearest progenitor Berserk) Also I'm hoping next episode will be ready, tomorrow or monday at the latest. It all depends how good the british weather is. Also also, dammit ben i need to know who are secret gillen is