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  1. anime

    In short, I think your friends recommendations seems to be a bit shite. They have thrown you what amounts to two very acquired tastes, and two very vanilla choices. What sort of TV series do you normally watch? I'm sure if you give us some info some of the other readers here could throw you some suggestions which might match your tastes a bit better. M2H is probably still worth a giving a go if your OK with some of the problems that will inevitable come with a piece of soap opera crime fiction I think my overall opinion on Nozaki was I liked it's moment to moment character interaction and the way that it seemed to play with tropes but ended up frustrated because it inevitably lost its bottle at the last moment and reverted to type, but no denying it was a lot of fun.
  2. Is It Wrong To Eat Meat?

    Look all I can add to this is how this works in my mind & I'm afraid it's kinda simple Q: Is it wrong to kill(to eat meat)? A: Yes, when the killing is unnecessary for survival or for the prevention of harm. It's just that simple to me, I don't need to do it therefore I don't. I'm not sure it even "feels" like the idea of killing for meat is 'wrong morally' to me, I don't feel angry about it. If I had to define my feeling it's more just a vague sense of frustration at what feels illogical and kinda pointless to me.
  3. Endless Legend

    Don't get me wrong but isn't every strategy game about maximising your strengths, & minimising your opponents? If EL has a big fault it is as many have pointed out that skilled & seasoned strategy gamer can (after practising) out optimise the AI. Which is not exactly a uncommon fault in strat games and until you hit that point its fully deserving of the praise that has come it's way. So not a "hardcore" strategy game by any means, but still one that offers within the scope of it's difficulty curve a rich and varied world and factions to play with.
  4. anime

    I'm assuming this what you say here means a small adjustment is needed here? anyway onto what you say about the show itself most of which seems eminently true I think the whole obvious/obscure part pretty much sums up the big thing for me so far. So, I mean ok, wanting to "devour" someone has obvious sexual connotations, licking honey from a lily that is coming out of another girl, Pretty obvious sexual metaphor, but why bears? seriously! why bears!? (because bears like honey? is my best guess atm ).
  5. anime

    Is anyone else watching the new Ikuhara show, Yuri kuma Arashi? Utena never really clicked but for some reason his "comeback show" Penguindrum actually worked very for me. As for this so far it too seems to be working, but I'm not entirely sure how. Is it the plot? No it's bat shit crazy even by Ikuhara standards. Is it the characters? Hmmm ok well maybe a bit, there's just enough divergence from their tropey beginnings to suggest that the cultural reference points they are built around are maybe not as immovable as you might imagine. Is is the MYSTERY!?!! Well no, it is it's intriguing in the way that it interacts with what the characters motivations, but as was pointed out before currently there is just to much up in the air to see more than the faintest of patterns and so far they don't fell particularly compelling ones. That said it's probably going to be a intresting ride. Sidenote: I'm thinking of perhaps trying to rewatch Utena, anyone fancy joining me?
  6. Life

    Reading this just leaves me seething. That the generation after mine will still have people like your daughter who are punished, not because they can't problem solve, not because but because they don't understand the material, but because they arent some kind of human photocopier, remains one of the most infuriating problems still prevalent in the education systems of much of the western world.I was never able to sort the problems my own dyslexia gave me with tests in academia, but was fortunate that I was able to drag myself to decent grades by producing near perfect marks in the coursework situations. I could perhaps offer some tips regarding that but I'm not sure they would be useful in a test environment Sidenote: 3 edits so far to even this little bit of text
  7. anime

    In terms of their interactions I agree they are the most believable relationship, and the one treated with least melodrama, but it does feel like she was being shoehorned into a "fretting housewife" role while he was away raiding. Actually now that i think about it, this would all be kinda academic if they are all ken & barbie dolls anatomically. I'd actually laugh pretty hard if someone tried to take their pant off & found they couldn't because as far as the game was concerned their underwear was part of them. LH's major defence at this point is that these are all "in game relationships" of people who did have a "other self" in the real world, i can't remember where i heard it but I'm sure I've heard it said that you can't be in love if you can't be hurt. So as long as these characters see themselves as 'avatars' of people, instead of their current forms being the absolute entirety of their being nothing significant can happen.
  8. World of Warcraft

    Yeah. It feels like now people are hitting the limits of the solo content that shipped with the game pretty strongly. As to raiding it feels like blizzard have got far better at teaching people content than they have previously. The guild i help run has ended up with several people with very little/no raid experience but they have slotted in pretty well. I do wander however how they will cope when we hit mythic and a single mistake results in a raid wipe and dying 100's of times to kill a boss becomes the norm. I'm not sure there is anything you can do to prepare people for that sort of thing mentally so we shall see how well they hold up. What classes are people playing btw? I've been running as Enhancement Shaman (since this is what i played in TBC and this whole expansion is a big old nostalgia trip for me), and so far it feels very well balanced in solo and 5man content but with some severe problems in raid groups due to the unintuitive and frankly boring actions needed to play the class optimally.
  9. anime

    It looks like its just you & me discussing this one again mr Twig but yeah, ep14 was a (by log horizons low standards) fast paced & nicely animated episode. I'm actually a little bothered by the way they seem to setting up the relationship of the Bot & Hero characters in that little group. She's incredibly passive and he's being painted as being interested in her in a way which makes me worried the whole thing will end up with him deciding she's gonna be his bot Waifu....... Sadly romantic relationships seem to pretty much be kryptonite to Log Horizon i'm not sure we've seen a single credible one yet or one which doesn't just fit 100% into some cliché. It's weird because they really seem to get the relationships people have with "things" like games and pop culture and how these can be important things in someone's self image spot on, but they fundamentally seem to (so far) fail to get interpersonal relationships. Worse as you've pointed out before the only relationship they do spend any real time on is cheapened by the fact they seem to feel the need to add extra "competition" for the man's affection rather than just actually giving those two some time to build up a proper rapport. On a different note, oh boy does it look like we are getting one hell of a random set of shows for the new seasons. When i look at my list half of the shows feel like they come with a "may turn into a unmitigated car crash at any moment" health warning on them.
  10. Endless Legend

    This is why I'm cautiously interested in trying to get some pvp games going, although I worry that it may just be a bit to bloated to make a compelling fight vs another player. Maybe it's best as a relaxing but ultimately unchallenging puzzle.
  11. anime

    So another season comes to it's end & i'm actually kinda happy with it overall. Generally the new season of old shows didn't disapoint & we had a few genuine out of nowhere gems. In particular I'm not sure but I think maybe, just maybe, this current run of Mushishi may be its best ever. Some extremely well told & quietly brutal episodes especially towards the end of the season. I'm pretty much with Twig here. Certainly the most fun ( if imperfect) new show for quite a while. I think the simple reason it survived it's dive into exposition mode is that it's the pacing, humour, & timing made it very easy to forgive it's flaws. As long as it was sweeping me along I tended not to notice the moments of badly short-cutted animation or creaky CG, or occasionally hackneyed design and while I'm not quite sure if it quite matched the S2 Space Dandy finale for cramming in little moments of character building pay-off and absurd visual touches feew things are going to hit that particular high combo . The question is where will they go from here? I have no idea if it was successful enough to stand on it's own two feet or if it ended up a expensive vanity project/marketing experiment for a digital CCG, but I hope it's the former because now they have a world and at least a couple of interesting characters to build from. My major gripe is that they pretty much ended up basically full on damseling two out of three major female characters Not technically a Anime (but since i'm considering purchasing it entirely based on a anime adaptation of a related work i figure it's ok to talk about) I noticed a game called WORLD END ECONOMiCA was in a steam micro sale this weekend. The part of it's description which got me interested was The basic scenario of "person X must get amount Y of money to fulfil his dream!" isn't particularly original but I very much enjoyed S&W so was hoping maybe someone amongst my fellow readers might have some experience with this & be able to tell me if its worth a shot or not.
  12. They're taking my Freeze Peach!

    I feel kinda weird that tweeter went straight to Brown skipping the UK's far more direct equivalent of Charlie in Viz. I guess Brown is just kinda a easier target because he was very much a backward creature of who just offended one end of the spectrum, where as Viz (& from what i understand Charlie) was a far more broad spectrum antagoniser and still enjoys a certain cache for that (i remember for instance Viz parodies of certain right wing celebrities occasionally cropping up in my distinctly lefty twitter feed).
  13. Endless Legend

    The best way you can think about it is that you can select a movement target for them, and they will try to move to that target (depending on if their path is now blocked etc) If they end up next to a opposing unit they will attack (depending on their orders). You can also set a attack target instead of a movement target, in which case they will try and move to a spot where they can attack that target. Healing units can also have a healing target set. In these cases if they cant reach their target wheter they go for a target of opportunity or just stand around depends on their orders. Choosing the move option is mostly beneficial when the order your unit will attack could end up with one unit blocking another, or when there is a specific attack type who's effect you want to minimize (like the chain lightning). My big tip for the combat is that the "counter attack" moves of you opponents can be very nasty, taking into account how to minimise the effects of these feels like a big part of winning.
  14. anime

    My read was that I feel it's potential re: gender was that it could actually say quite important/intresting but that you maybe were saying "well what have they actually done with that potential?" (answer not all that much). Idk its just the only other mainstream works i can think of where gender is so fluid is Iain M Banks Culture books, who's society is basically supposed to be a near perfect liberal utopia.
  15. I've gone ahead and ordered a Dell U2414h In the end the slightly cheaper price and less aggressive anti glare coating plus smaller bevel made the call for me over its 2412m cousin, the U2425 doesn't seem to be widely available at this point (from what i could tell the devices available in the EU were asia region devices imported and resold) .
  16. anime

    It's more that a world where you essentially have the concept of gender identiy as choice accepted in a way that it is not in our own society has the potential to say intresting things.Case in point: Tetra So we are told she is 'a boy' dressing a girl', (something she doesn't seem to mind others noticing, but doesn't go out of her way to point out), to me is a intresting choice in a world where physical sex change now is trivial if you have the right knowledge. She's not 'stuck' how she's is it's 100% something she's chosing to do. Equally we don't know if the player behind Tetra started as male or female, and well frankly it could be either. Is this a female 'soul' who finds herself stuck in a new male body trying to reassert her femininity, or is it a male 'soul' who wasn't happy with his old 'real' body.
  17. anime

    While we are sorta on the topic, what do those watching it feel about the treatment of Trans characters in Log Horizon? So far my own feelings are extremely mixed, there seems to be some genuinely enlightened attitudes to it in the abstract because of the MMO theme it's highly implied there are a lot of men who play as women & vice versa, and that it's seen as relatively normal. Most intrestingly Its possible for instance to have a female player, with a male character who may in turn cross dress within the game. But so far the only confirmed Trans characters introduced have been really not much more than tropes.
  18. My thought was that it has the most adaptability, I have a sofa in my office room for when i want to take a break from my desk work, and my thought was I could watch the odd streamed video during lunch etc, maybe even fire up a gamepad and play some Spelunky from my comfy seat. But my worry was as you say that as you point out that I might be able to pick out the pixels, i think the Iiyama works out as something like 81PPI compared to 94 PPI for something like the Dell. Which isn't monolithic but isn't what you'd want ideally either. Edit: ahh balls, apparently there's a 2014/15 revision of the Dell U2412m i utterly missed to add to my considerations
  19. Endless Legend

    I recommended it to a friend during the steam sale and he's already clocked up 60+ hours, i'm quite enjoying just stomping a few AI atm but perhaps a few weeks down the line maybe we could try and get some small scale reader multiplayer games sorted.
  20. anime

    I watched season 1, but although it was watchable enough it didn't really grab me that strongly. Are you talking about the reveal that happens about 2/3 of the way through s1 or have they thrown in something similar in s2?
  21. Tnx for those responses gentlemen. It really sounds like the Dell is the gold standard for this particular niche. One of the concerns I have with the Iiyama Prolite it that it's 1920x1080 on a 27" screen. Which is why I wondered if that loss of pixel density compared to a similar resolution on a 24" would affect it's sharpness perceptively, none of the reviews seem to feel it's a problem, but annoyingly I can't put the issue to bed one way or another because I can find anywhere local which stocks the screens to get a look at it in action. I've also managed to find somewhere which stocks it for the same price as the Dell (£200) which is very tempting.
  22. Ok so I've managed to get it down to a final 3/5(3 models + 2 revisions of models) (one 27" & two 24") here they are with some of their key stats for me 1. Iiyama Prolite XB2783HSU £220 1920x1080, Delta-E 1.6, Temp 6513, Contrast 2679:, 98%sRGB, 2a. Dell 2412M £200 (as recomended by VG) 1920x1200 Delta-E 1.7, Temp 6497, Contrast 1121:1, 100% sRGB 2b. Dell 2414H £190 1920x1080 Delta-E 1.5, Temp 6502, Contrast 1193:1, 100% sRGB 3a. BenQ BL2410PT £155 1920x1080 Delta-E 1.4, Temp 6550, Contrast 3200:1, 99.5%sRGB 3b. BenQ BL2411PT £230 1920x1200 Delta-E 1.4, Temp 6513, Contrast 1203:1, 100% sRGB They all have nice VESA compatible stands, they are all "flicker free" (no PWM) and have a anit glare coating.The main differentiators not on that list is the i/o ports 1 & 2b both have HDMI ports something lacking from the others. They are all IPS apart from the Iiyama which is a VA (which means slightly worse viewing angles). The Ghosting response times are roughly the same for 1, 2b, & 3b however both 2a & 3a are considerably slower so probably not as good for gaming. What has made this search tough is that i'm looking for a all rounder, yes i want it primarily for work but i will be gaming on it too (although less often). I'm really quite unsure which to make the jump for, they are all strong contenders, i mean how much difference does a extra 120 pixels height make? or a couple of MS response time? how much more "blurry" will a 27" be than a 24" with the same resolution? Does a lack of HDMI even matter?
  23. VESA is basically just a standard for wall/armature mounting monitors. the new revision of your monitor seems to have it I'm going to stick as close to £200 as i can because as soon as i start moving to 300 the 4k's start coming into range & my eyes start to become saucer like. How do you guys feel about the 24" vs 27" thing? My Instinctual stance is that I feel that that extra real estate is worth it, even is a very well reviewed 24" vs just pretty well reviewed 27".
  24. Jon you're making my wallet cry. I'd love to grab a 4k but i just can't justify that outlay atm probably spending 50% of that roughly. Which is the the heart of my problems i suppose, last time i bought a monitor it was a premium one, now i have to go for something more reasonable. That looks like a monitor to last me another 10years but sadly thats probably not something i can afford to do atm Edit: ok thats not actually as expensive in UK as i thought it would be but still it would be far too easy to let myself start justifying that when my initial thoughts was try to keep it around the £200 mark.
  25. Ok i've spent the good part of a afternoon trying to find a new monitor for my PC. My current monitor (a Formac Gallery 2010) has lasted me 10 years of faithful service but i think its probably time i moved on. What i'm looking for ideally is a: - 24-27" - IPS panel - Good colour accuracy - VESA mountable ideally i'd like something with a decent response rate too, i know i'm probably not going to find something which has either the response times or input lag of a dedicated gaming monitor but if i could find something reasonable in both those it would be nice too. I've got a list of about 10 different candidates atm, but its a damn pain because people seem to have hugely varied opinion and model names seem to get abandoned or refreshed at the drop of a hat so any & all advice would as always be appreciated.