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  1. Torchlight II

    It is 6.
  2. Non-video games

    Another vote for Carcassonne and TTR! @SometingStupid If you looking more at card games, Ascension is pretty easy to pickup. Also comes on the ipad, which might make it a little easier to get your friends to play.
  3. Non-video games

    Nightfall launched on the Apple store last week, and after banging my head against the tutorial 5 or 6 times, I fell completely in love with it. So much so that I bought a physical copy of the game and will be playing it with my game group tonight. Hopefully I'm a better teacher than the app tutorial! Or maybe my friends are smarter than me?
  4. Your first gaming device...

    The Vectrex. My dad bought this from a guy at work with about 15 games. Can't remember what happened to it. I do remember being blown away when I played "Spike" for the first time and the main characters actually talked. Well, screeched out electronic noises that sounded like speech.