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  1. I have no affinity to Total War. I owned TWW but none of the DLC. To have good experience what, if any, of the DLC is a must have.
  2. It really saddens me that the Wildman kickstarter is not going well. I hate what it means for GPG and it's employees. I hate that we miss out on an interesting game idea. We might miss out on a Chris Taylor/GPG SC3, Kings & Castles, or whatever other ideas they had. I wish they had been able to get the IP for TA back as I think that would have done gangbusters on kickstarter, but I understand that they couldn't a/o didn't want to. My biggest hope is that he doesn't follow so many of our strategy heroes into social gaming. I still hold hope that we'll get Brian Reynolds back some day.
  3. Solium Infernum

    I'm looking to play my first (and hopefully continuing) Solium Infernum game. Is anyone up for a PBeM game (with Dropbox)?
  4. Episode 200: Tapping Past Bastogne

    I have been enjoying the game, but at least as Axis against Monty I feel like I win by accident. I'm a pretty terrible war-gamer It was never a genre I was interested in when I was younger, but now I want to be. I've managed to win the Battle and the Race after a couple of tries. I feel these were wins of chance not me being a good (or even passable) strategist. I won't stop playing. I want to understand the game better. I think the challenge is not if you win, but how well you win. But it seems like multiplayer is the way to go. Hit me up if you'd like to play: warthurton on GameCenter
  5. Elemental Fallen Enchantress

    I also am playing it based on Tom's recommendation. I've played a couple of hours and really enjoy it. I've learned that since I'm not a great advanced level strategic 4X player, I tend to not see the flaws in games. Maybe in a couple of years when I'm a Troy, Rob or Tom level player I'll have a different opinion.
  6. Alea Jacta Est

    I haven't heard much at about AGEOD's newest. This has been out almost 2 months at this point. Is the general lack of discussion an reviews just the best guage of it's reception or is it a gem that people haven't jumped on yet due to XCOM & CK2 Expansions? At $25, I'll probably pick it up soon, I'm just curious what other's impressions are.
  7. The 3MA Canon

    You can't forget Rise of Nations, the official RTS of 3MA: http://www.microsoft.../riseofnations/ Imperialism I & II: http://en.wikipedia....sm_(video_game) http://en.wikipedia...._of_Exploration Jagged Alliance Solium Infernum http://www.crypticcomet.com/games/SI/Solium_Infernum.html
  8. Creeper World

    When listening to Episode of 107 3MA, I ran into a list of indie strategy games that Tom loves. One of these was Creeper World. I picked it up on his recommendation and I loved it. Instead of an AI, there is an ever generating "liquid" that spread from emitters around the world. You have to keep it from destroying your base and also energize some control points. You use a number of items: mortars, blasters, eventually flying bombers to thin out the liquid as it moves towards you. Getting power to these involves gathering energy (fractal energy?), or using generators. You also need to create a network of links between all the items to provide power. The energy moves in packets that are sent down paths in a need based algorithm. It pretty unique. The graphics are simple (which is fine), the pace is fast at times, and the threat keeps moving closer. The music is haunting and doesn't get annoying. Finally there are a couple of amazing standout maps in the campaign: Tucana, Ix, and Pyxis as my favorites. On top of that, there are some other modes outside the main story that are worth exploring. If that isn't enough, 5650 custom maps have been made so far. I suggest checking it out. The developer is working on a third episode (yes there is also a 2nd episode that I have just started playing). So I've shared my gem of the week. I hope somebody else picks this up and gets a chance to enjoy a truly fun game.
  9. Here are some links for people who want to play. Downloadable non-DRM version, no ads, just the game from Norbsoft (new company of MadMinute Games guys) $9.99: http://sites.fastspring.com/norbsoftware/product/scourgeofwar Community Mod Pack 4 (with necessary patches to base game) Include a campaign called "Complete Civil War" Most engagements of war represented in the scenarios included. http://www.madminutegames.com/MadMinuteBB/viewtopic.php?t=12536&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 First post contains most recent patch available and is updated upon new releases.
  10. Solium Infernum

    OK. I'm back. Bad times at work. If you are still interested please email me at warthurton@arthurton.com
  11. Solium Infernum

    Awesome between here and another forum, we have 4. Let me get all the info together and I'll PM you the details. I'm OK with a slight delay during those days since it means having another human player. Back at you in a few days to see if there is any more responses.
  12. I have an extra copy of The Political Machine 2012 due to double preordering. First person to write me and promise to play 1 multiplayer game, I'll give it to you.
  13. So of the best episodes are full out bouts between some combination of Tom, Bruce, Troy, Julian and Rob. I'm so happy they are not in the same room sometimes. "Can I get anyone a coffee" "Hello gamers" "Unity of Command is the game Panzer Corps should have been" I could go on and on.
  14. Controlling the center is an important strategy. Your opponent should/might be taking/banishing monsters so that only hero's and constructs are left. http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/687646/basic-strategy-managing-the-centre-row
  15. Some Slitherine & Matrix wargames coming to the iPad.... http://www.boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/10041/ios-news-slitherine-announcements-agricola-tricky
  16. I purchased mine on Amazon. I've seen it on some abandon-ware sites, but it is pretty cheap on Amazon so it's best to be legit.
  17. I haven't played DotP on the 360, but if the iOS version get's people playing, then I'm in.
  18. And.... Acquired. Not as nice a package though. Missing the quick reference chart. Time to scour the Internet for one. (I'm old school, I love my quickrefs).
  19. I recently listened to Episode 29. I decided to summarize as I went along. Can anybody think of any new great games to get people started in? Episode 29 - Getting Started Strategy games discussed (not just mentioned) Turn based Civilization 4 - Approachable Play on lowest level Every level introduces a new concept [*]Espionage is not good [*]Game runs a little too long [*]Civilization Revolutions - Approachable Game is not too long [*]Galactic Civilization II - Not approachable Hard to determine cause / effect [*]Advance Wars - Approachable Many concepts introduced Resources Rock, paper, sizzors Fog of war Overwatch Combined arms Lines of attack Feignts Scouting [*]Subject matter is terrible or is it just graphics? [*]Galactic Conquest - No decision [*]Chess [*]Paradox Games - Not approachable Hearts of Iron III - Not approachable [*]Risk - :| Split Decision 6 Important lessons - Original post [*]Dwarf fortress - Not a strategy game [*]Heroes of Might and Magic - Not the best “game” Provides rewards Killer stacks to win [*]Panzer General - Approachable Real Time Strategy Multiwinia - Split decision Demigod - Approachable Total War - Approachable Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Not approachable
  20. April 20 GOG Sale

    Strategy games of note on sale this weekend for: The Guild - Gold Edition $4.99 The Nations - Gold Edition $2.99 Panzer Elite - Special Edition $2.99 SpellForce - Platinum Edition $4.99 SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars $4.99 SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm $4.99 Alien Nations $2.99 Just thought people might like to know.
  21. A New Strategy Game for You - What is it?

    So weird. I just got my copy of Balance of Power out of storage last night. Did anyone play BoP: 21st Century? It is listed as coming out in 2009. Most of my BoP sessions ended poorly.
  22. gog has a bunch of Interplay games on sale. Are there any strategy gems in there? I'm considering Conquest of the New World, JA2: Unfinished Business and Castles. I guess that is actually most of them. http://gog.com/promo/interplay_blast
  23. I'm looking for some more people to game with. http://steamcommunity.com/id/warthurton/ I'm looking for some people to play older games where the community is only really good people playing, since I'm probably not any good.
  24. This is what happens when you ask a question of TMA at the PAX panel. Received in the mail today by warthurton, on Flickr
  25. The All New XBox Gamertag Exchange Thread!

    I'm GluteusCranium on XBOX. I'm a bit behind and I'm about to start Gears of War I. If anybody is up to do some Co-Op. I have tons of other games too.