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  1. Dota Today 6: The Hoove Oeuvre, with Greg Kasavin

    So is the dotatoday guild actually up and running? On the podcast they mentioned to join a chat channel and ask to be added to the guild, but what's the channel name? I can only find an idlethumbs channel, nothing for dotatoday.
  2. Can you please invite me to the guild? http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197967272099/
  3. DOTA 2

    Can I please be invited to the guild? I'm already in the Idle Thumbs Lords Management Consortium, my name there is Snyot.
  4. 2013

    I'm still waiting for antichamber to come out. Everything I saw and heard about that game made me incredibly excited. Last I heard it was practically complete but I haven't seen anything about it for months now. I don't think it even appeared in that PC Gamer 2013 article. Oh, and super time force.
  5. Cheers, I will toughen up and start playing some games, and try and join in with others in the group at some point.
  6. Clairvoyance

    You're right about the chance of getting unexpectedly destroyed for overlooking some possibility -- this was happening a lot to me at the start but is happening less and less as I get more experience with the game. But even when this happens there's usually some possibility for a comeback. It's really rewarding when you are able to successfully predict an opponent's moves so that they move into the path of laser fire. I've had some success playing defensively at the start, noting which of their pieces my opponent is focusing on moving, and rushing across the map with one of my pieces to take out their robot they'd overlooked. What you've said makes me think I should put some time into Frozen Synapse, especially given how much I'm enjoying Clairvoyance.
  7. Clairvoyance

    I've recently started playing this great little asynchronous 2-player board game (with cute robots!): http://www.gameofclairvoyance.com/ I think it's probably quite similar to (but simpler than) Frozen Synapse, although I never played that much at all. I'm enjoying this game a lot, and it would be great to get some more people into the game. $5 for beta access, which I've found to be extremely stable, and all future updates included. My username is YoyomaBones. Hope to see many new players soon!
  8. I'm practically completely new to DOTA, and would love some friendly help to get started. This is me: http://steamcommunit...561197967272099 What's the best way to find a few people from the group that are happy to teach a newcomer? I should mention I've played a very small amount of LoL and also watched a few introductory DOTA 2 videos so I have a basic understanding of the game, last hits, etc but very little experience actually playing.
  9. I had made it to Ljubljana castle. Now all I had to do was find the funicular. Aha! A clue. Just follow the arrows. Nothing could go wrong, could it? I was getting nowhere. Fast. Maybe a trip to the virtual castle would help focus my mind. Finally, I had nearly made it. I was so close that I could smell it. Success!
  10. Electric puddles -- are they really all that dangerous?

    I was a bit disappointed the first time I came across lava in Guild Wars 2. I quickly realised I could run through it, and even stand in it, without being hurt in the slightest. But this was starting-area lava, and perhaps end-game lava is more dangerous. On a related note, what is the liquid that floods rooms in Portal and Portal 2? It seems to kill very quickly, so perhaps it's supposed to be acid, but I can't recall if this is ever made explicit. It always looked like dirty water to me and I could never understand why it was quite so fatal. If it's acid, why isn't it fluroescent green and bubbling, like acid is in real life?
  11. It seems to be relatively common in games to come across a puddle of water on the ground that has somehow been electrified, typically by a broken live power cable that is lying in the water. When the player, or an enemy, enters the water they receive an electric shock, usually with serious consequences. This has never made sense to me. The reason it doesn't make much sense is that electricity will only through an object if there is a voltage difference between the two points of contact. This is why birds can sit on power lines unaffected -- both of their feet are at the same voltage, so electricity does not flow through their body. Another way to say this is that there's far less resistance for the electricity to flow through the wire than through the bird. Of course, if a really long boa constrictor wound itself around a power line while still touching the ground, electricity would flow from the high voltage power line through the snake and into the ground, and it would die instantly. All this seems to indicate that if I were to jump into an electric puddle, then, since both my feet are at the same voltage, no electricity would flow through me and I'd be fine. Or, looking at it from another viewpoint, it's really easy for the electricity just to keep flowing in the puddle rather than through my body, from one leg to the other. Needless to say, I'm not about to test this in real life. There is, however, one way that this sort of thing could be a real problem. Imagine an electrified puddle of water on some non-conducting surface, like a rubber or plastic floor. If I were to stand in the water and then touch a metal pole with my hand, or some other object connected to the ground, then electricity would flow up my legs, out through my arm, into the pole and then to ground, and I would suffer a serious shock. But that's never the situation presented in games. Has anyone else thought about this? I'd really like to find out if games have been misrepresenting the laws of physics in this way. If so, I'd love to see a game where walking in an electrified puddle didn't cause the player any harm, but it the notion "electric puddle = bad" seems so thoroughly ingrained that I don't think there's much chance of changing this.