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  1. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Where are these .gifs from, did I miss something?
  2. The Davis/Sacramento Area Friendship Conspiracy

    It feels kinda silly setting up the doodle poll for 3 people,especially since it sounds like the 22nd works for everyone anyway.
  3. My favorite Breckon moment that I haven't seen anyone mention was during one of the Crisader Kings II streams when Nick marries off the prince to an African warrior princess while Chris was out of the room using the bathroom or something. And then Chris comes back and is 100% baffled.
  4. The International 5 (TI5) - Dota 2

    One of the players from the crowd was Dendi in a pudge mask. 10/10 I dig it.
  5. The International 5 (TI5) - Dota 2

    VP picked silencer in game 2 vs Complexity and it worked out great for them. It made me wonder why silencer isn't picked more, that hero seems really strong to me. Does he have some sort of weakness that I'm not considering?
  6. The Davis/Sacramento Area Friendship Conspiracy

    We should do this again some weekend or other, how are you all feeling?
  7. Futurama

    It hit often enough that I was ok with the misses, even as they did start missing more often.
  8. I Had A Random Thought...

    I probably pressed them a couple times to find out what they did, but that was many years ago and I no longer even remember.
  9. The International 5 (TI5) - Dota 2

    That is an aspect of attending TI in person that I had not considered. That game was great to watch though. I love me some top tier Rubick play and thae game had a lot of it.
  10. The ASTOUNDING thread of science!

    That video does an amazing job of hiding the fact that it's on a track. On the one hand it's certainly cool and probably required some nontrivial technology to implement, but it feels so manipulative to me. I think the clearest way to see through the deception is to realize that if the hoverboards actually worked the way they imply they do, they wouldn't be using this ad to sell Lexus (Lexi? Lexopuses?), they would be using it to sell hoverboards. Maybe I'm being too hard on this, since advertising is manipulative basically by definition. How do other people feel about that?
  11. Mr. Robutt

    I remember seeing a trailer for Mr Robot and thinking it looked like parody of hacker movie trailers. It also featured some of the worst acting I've seen in a trailer. But now I keep hearing that the show itself is actually good and I don't know what to think.
  12. The threat of Big Dog

    Somebody made a robot that steals parks cars
  13. Life

    Holy shit dude. That sounds awful.
  14. Favorite Level in a video game

    I was going to say this too, but then I remembered my actual favorite part of that game, the ambush at the inn. I feel like that building was designed around the AI pathfinding so that no matter where you are something can sneak up on you.
  15. I Had A Random Thought...

    I have a math story! For the past couple months I've been taking construction training classes, and we usually spend the first 30 or so minutes of class doing "tape measure math", which is mostly just adding or subtracting fractions. Many of the people in the class were never taught basic math properly, or just assumed from an early age they they were bad at it and so never bothered. But they're almost always able to pick it up pretty quickly once you can explain it in a way that makes them realize it's not beyond their ability. My favorite example was when one day the instructor put a simple algebra problem on the board and the guy next to me had no idea where to even begin. As soon as I explained the concept of algebra to him (I think all I said was "the x is a placeholder for an unknown number, find what x should be to make the equation true") he almost immediately solved it. He then said to me "oh, is that what algebra is?" in a way that sounded like he had always thought of algebra as some kind of sorcery until that day.
  16. The International 5 (TI5) - Dota 2

    TI5 wild card games are being played right now, and the group stages are being played the rest of the week. Main tournament starts next week.
  17. Games you enjoyed for the "wrong" reasons

    When I was a kid, my brother and I played a lot of Disney Extreme Skate Adventure, a Disney movies reskin of tony hawk, but with the difficulty tuned way down (you could basically grind indefinitely for instance). We played a bunch of it because when you're a kid you play what you have, and one day we found a spot where you could reliably get out of the normal map boundary. While out of bounds the physics got really weird, you would slide across the ground like ice and the game would never treat you as landed, so you could keep your combo meter up until you left the glitch area. We would fairly regularly load up a game of the tag mode on that map, get outside the wall, and play a version of tag where you could barely control your character, and knocking your opponent back onto the map was basically a win.
  18. Movie/TV recommendations

    That movie does look like a fascinating trainwreck, but I can't justify giving them money for that.
  19. Movie/TV recommendations

    I think it's worth pointing out that MovieBob doesn't normally do the angry youtuber thing. In fact the pixels review was the angriest video I've seen of his. His videos in general are fairly entertaining if sometimes under thought, but he's recently started a long-form series called "really that good" where he picks movie from the 80's or so that's considered a classic and unpacks why it works beyond just nostalgia reasons.
  20. My high school programming teacher didn't really have a problem with people playing games as long as they got their work done. What he did have a problem with was games that had any sort of violence. Starcraft? nope. DOOM? no way. The weird part was it didn't seem like this was due to any personal objections to the content so much as him trying to cover his ass in case school administrators found out. It was his first year, and the previous teacher had not been popular with administration, so I can't really blame him for that. Anyway, this, combined with the fact that the school computers were way out of date for 2007, meant the only game anyone ever played was Chex Quest. Oh wow, Nanosaur. I had entirely forgotten that game existed until just now. I remember playing it but I don't think I ever really understood how it worked.
  21. What's your stable of staples?

    Tf2 and dota are the games I always come back to.
  22. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I think the second video was the most interesting if you don't have time to watch over an hour of content. They are all pretty great though.
  23. The Davis/Sacramento Area Friendship Conspiracy

    Yeah, this was fun.
  24. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    The final episode of the documentary . It's good! Spaff is in it! More importantly, it contains some choice 2001 era Jake Rodkin.
  25. The best portal mod I've played was the "flash version map pack" for portal 1. It was basically a 3d rework of the fan-made flash version of portal that was briefly popular. I remember it having the difficulty level I wanted from a portal game, which is to say harder that the normal game but not as obtuse or as precise as most portal mods seem to get. The plot was pretty fan fiction-y, but whatever.