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  1. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    I'm not sure, I think one of the main advantages of wasd is that they're in the middle vertically and there are a lot of other keys you can easily reach with one hand. Try placing your hand on the arrow keys ans seeing what else you can reach. I can get right ctrl right shift and enter ok, and some of my number pad but that's about it. Whereas from wasd I can easily use the space bar, shift, and ctrl, and without too much trouble can also get tab, caps lock, q, e, r, z, x, c, v, and 1-4. Not all keyboards have the arrows isolated like mine does, and I suspect fewer would if they were commonly used for that, but they're still on the bottom of the keyboard. Then again, if all you needed was movement and a jump button you could probably get away with arrows+mouse and bind jump to right click, which I feel like may actually have been a thing at some point?
  2. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    To be fair, I don't remember the game giving any indication that you needed to look at the other story for the solution. It's especially weird given that A) the first half of the game never requires you to do that and there isn't any narrative justification for why the characters would know these things.
  3. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I honestly don't understand what Nintendo is trying to accomplish with that. Even if it's within their legal rights to do it (which it seems like it is although I'm sure that up for debate)aren't they basically pissing off a bunch of their fans for little perceivable benefit?
  4. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    I don't think this is quite what you were asking for, but did you ever play the "research and development" mod for hl2? It feels like what hl2 would have been if it didn't have guns.
  5. The threat of Big Dog

    "Over the next five months we plan to progressively increase the level of autonomy the robot is allowed, leading to autonomous detection and injection..." WHAT? NO. stop this. This is madness. You can't just make a starfish terminator and act like everything's fine.
  6. DOTA 2

    I would add urn of shadows to that list, even if it is sometimes ok to have two of them.
  7. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    What about JS joust? Edit: what about board games like Space Alert that use a CD or mp3 for audio cues. Or that version of monopoly that used a calculator type thing to track money? I think I'm in agreement that it maybe isn't a useful distinction.
  8. I would think that the primary advantage of a humanoid robot would be that it would be more suited to using technology created by humans/navigate spaces designed for human use.
  9. One Evening Games!

    Do episodic games count? Kentucky Route Zero is fantastic, and each act is about 2 hours. I wouldn't recommend playing more that one act in a sitting, it's much better if you give it time to breathe.
  10. Social Justice

    Thanks, that's a useful answer. I suppose that people incorporating elements of other cultures in a way that is thoughtful and respectful of their original context is not the kind of appropriation that anyone was complaining about in the first place.
  11. It appears that there are several thumbs located in the Davis/Sacramento area, and I think we should take advantage of this and have some sort of meet up. If you are in the area check in here so we know how many there actually are, and we can brainstorm some plans. I think there was another thread for real life meetups, but I really wanted to use this title.
  12. The Davis/Sacramento Area Friendship Conspiracy

    That all sounds pretty good to me. I think maybe we should continue to make plans in PM though. Probably everyone who lives in the area has seen the thread already, and it feel weird to keep bumping a thread that only four people care about.
  13. Social Justice

    I guess I agree with that, but I think the problem comes from the lack of calling them out rather that the electing to benefit. Is your argument that those two things necessarily go hand in hand? Is it impossible to benefit from a double standard while also calling out the other side of that double standard? Why? I'm legitimately curious about this, because I don't feel like it should be true but I realize that doesn't mean it isn't. Also, In what way would white people rejecting afros benefit black people with afros? Is that a stupid question?
  14. The Wolf Among Us

    There was one scene in I think episode 3 of this game that stood out to me, the crime scene in the motel room. You interact with objects around the room that look like evidence, the other character in the room will ask you what you think this evidence suggests, and you get 3 or 4 options for your theory. It wasn't very difficult, I don't remember getting any of them wrong, but it felt like doing actual detective work, piecing together how a crime probably played out. It was a neat mechanic that helped the game feel unique, but for some reason it was only really used that one time. I think this game was hindered a bit by being the follow-up to the massive hit The Walking Dead, and ended up borrowing more from that that it maybe should have. I still think it's a great game, but I wonder if would have had a stronger mechanical identity if it were made today.
  15. The Wolf Among Us

    I didn't really understand what Bluebeard's deal was either, but the sense I got was that he was an important character in the comics that was included as fan service.
  16. Dota 2 - Summer 2016 Roster Shuffles

    What will it take to get Puppey and Dendi back together?
  17. The International 5 (TI5) - Dota 2

    I think we are all forgetting the best part of TI5:
  18. Netrunner!

    I think trying to learn the game from someone who already knows it is fairly hard to do. So much of the game is about making decisions based on limited information, but as a new player you don't know the possibility space so you can't make an informed choice. If you want to get into the game I think you'd really want to find someone who was also new to learn with. As for the "luck of the draw" frustration, I think the fact that you can spend a click to draw a card can mitigate that more so than most card games. It's not the end of the world if you have to spend a turn or 2 digging through your deck. That frustration is also much worse if you are using a deck you didn't build yourself or that you haven't used before, because you won't know ahead of time where your weakness are and therefore can't play around them. It's entirely possible to play a deck that doesn't have very make icebreakers if you play it certain ways, such as being more aggressive than usual and running servers before the corp has the money to get all of their ice up, or by playing cards that let you skip past or destroy ice you can't break. You say you had a game where you hit an early trap that essentially lost you the game. This is something that can happen, but part of getting better at the game is learning what sorts of decks might have what sorts of traps. Or, more generally, if you see something that might be a trap, put yourself in a situation where getting trapped would be an inconvenience rather than a game loss (by drawing extra cards before running it, or by putting important cards in play first so you don't lose them). If you can't do that, you can also leave the trap alone and build up your board or try to score off other servers. If it ends up being an agenda, it still costs the corp resources to score it, which gives you time to do other things. I don't know if any of that is helpful, but there it is.
  19. Sonic Dreams Collection: What Could Have Been

    To be fair, "weird sonic shit" is practically a genre at this point (for some reason) so I probably wouldn't have given this a second thought if wasn't by a developer I was already familiar with. This one feels several degrees stranger than this sort of thing usually is, which itself is kind of impressive. Also, be sure to check out the game files, there are some quality file names, such as "fruit.bat" and "BringBackBilly.petition" (This was made by the same guys did that Bubsy 3d "remake" where you go to an art gallery if anyone played that)
  20. Sonic Dreams Collection: What Could Have Been

    The Arcane Kids are secretly my favorite developers out there. Room of 1000 Snakes is a special kind of brilliant. But honestly I am a little afraid of delving too deep into this one. The Sonic OC generator is pretty classy, but it looks like some of the later portions go to some dark places.
  21. Favorite Level in a video game

    I remembered another good one, the arena level in Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door. That game was generally a favorite of mine, but that level in particular stood out by having every fight be interesting and different. Plus the fact that you got to hang out with the other fighters in the locker rooms between matches. On a related note, I never played the original because I didn't have an n64. Is there a good way to play that now? Was it ever released on virtual console or something?
  22. The International 5 (TI5) - Dota 2

    I just don't like Tobi because of the way he pronounces "Ogre Magi" but fortunately for me he's not in the meta right now.
  23. The International 5 (TI5) - Dota 2

    Sumail is pretty good at Storm Spirit.
  24. This is not the first time I've heard someone say they thought the face reflection was tied to important story moments, but it felt to me that it was happening at random, like the lights flickering or the sirens outside. Does anyone know if it's been confirmed either way?