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  1. This was my interpretation of it as well. The way Gordon and Albert were talking about it sounded like they didn't quite understand what they were seeing either. A man faded into nonexistence in front of them and their reaction was "I think I saw somebody".
  2. Given that we've seen BadCoop do weird magic with communication technology it seems silly to assume anything based on out understanding of how real world text messaging works. We also don't know if Diane knew BadCoop was the one who sent the message. Maybe Diane was expecting a text from someone else and BadCoop was basically phishing, because Diane has to reply to the message for the phone magic to work, that seems like the kind of surrealist logic we're operating on. I mean, he transferred a tracking device to a truck by taking a picture of it's licence plate.
  3. It kind of bothered me that we got another Jacoby scene, I think the joke would have worked better if it had never been mentioned again. Also, some people are assuming that Janey-E and Sonny Jim are going to die, possibly as the thing that wakes Cooper up, but I didn't get the sense that that's what was being set up here. Every Douggie scene this episode mostly made me sad for Janey-E, since once Cooper wakes up Douggie's never coming back. She won't even get the closure of a funeral, since he won't be dead, he'll just won't exist. Or I guess he kind of exists, as a gold ball in another dimension, but whatever.
  4. I heard it this way too, it was kind of taking me out of the scene.
  5. The actor playing Bobby kind of stole the show this episode, didn't he? I would not have expected Bobby Briggs to become one of my favorite characters in Twin Peaks but here we are. That dumb grin he makes when he realizes he's the only one who know how to open that capsule was perfect and I loved it. I don't really know what to say about the rest of the episode? It felt the most like a normal episode of TV of anything this season, which is especially odd coming after episode 8.
  6. SGDQ 2017

    The r/speedrun subreddit has links with timestamps here.
  7. Some parts of the abstract bomb scenes were uncomfortably similar to a dream I had once. That's not a joke, by the way. a couple moments in there felt like they were literally plagiarized from a dream I had years ago. It was a weird experience, to say the least.
  8. The threat of Big Dog

    I am a huge fan of that video. I wonder if it's completely autonomous or if there's a human controlling at least the high level tactics.
  9. Didn't Audrey have that secret crawl space type area in the walls around Ben's office? The humming in the walls made me thing of that. Considering the office doesn't appear to have been remodeled in the last 25 years it's plausible nobody ever found it.
  10. I want to second Nick's endorsement, Tig Notaro is incredible. She's especially good at dragging comedy out of situations that shouldn't be funny, like pretending a band is coming onstage next or shuffling a stool around the stage for several minutes.
  11. The McElroy Family of Products

    It seems like the fact that they've demonstrated that they're willing to consider this sort of criticism has led to everyone with an opinion trying harder than they normally would to make that opinion heard. I really think the best solution would be to change up the character designs every chapter, to reinforce the idea that no one design is visual canon. Plus, that would mean they'd have to do more than one chapter and I don't want to live in a world where everyone's favorite boy detective never appears in print.
  12. The McElroy Family of Products

    I used to listen to MBMBAM pretty regularly and these days I only occasionally do, but think that's less to do with a decline in quality as it is me just having less time to listen to podcasts. Personally, I thought the Seeso show was great, and most of it's problems seemed to be the result of them never having made a TV show before, which is sort of the opposite problem of them becoming too comfortable in their popularity. Another thing is that I really do think The Adventure Zone has continued to get better over time, both as Griffin started taking the story increasingly more seriously and as Justin Travis and Clint have put more thought into their characters. TBH that's why it's never bothered me that Griffin tends to be kinda railroad-y, as all four of them are so clearly on board with taking it that direction. It's not always perfect, the ~3 episodes in the Wonderland loop were pretty awful and the current flashback arc isn't really working for bunch of minor reasons, but those feel like isolated problems rather than recurring ones.
  13. Net Neutrality

    Is this just gonna be something that flares up every few years until people get tired of complaining about it? It seems like anyone who knows how the internet works understands that deregulating ISPs is a bad idea, but they already understood that three years ago. If we successfully fight this are we just gonna have to fight it again in another three years? I don't understand how this is a logical way for the government to function.
  14. The McElroy Family of Products

    On MBMBAM earlier this year they claimed they were going to become fushigi art patrons. I'm pretty sure they actually set aside ~$400 as incentive.
  15. The biggest thing I took away from that video was realizing how different cars look today vs. 25 years ago.
  16. Feminism

    I guess I meant that it's hard to have a safe space for discussion without the conversation at least partially becoming about safe spaces rather than the thing you wanted to discuss.
  17. Feminism

    The fact that the concept of a "safe space" has itself become a political stance is somewhat frustrating in that regard.
  18. Feminism

    I remember finding this thread helpful around the time gamergate hit. So much of the internet was (and still is) angry yelling about feminists, and this thread was not only a counterpoint to that, but one the consisted of more than just angry yelling in the other direction. Like, I had always kind of passively thought the angry internet anti-feminists were kind of ridiculous, but I never really engaged with it or really thought about the subject much, and this thread encouraged me to thing more critically about it. That said, as time went on, this and especially the now locked gamergate thread, became dumping grounds for "look at this outrageous thing the internet did today" and got increasingly angry.
  19. At the end of that Chris says "I have a vague memory of this" so uhh
  20. I could have sword Jake told the pork chop story on Idle Thumbs years ago, but Chris and Nick are reacting as if they've never heard it before. I don't know how else I could possible have known about that story though, so I'm now confused.
  21. Snake Pass

    I played the demo at Day of the Devs and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately my computer is old and shitty and I haven't managed to find a Switch in stock anywhere yet. I'm glad to hear that people seem to be liking it though.
  22. The threat of Big Dog "Laser-firing underwater drones protect Norway's salmon supply by incinerating lice" With a headline like that I don't think there's really anything I need to add.
  23. This is one of the all time great Idle Thumbs episode titles.
  24. The Next President

    Healthcare Simulator 2017: Plan of the Year edition.