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  1. The inevitable happened: AI can now play Go

    On a go ai related note, a free program called Leela uses neural net tech also and is probably around 5-6dan. It is also great for game and positional analysis. You can put a position into it and ask it what it'd play. https://www.sjeng.org/leela.html
  2. The inevitable happened: AI can now play Go

    That's interesting, and maybe deserves its' own topic. It would depend on what people decide the next challenge is. Im not sure what comes after go. I would so love to play against alphago. To think that computer assisted go training will be a thing! I played against a guy online the other day and I think he was running a type of go bot because he made monte carlo type mistakes when he fell behind. (This was on OGS, where ranks get fuzzier around the dan level.)
  3. The inevitable happened: AI can now play Go

    If you enjoy go, it's mostly important to build up knowledge by playing and learning the really basic rules(like alphago) and then seek out a teacher when you have questions. It's such a fun game, alphago is really bringing a lot of people back to the game as well as new players. Ive been playing over 20 years and I still learn new things all the time. If KGS ever gets an html5 client out, we should start an idle go club. Since they released the source for KGS clients that should happen eventually.
  4. Dota Today 13: On the Road to TI4

    I'm laughing way too much at this stuff, it's funny and lighthearted and that made me think of the potatoday duo (not nick) The other ones aren't all great, but those two I love.
  5. The Idle Thumbs Store

    I think they were just being funny. I don't have any illusions that I understand what goes on in a woman's brain though, especially not a 3 or 5 year old woman.
  6. The Idle Thumbs Store

    I got to the mail box and put on my idle vice shirt I had just found there. I ask my daughters (3 and 5) what they think. They take a good look and all they say for the next 2 minutes is "wow!" "Wow!" "wow!" "Wow!" over and over going from super excited to really nonchalant wowing. I think they like it?
  7. Project Godus: Don't believe his lies

    His story time at pax prime is available via twitch archive: http://www.twitch.tv/pax/b/453826396 starts around 22 minutes? dont know if it's any good, we'll see.
  8. Idle Thumbs 118: A Simple Litter

    Did I miss the pikmin 2 series link in this thread?
  9. Idle Thumbs 106: Imagine the Man

    Great casts gentlemen, I wanted to say that I really like the twitch sessions you guys do, kind of lets you guys go really indepth to a single game without it taking over the show. If I'm interested in the game I can watch and if not I can not watch without missing my weekly cast. I think you should do something similar to that with dota, be it twitch or just an off-series podcast or something, because I think it'd be good to get all your ideas out instead of just saying "we're not going to talk about this now". Also if all those ideas are discussed and out there, they can stop being brought up every show. Right now it's an elephant in the room and everyone kind of seems to just wait uneasily until Sean brings it up then you spend 5 minutes talking about not talking about it. I also think you should do whatever you want and keep it fun. -zen
  10. yep. checking the other team's inventories is such a good idea all the time. As support I can see if they've got wards and if they've placed wards and can start counterwarding. You'd be surprised how many bounty hunters/riki/shadowblade users just turn on invis as they're getting hit then just stick around thinking they are invulnerable. Also people that pick riki and say it's over because the other team is warding invisibility shouldn't be relied on.
  11. Oh man I've been watching hard supports at the international and I'm really enjoying it. I have a hard time playing when we have no observer wards, when we have no courier and when we're up against some hero with invisibility and noone on my team gets wards so all I do all game is get wards tps and boots. It wins games like mad as in pub people go invisible and expect it to mean invulnerable. fun stuff
  12. Idle Thumbs '95: H.D. Cool Spot

    I have a suggestion for balancing wife (and children) with video games. I think it is all too easy to get home from work and slip into video games without thinking. Also it is easy that as soon as there is a lull in activity I just pick up a controller or my laptop and disappear for an hour. By more clearly delimiting between wife time and game time you enjoy both of those times more fully. I know that helped me a lot.
  13. sounds fun man, had a game last night where they took out all our towers but the base towers, and we held off the base towers with 30% down, their Outworld Destroyer guy was killing us all instantly. Slowly we managed to catch up to level 25 and turn the tide, but it was tense! dota 2 sure makes for great comebacks and great game stories.
  14. The ship: fruitcake steam cruise.

    I would like some fruitcake, I can give dota 2 fruitcake in exchange or not in exchange (in the LOMA forum). -steam id azenmaster