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  1. Bejeweled 3

    Should've picked a Zuma game, I hear they can haunt you for YEARS. Now *that's* value.
  2. Gilbert leaves Double Fine, which makes me grumpy...

    "Three Tales and a Single Fine". Doesn't have any kind of ring to it whatsoever.
  3. I think this "The Ship" thing must only travel in certain circles... I don't know anyone who has even heard of The Ship, and I'm sure there are other games I've come across that are far more fruitcakey than it (at least, amongst the folk I game with). That reminds me... I still have two copies of Torchlight left over (fruitcake leftovers?) from when I bought the four pack of Torchlight 2. There's no significance there, I just wanted to somehow use the "fruitcake leftover" gag without it looking obvious.
  4. FYI, I'd *probably* consider alt-Scoops mentioning the last animal and that it relates to the story in Tokyo Jungle as a minor to major (depending on how much you want to get into the story) spoiler. You've been half-assedly warned. I think it was shortly after the 45 min mark, but can't pinpoint it.
  5. There's already a game that takes you to that treasure room. It's Gauntlet: But I think said little buggers are out annoying people, hence why it's uninhabited.
  6. Great stuff. Am I happy? Yes, I am happy.