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  1. The 3:10 to Yuma idea is great. Create a team of around 5 people, with gear and walkie talkies. Find one volunteer that you handcuff and make him/her don a burlap sack to cloud their vision. The rest of the participants are bandits. The game is played by having the small team lead the prisoner from point A to point B, for instance start from Elektro and end up in Svetlojarsk. Another requirement for the group is that they have to pass through a set number of towns during their way to the end. So the path goes like: Elektro -> Mogilevka -> Shakhovka -> Dubrovka -> Khelm -> Svetlojarsk The bandits will not constantly know where their prey are or what exact way they are going but they will know that they have to get into every town listed. This means that the closer the team gets to a town, the more likely they are to encounter the bandits. Another requirement could be that the team has to announce/shout what town they are in when they enter or leave it. The bandits are not allowed to shoot the volunteer. Or just do another round of OvS (Olly Versus Sean).
  2. Idle Thumbs DayZ Server!

    It must have been you I didnt find the fire axe you mentioned but proceeded to Cherno to find a backpack and a more useful weapon. I ended up at the Balota airfield with an SKS and a hunter pack and quietly stalked another player for a few minutes and then went on my merry way.
  3. Idle Thumbs DayZ Server!

    Got handcuffed, led around elektro and wasn't force fed anything unhealthy. 10/10 would play on this server again.
  4. Dishonored - or - GIFs By Breckon

    They would just have to wait the same amount of time like everybody else. Besides "it's only a few hours: the game's still going to be as good in a few hours". In my reply, I was just stating another solution to the problem of logistics and release dates. Hell, I'd still be frustrated if the roles were reversed with me getting it ahead of everyone else, and this is the key part, with no explanation. Do I feel entitled to one? Of course not but a company should aim to please their customers, not treat some of them as if they are less important. What if the delay had been one or two months instead of 3 days? Isn't in the publishers interest to ensure that piracy is kept to a minimum? If fans are given the option of waiting to pay for a product or playing it now for "free" through piracy, I think many sales would be and are going to be lost. Did I know about the difference in launch dates when I bought the game? Yes, and I accept that it's the way publishers usually do things but I still don't think it's good. I provide feedback, not demands, on how they can improve their image to me, as a paying customer. If that is childish of me, so be it.
  5. Dishonored - or - GIFs By Breckon

    I get to wait a few days early because I live somewhere else. In the age of the internet and digital distribution that doesn't make sense to me in the slightest. Sure, it would be logical to have a delay if they had to localize it before they release it in a specific country but I speak English (most gamers do) and don't mind that my games only have one language. I've already bought XCOM and pre-loaded it on steam but I am still frustrated with the current way publishers treat different countries. Have I smashed my screen and broken my fists in sheer anger over this? No, because I am not that upset about it. If I had been, I probably wouldn't have bought the game or played it but to warrant such actions there as to be something really messed up. I just want to be valued the same as any other customer who has money. Is that so wrong? Why couldn't they have pushed back the release in the USA to match the rest of the world? Now I think the launch delay is due to logistics of delivering all the physical discs to retailers in the rest of the world. To make the physical and digital markets be on the same playing field in these countries they make the launch date the same. I understand why a company would do this but I still dislike them for doing it. I hope that makes sense.
  6. Dishonored - or - GIFs By Breckon

    Agreed to the max. Having seperate launch dates on games that are sold digitally is insane. Why couldn't they have made it an international launch on the 12th instead and not making the rest of the world feel like second class customers?
  7. My spies have already infiltrated your fort and found the weakness in your defenses, soon the fort will be mine!
  8. DayZ

    "Badfinger was killed" Saddest part of my day
  9. DayZ

    The military usually have passphrases with a caller and a responder. The caller would for instance shout "Flash" and the responder would reply with "Thunder" to indicate his or her allegiance. Our passphrases are "Baboo" and "Games!" Other than that it's all 3rd party communication software like Steam, Skype or Teamspeak that needs to be used.
  10. As the creator of that flag (unfinished), I apologize for any inconveinience the shade has caused you.
  11. DayZ

    I'm happy you found a solution to the problem, may all your rounds fly straight and your blood stay inside your body.
  12. DayZ

    Yeah the Alice packs can fit 20 items instead of the 8 that you start with. There's only one better and thats the Coyote Backpack which has a capacity of 24 slots. I tried finding a fix for your issue but was unsuccessful. Are you running a normal install, GOG or Steam version of ARMA 2?
  13. DayZ

    Yes, packs are bugged. The problem arrises when a pack of any sort is spawned near or on a pile of other items. The items make the pack "unavailable" for interaction and can easily be solved by picking up said items and dropping them elsewhere. Once you have moved the items you should now be able to look inside the pack or even swap it out for the pack you currently have. Some packs are worse than the one you start out with so its a good idea to first open up a pack on the ground, see how many slots it can hold and then swap if it's better than what you currently have NOTE: Should you change pack do note that the supplies in the original pack will still remain and will NOT be transfered automatically.
  14. anime

    If you can get through the first half of the series, you will be rewarded with some neat twists in Madoka Magica. Overall it's a bit slow and at some parts silly but it is definitely worth watching. If you want a shorter and more intense Sci-fi series I would recommend watching Freedom. It's about the surviving parts of humanity and the life of a young boy, Takeru. He goes on to discover something that the leaders of the moon colony are trying to hide... (dun dun dun)