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  1. Dana's website mentioned in the podcast is in the show description at The Great War is at
  2. Glad to hear you guys enjoyed it. I was a little hesitant to break it with the intro and commentary, but I think it came out ok. Next interview will be with Dana Lombardy of Streets of Stalingrad fame. Very interesting discussion we had (at least for me).
  3. Episode 470: Total War: Three Kingdoms

    Imma just keep plugging this guy’s awesome work in any thread about Three Kingdoms. Hello gamers!
  4. I wrote the manual. It is free for download from the game's web page. You can also get a printed version for the cost of printing/shipping. (neither I nor Illwinter make anything from it.)
  5. Episode 461: Three Kingdoms as a Setting

    I think this was posted before somewhere here, but worth posting again.
  6. Episode 299: Earliest Access

    Yep. Very playable build is out to backers now. I’m going to wait until release to play my Kickstarter copy. Very happy to see this come to fruition.
  7. Episode 453: Black Hawk Down and Zulu

    I would just point out that a “historical book club” is the $2,500 tier goal of the 3MA Patreon. (Not a self-promotion — I don’t get any of the Patreon money.)
  8. Episode 452: After Dark 2018

    Which one of those is a wargame?
  9. In case anyone wants to see the game in action, I recently played @AleccMG via VASSAL and we streamed it. Two parts;
  10. Episode 441: Rob & Bruce & WWI

    Hi Ted, Thanks for posting (and listening)! In my opinion, while the “retreat beyond the Rhine” strategy may become de-emphasized over time, it will always be relevant because (a) it exists (b) it became a major (and potentially decisive) line of play for at least the decade after the release of the game, and probably longer (c) the fact that it has possibly been surpassed at the elite level (which is a handful of players at most) does not mean it cannot be used effectively against non-elite players who may not be aware of it (d) Players who own previous versions of the game don’t have the changes In the end, the discussion is more about comparisons between games than any specific criticism of the “retreat behind the Rhine” strategy - in fact, as you say, it might even be a historical “feature” rather than a game flaw. But I think the fact that a game designed with such attention to historical detail ended up developing a major line of play that is completely coubterfactual is a significant point in discussions of WWI simulation gaming and cannot (and should not) be avoided. Again, thanks for your response! -Bruce
  11. Episode 439: Cataclysm: A Second World War

    Yeah and there is no Effectiveness Check anyway - just play a Flag.
  12. Episode 437: Slay the Spire

    Troy: “The thing I load up when I have 30 minutes to go.” 30 minutes to go where?
  13. Three Moves Ahead 399 - Air Combat

    Check Your Six! is getting a digital treatment from The Lordz Game Studio, makers of Panzer Corps.