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  1. Idle Thumbs !!: With Bagblast

    Hahaha! I more meant in the transition way back when. There seemed to be a definite minute where the cast reached peak absurdity, with cut-in audio gags and a lot of really off the wall stuff, and then it stopped pretty abruptly. A good example is the Baboo (what an odd statement that is) - It used to find its way in to a lot of casts, but hasn't popped up much lately. Clearly jokes run their course, which is a thing of life in a group of friends as well (which is another thing I like about the cast, it is a great representation of some close friends hanging out and chatting). Maybe I was inserting meaning where there was none, but it seemed that there was a definite movement of "oh wait, we grew up a bit and now we're going to act like it". Which was kind of nice! However, for example, one of the first times there was some silliness again was the little Wizard Jam remix at the end of one of the somewhat recent casts, and that to me totally hearkened back to Thumbs of old. I welcome the jokes with open... thumbs!
  2. Idle Thumbs !!: With Bagblast

    I said something in a tweet to the Thumbs after Chris' request for input Re: the subject matter of the cast on episode 299, but I remembered my password to the forums so figured I'd come weigh in here in a slightly longer form. I've been listening since 2009, and yes I of course started listening to the podcast because it was video game related, but I also immediately could relate to the relationship of the hosts and enjoyed the banter IMMENSELY. The fact that the guys are serious about discussion, but also had some absurd wackiness, really resonated with me. I actually had really been enjoying the casts as of late because I feel like some of that has been creeping back in... While I definitely understand the desire to move to be a bit more serious I will always love episodes like A Silken Goku or whichever one it was where the Thumbs tried to talk like NPR radio personalities and broke down laughing. Stuff like that didn't necessarily have anything to do with games, but it was still entertaining and fun to listen to. All that to say, sign me up for whatever you're casting!
  3. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Haha Seregios was super easy for me too! With big-damage weapons you can just crush his kneecaps and power through pretty quick. Once you've gotten a couple free trips you've done a ton of damage. I actually managed to help out with an Apex Seregios once before I had gotten my Wystone-Drive when I was hunting with a group. Divine protection on that Magia Charm is pretty good though! That can really help in a group, as well as the HP Recovery. I might make a couple sets with my G-Rank character using the weapon types I know now... Great Sword is really fun, and was so much easier to learn than I thought it would be. I might try to make a crazy Crit Draw set for it. We'll see! I also have idly been leveling up Guild Quests that are easy to solo so that even if I won't get as many beshackled drops I can still get some on my own.
  4. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Whoa, I disappeared into life for a minute so I haven't been on here, sounds like you're having lots of fun BadHat! I had a similar experience where after I had been walled by Dala a few times I finally got help to push me through. That was the first time I had played with others as well so it was a real rush! I started a new file last week, I wanted to roll a female character to see some different armor and have been using it to learn Charge Blade. I'm not great at it yet but I've already managed to hit a couple Guard Points and I feel like it's something I might really like with some solid practice. I also picked up MH3U in the sale that Capcom was having, and man it is SO different from Tri! I decided to try Great Sword since I've never played that either, so I've been switching back and forth between those two games when I have free time, I was out of town for a wedding most of last week so I had a lot of down time.
  5. General Video Game Deals Thread

    I just picked up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Nintendo eShop for $13, turns out they're doing a pretty good sale on Capcom games. http://www.nintendo.com/eshop/offers
  6. Life

    I feel you there... my wife and I were looking to move but once you start looking at apartments you remember why you have been staying at the place you currently are! It's really hard, and when we finally found a place that we thought we might take, by the time we called it had been taken.
  7. Other podcasts

    I know it may have been mentioned before but Video Games Hot Dog is a great cast, they do weekly "assignments" in addition to general video game discussion, and this week's was the Sonic Dreams Collection which the Thumbs talked about last week. They frequently mention similar games and I think it's really interesting to get the two different spins on the same things. Jim of Frog Fractions fame is also on there and is really cool, in addition to some of my favorite wordsmiths, Zach, Riff, and Kevin of Kingdom of Loathing. http://video gameshotdog.com/
  8. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    I didn't want to say anything but I totally carved one while we were hunting together Yeah I am a little intimidated by CB, but it just seems like it can be so awesome... I saw a reddit thread where a guy is testing how many things one can GP, his last one was the Teostra supernova. It's really impressive. The only other MH I've played is Tri on the Wii, and I played SnS the whole game because I didn't really understand the idea of figuring out other weapons... I eventually tried out Longsword after I had completed all the offline material, and liked it but didn't really "get" it. Now that I've tried all the weapons in MH4U, I'm not really a fan of LS... but I can't really find any other cutting weapons that I really love. I've thought about trying GS since I'm already playing a slow weapon in HH, but I also like the idea of a crazy sword/shield/blade combo! So we'll see. I have my old Tetsu armor from LR that I was using before... or I might just start a whole new character and try some things while being forced to use basic equipment. Whoa long post! Anywho I'll probably be on some this afternoon (although I realized yesterday you're on New Zealand time and me mentioning a time of day out here on the east coast is irrelevant), so if you're thinking of getting on in the next 12 hours, let me know! I'm going to play with weapon sets for a while!
  9. Windows 10: "It wouldn't be right to call it Windows 9."

    That's pretty much what I figured. I knew the OS X had been doing it for a while, and that if Windows wants to get the same thing going it's going to take a while. I also totally get it when it comes to configurations, when people start the whole Mac vs PC thing I always just stop them and say that if you want stability, go for a Mac. If you want freedom (which comes with responsibility) for for PC. I had a couple quirky things go down when I upgraded, and I'm still sorting some things out, for instance sometimes when I boot I get a blank screen for several minutes, and I read online that some people are experiencing some weirdness like this because they have a GPU in addition to the integrated graphics card on their mobo, which would make sense since that's what I have. I'm sure that it will all get sorted out, but you have to give a little leeway since they have to account for all of these possibilities! However as others have said I'm very lucky, I had very little trouble upgrading despite my weird build.
  10. Windows 10: "It wouldn't be right to call it Windows 9."

    My grandparents are dead Seriously though, I understand the argument but it's very frustrating. My parents are retired and in their mid-late 60s and they are still VERY tech-literate, to the point where my mother only had to ask whether she could update her laptop straight to Windows 10 from 7 on her laptop and then without prompting upgraded her own laptop and desktop. They're not PhD's or anything, but they understand the need to stay current. I don't understand why more people don't take it upon themselves to be educated about technology like that! It's an integral part of modern life. On a similar but different subject it's interesting to me how this whole process has gone down for Windows as opposed to how it goes on Macs. I don't own a Mac but I have been aware of several Mac OS updates and I feel like they've always gone with much less fanfare, almost as if they are better at smoothing out the upgrade process. Is that just because I am not part of the process that it seems easier to me? Or is it because since there are (seemingly) so many more windows machines that they've had more problems keeping up? Or is it simply because I was too young/naive to realize the problems last time around!
  11. Windows 10: "It wouldn't be right to call it Windows 9."

    Honestly why are they even producing 32-bit versions at this point?! It seems pointless to me.
  12. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Thanks! I picked up Horn pretty early on in this game, so I feel like I really have a good handle on how to play really well. I had been playing solo for so long that when I finally went online I had an "Aha!" moment where I realized that although love playing Horn by myself, the real strength of it is with others! It's also so much easier to play High Rank S. Zinogre after playing G rank guys. There are so many more opportunities to heal! I want to find a blade weapon I like to get good at, so hopefully next time we meet up I'll have something different? But I can always switch back to rocking out.
  13. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Sorry I couldn't stay too long! I got home later than expected from work. I also didn't have time to make a new weapon yet so I was just using an old Hunting Horn from HR stuff. Next time I'll have made a decision for a new weapon haha!
  14. Damn it, but computers have become really complicated

    This same thing happened to me, I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one. I'm treating it the same way I've been treating all little hiccups with Win10-- hoping that it will soon just be fixed via patch. This already happened with video drivers so I'm thinking it might just be a waiting game. The other solution I've thought of is getting a Steam controller when they come out, but that also depends on how those are received. Anyone have any firsthand experience? Also how exactly do they connect, should I pick up an internal bluetooth card?
  15. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    I also added mine as my signature! I'll be playing some this afternoon I think, let me know if you're on!