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  1. Perhaps, but I just took it to mean Hutch is a shithead who just thinks that sort of thing.
  2. Maybe a combination of necessary ZAP! and being alone. I have to think that after the ZAP!, Cooper wasn't going to be alone for a while - Janie-E, then the paramedics, the doc, etc. But then when the insurance boss was the last guy around the strange noise distracting him finally got Cooper alone and that gave him the ability to talk to Mike without anyone else asking why he's talking to no one and giving them his hair.
  3. Plus it works as a throwback to S2E1 where Cooper removes himself from the hospital after being shot. Back when S2E1 went down, and in subsequent rewatchings, I would think "No! You fool! You've been shot! Let the doctors do their job!" This episode I was like "Yes! You're fine! Get the fuck out of there and get back to Twin Peaks!"
  4. Hey, quick question not related to Twin Peaks but rather David Lynch. So, at some point Chris mentioned all the cool stuff on the Inland Empire DVD. Long story short, I bought Inland Empire on Blu-Ray as part of a boxed set on Amazon that also included Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway. I thought it was odd that this was the only way to buy it on Blu-Ray but I didn't know much about it. What I didn't realize until it was too late was that the boxed set was from Germany (though you can select English in the menus and be fine watching/listening to it) and that Inland Empire was filmed on SD video so a Blu-Ray is kind of pointless (I'm honestly not sure if it's upscaled to 1080p or not or if it's a film transfer or what) So I figure buy Inland Empire again on DVD to get the extras, since this Blu-Ray only had the movie. Thing is there's a ton of DVD's listed for this movie. The way Amazon works there's like four different versions listed and one version is like $89 and the cheap one is an Italian import If I want the extras Chris Remo was referring to a few episodes back, anyone know which version to buy?
  5. I'm curious how Freddie got into the United States past airport security without having to take off that green glove.
  6. This morning as I was waking up I realized... it's really strange that they found a naked asian woman in the woods with no eyes or nose but what look like open wounds on her face, but they didn't think maybe she needed to be taken to the hospital or anything, just put her in one of Lucy's old robes and toss her in the jail cell for now. OK maybe not weird for Twin Peaks, and they did just seem to all have sudden amnesia except for maybe Andy but they seem awful nonchalant about this seemingly mutilated woman they found in the woods. Really amazing episode and I have to say of all the characters I thought would get a white lodge lore dump, Andy wasn't even on the list.
  7. I think it's the thing from Part 8 where the Fireman and that woman live (so maybe it's the White Lodge?)
  8. One of the things that's insane to me is that these episodes are so dense and there's so many little things going on that you forget some of the incidents and miss why they're significant. For example everyone's talking about Audrey and Gordon/Cole/Tammy/FrenchLady and who were the girls in the bar at the end and Sarah Palmer's freakout at the liquor store and the ceiling fan, but until I read the Rolling Stone rundown of this week's episode I had completely forgotten that Chantal and Hutch (Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tim Roth) straight up executed a man on his front steps in front of his son, and I didn't recognize/realize that the guy was the warden that let Cooper go free. It's interesting to me how much of our watching of TV and movies is to sit there and let the plot explain itself to us and this show is just absolutely not that.
  9. Well if she has then that's at least a change of pace from the number of victimized women in this season, mostly from Richard Horne. "Oh no FUCK YOU, I am NOT dying in this trailer, I'm going to use every ounce of energy I have to get help and then I'm going to OWN YOUR ASS with the police!" But yeah it's probably that Lynch just wanted to edit the series such that we thought she was dead one week and the next week it turns out she's not. She's probably only been in the woods a few hours hopefully.
  10. I'm pretty sure Lynch's career would have been fine even if he hadn't been able to make a new season of this show.
  11. I find myself wondering what season 2 would have been like if Lynch had directed the whole thing and had creative control. I've read that he never really intended the "who killed Laura Palmer" mystery to be solved, that it would just sort of work its way into the background. It's possible Twin Peaks would have been very different in season 2 if he had had his way. That said I'm sympathetic to the notion that Twin Peaks used to be this goofy show in the woods and now it's this strange nationally distributed thing. I know Jake and Chris think there won't be a season 4 but Kyle MacLachlan has hinted he wouldn't be surprised if this isn't the last of Twin Peaks, so maybe a season 4 can be more like what we're used to once Cooper is back. If he's back that is.
  12. I was convinced the honking woman was Lewis Black in a wig. Go back and watch it and tell me it doesn't remind you of that.
  13. I think the connection here that keeps getting missed is this: for people who take issue with this, the issue is not that Janey-E raped DougieCoop or that DougieCoop has been raped whether he realizes it or not, the issue people have is with the idea that Lynch/Frost wrote this into the plot line as a goofy comic relief and saw nothing wrong with it. I don't have an issue with it and I'm not going to begrudge anyone who does see an issue with it (though I do tend to fall on the side of "someone wanted to kill him and he ended that in seconds, someone else wanted to have sex with him and I don't see why he wouldn't also have ended that in seconds if he wasn't interested"). I will say that Lynch's worlds are brutal (Charcoal Abe Lincoln Skull Crusher anyone?) so it makes sense that his comic relief is brutal as well. In one scene we went from silent DougieCoop eating cake to being ridden in bed with his arms flapping like he's trying to take off for flight. Being as far as I can remember only the second sex scene in this season, we're lucky the two of them weren't mutilated to death by a video effect like those poor horny penthouse millennials.
  14. I'm curious - if Evil Coop possessed by BOB fathers a child, does it look like Cooper or BOB? Because right now Richard Horne mostly looks like if young Matthew McConaughey was having a coke bender on the Jersey Shore
  15. It occurs to me that I wonder what our frustrations on the pacing of this show and the appearances/non-appearances of cast members would be like if there were only nine episodes, but they were two hours each. Like, it would still be 18 hours but we'd be done by now. I mean, we didn't see Bad Coop at all this week but if last week's and this week's were the same episode then I think our perception of the pacing would be different. Of course then Lynch might not have us exactly where he wants us. All I know is when I realize we're at the roadhouse I'm all like "shit, the episodes nearly over and ____ didn't happen this week either!" I also fully agree with Jake's theory that the NIN performance in Part 8 was originally supposed to be the end of an extended Part 7.