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  1. Life

    As I said earlier, you only get one chance at this life so just enjoy it as much as possible and do what makes you happy. I have the idea that some people get wrapped up in what they think they should be doing based on what is considered normal in society. I'm not a fan of that view. Sure you should work towards goals, essentially you don't have a choice in that with the world we live in. Ss long as you're not hurting anyone and can take care of the people you care about then I think you should do whatever makes you happy.
  2. Life

    Yeah I think one of the appeals of having my own place is home improvements. Although I don't have any experience at the moment, I think it's a great skill to have. Of course I'm not expecting to master all aspects of the many facets of DIY but, I think I have a few friends who can help me learn to the point I can take it upon myself to continue. I'm already envious of you guys who've already made your purchase. I'll get there eventually, the road seems like a long one but I already have my wish list of tools at the ready.
  3. Life

    Yes I heard that about most of Europe as well except for UK. I didn't know if that's because it's a better system with landlords or the prices of rental just far outweigh ownership in terms of positives?
  4. Life

    Non of the above unfortunately. We're still renting at the moment and trying to save for the first mortgage. My thinking is that I don't want to go through life renting and essentially paying someone else so that I can live in a house that they own. Can't make any changes unless I check with the landlord, isn't my idea of having a home. That bit about the house size comparison between US and UK did tickle me though.
  5. anime

    I also liked that film, though my fiancee described it as a coming of age SciFi film. Guess she was right in a way, but it maintained a perfect level of cool, mystery, comedy and sci-fi to keep me watching where a run of the mill teen film wouldn't get me past the opening scene. And when I say run of the mill I am a sucker for the "Clueless" and "Mallrats" variety. I'd definitely say that Eden of the East maintains those same values that were portrayed in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, but that is a show. Film wise I can recommend Wings of Honneamise. It shares the same flow as The Girl Who Leapt, in part it is another coming of age film, has the occasional comedy and is sci-fi based so it may match your tastes very well. The film is about the first launch into space by one nation on the brink of war with their neighbours, and overcoming the adversity that is involved technologically and physically with achieving that goal. It focusses on one young man who doesn't really have any particular goals in life, but ends up joining the crew as a potential astronaut. It's very enjoyable all in all, a little dark in places but it lends well to the situational basis and the stress that all involved would have been dealing with. Bare in mind it is very old now so animation isn't in the same vane as The Girl Who Leapt, but still amazing nontheless.
  6. Life

    This is an interesting thread, though if a post doesn't contain comedy it generally seems to be somewhat on the depressing side. I hope that's not the general theme on life??? On my side, apart from the regular doldrums of work, eat, socialise, respawn, repeat. I'm saving for a house and wedding at the same time, which I can not recommend as something to anyone. While the wedding fund goes well, this saving for a house business seems to get further and further away. Gone are the days of 0-5% mortgages on houses that were bigger than you had any right to own. Nowadays you get these "playing card" stacked affairs that individually cost more than the entire street together. It's not ideal but I think it's more important to get onto the housing ladder than be picky about the house itself. Of course I'll still need to find something that can have added value in future years. As I type this I realise I seem like I'm in a much more mature stage in life than I actually act, but then again do you have to be mature to be a homeowner? Also just finished my first year of beginners Japanese studying via an evening course. Always felt bad travelling to other countries who speak their native language as well as being able to tell me they speak English perfectly fine (don't even get me started on the Belgians that speak 3 languages just because they felt like it was important). I did learn French in school, but due to a distinct lack in anything French except the accent on a female (weak knees), my brain then proceeded to expunge said knowledge at its earliest convenience. Most definitely going into the next year, hopefully with the same classmates as they were all very good people. There are many things in life that aren't the best at the moment, but guess you gotta plod on and focus on the things you enjoy. Ever since I was young I've always said "You only get one chance at this life, might as well do with it what makes you happy".
  7. anime

    I can't get much information on the first two, though it seems like Folktales from Japan is very recent to the out of japan releases. As far as I can tell it's about japanase fairy tales? It is on CrunchyRoll so I may check it out though I am somewhat put off by the animation. For me animation is a key part of making me feel comfortable with what's going on and I do expect it to reflect the themes set out in the show. For instance I like scifi to remain vibrant throughout the scene while historical anime to contain muted colours for backgrounds, focusing on character costumes and fluency in movement. I suppose this only counts for historical Japanese periods but it always works for me as the tradition comes out greatly in the nuances between individuals movements based on the castes and background. Folktales from japan looks to have that animation that was mostly used for younger children, which I guess could work in context of fairytales though I'm not sure how mature the fairytales are meant to be. I did like the sound of Mononoke, though it doesn't seem to be available to me at the moment. Will keep it in mind for the future, thanks for the info. That truly sounds very alien to me.
  8. anime

    I agree with DIUM, unless you have a general preference against watching anime, I would believe that there would be something for everyone. I've watched anime ever since I watched Akira at the age of 8 and had no idea what was going on, but knew I liked what I was seeing. Only mentioning the ones I've watched recently, I may be late to the party on this one but "Eden of the East" has been a great little series for me. Only 12 episodes long but it did very well to keep me intrigued from the first episode. Starting out I did initially think it was going to be silly and overly dramatic, but they did a great job in creating a mystery that unravels well in every episode. I don't know why, but ever since I watched the first two seasons of "Lost" (AND NOT A SINGLE EPISODE MORE) I always get the idea that if anything series based has a mystery, they are not going to let you know any real answers for a very long time. I just get surprised and elated when a show actually has good pacing. I've just finished the first of the films, which was good, though lacked what the series contained until the last 20 minutes of so. Waiting on receiving the second film now and hopefully wrapping up the whole story. I also just recently finished watching Gurren Lagaan..... yeah that's an easy one, I can't really recommend this to anyone. I wouldn't actually say it was bad but it is too saturday morning kids show to say it was good. Still I don't really go in for anything Mecha with exceptions being Full Metal Panic and Escaflowne but those are greatly due to the story, so it did well to make it past the first episode. What was strange is that it started out very humourous and then after around the 10th episode went kind of dark and very serious. Again I can't recommend it but I did watch it while playing Kingdoms of Amalur, so if you need background noise go wild. The last recent anime is Sword of the Stranger, which was absolutely brilliant. Bare in mind I'm a sucker for Samurai, ronins and wandering swordsman, so given the fact that it contains a plot that has been seen enough to create its own genre, did nothing to ruin this for me. Kid needs to get from A to B, bumps into wandering swordsman who can help, kid is pursued by people who want to capture him. That's pretty much it, but it really is the inbetweens that aid to the film. If you're a fan of Ninja Scroll then I'll just say that the fights in this film were enough to make Jubei pause before jumping in. That's my round up of all I've seen in the last month or two anyway.
  9. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Greets all. Figured I'd try to not be lazy with the news of the podcast coming back and all that. Honestly the best bit of entertainment news I've had all year. I can finally stop compensating with 3 other podcasts to make up for the loss. Prodominantly an RPG gamer when going alone, though I do enjoy any cooperative multiplayers like L4D. Look forward to conversing with you all.