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  1. Three Moves Ahead Episode 489: Mandate of Heaven

    Thanks for the reports everyone. We're on it and hope to fix it later today!
  2. Rob is joined by Darkest Dungeon developer Tyler Sigman as well as Jon Shafer and Soren Johnson to talk about Early Access. As more games come onto the market in Early Access, gamers are getting more vocal about how it should be done and whether it's ultimately good for the consumer or the developer. Jon and Soren certainly have opinions, and they don't always align. The important thing to remember is that Soren and Jon both love you very much and this is not your fault. Listen here
  3. Lee Brimmicombe-Wood returns to the podcast so Bruce Geryk can talk more about bombers and commanding them, in the recently released board game Bomber Command. And unlike last time, we let them talk it all the way through! More on design decisions, simulating the air war and balancing history and play. Plus a detour into sci-fi. Listen here. Wages of Destruction Targeting the Third Reich Simulating War StarForce Alpha Centauri Victory at Midway
  4. Episode 342: Satellite Reign

    This was a great show.
  5. Episode 340: Hegemony 3: Clash of Ancients

    Rob/Troy. Not Tom. Oh god, not Tom.
  6. Episode 340: Hegemony 3: Clash of Ancients

    Ugh, sorry about that. Yeah, real time game. We've done the previous two Hegemony games, so I guess we forget that not everyone has listened to all of them. Will do better in the future. Thanks.
  7. Episode 339: Ancient Warfare

    God I hate those shows. There's one on Netflix called ANCIENT BLACK OPS and I know that if I ever decide to open this scotch and go nuts one night, I will hatewatch that for hours until my twitter feed is nothing but a foaming mouth of gibberish. I am totally fine - in a game - with abstracting a lot of the quality issues. I mean, you have to, right? You can reflect the general level of skill or equipment by assigning higher values (the Great Battles of History games give bonuses to Cretan Archers and Balearic Slingers over their more amateur equivalents, for example). But you are right that ancient war was such an amateur operation most of the time. Even the celebrated Persian immortals, often held up as some elite infantry unit, were probably just elite relative to the mass of Persian levies - they were the permanent core unit of the army, used for bodyguard or capital protection most of the time. As armies became more professional, the idea of what an "elite" unit was changed and the Immortals take on this veneer of being as tough as a well-trained hoplite phalanx, when they probably weren't. (You see this odd nature of eliteness trickle down to the Praetorian Guard in Rome, which was never considered an elite military unit. They were politically and socially elite, simply the bodyguard to the Imperial family and its interests. But a lot of games want to use the name Praetorian to signify some type of super legion, instead of just the one that happened to be around Rome and so could toss politics on its ear.)
  8. Episode 339: Ancient Warfare

    Former Creative Assembly man RT Smith will soon release Oriental Empires, a TotalWar-like that promises to cover Chinese war from the Shang to the Ming. I have low expectations, but am curious.
  9. Episode 339: Ancient Warfare

    If you've missed Bruce's earlier videos - two on Dien Bien Phu games - you can find them on his Youtube channel: or his own site:
  10. 3MA has a Patreon

    A REMINDER to Patreon subscribers to check your email for notifications about rewards and events that are tied to your pledge level. A lot of you are new to Patreon, so you may be missing these things bumped into your Social Inbox on Gmail.
  11. Episode 332: Chaos Reborn

    We didn't even touch on the Single Player realm quests, because you need to be at a Wizard rank to get those - and none of us are there yet. But I like Chaos Reborn quite a bit.
  12. 3MA has a Patreon

    Yes, Rob. Check out Thea. Not entirely sold on it, but it does a ton of New Things.
  13. Episode 322: Wing Leader

    Lee is a wonderful guest and I don't think anyone out there is better at turning air war history into interesting boardgame mechanics. And that voice...
  14. God, there's a new Anno, isn't there. SO MANY GAMES. Martin is a great guy and a Canadian, so double plus awesome.
  15. 3MA has a Patreon

    Rob will have the final say on this, but I'm thinking we do a poll in a few weeks. And yes, Chaos Reborn is a thing.
  16. 3MA has a Patreon

    Yep, none of our new monthly podcasts (except for the new Q&A) will be exclusive. Basically, patronage is a way for listeners to show their appreciation and contribute to the "common good" and expansion of the show in new directions. They may get rewards that are nice - we've taken suggestions before but never polled our audience for their preferences - but that don't stick essential parts of the 3MA experience in a walled garden.
  17. Episode 328: King of Dragon Pass

    Just after we recorded, Soren Johnson asked if we'd like to talk to the designer. Too late for the show, but something to think about for a future episode for sure!
  18. Episode 327: Kingdom

    Well, I haven't said anything about the game beyond this very brief post - I guess I don't see how the simple mechanics can lead to a great variety of endstates and it becomes puzzle like quite early. But I won't nuke it from my Steam list like Rob has. It is a nice little diversion and I need more of those. Terraria never stuck with me, but that's because I am epically bad at platforms. The Raw Fury team are good people, Gaiz.
  19. Episode 327: Kingdom

    I would have loved to have done this show, but have not put in nearly enough time, plus the PR guy is a very recent colleague. I am, I think, close to where Rob is even without putting in 20 hours of play. Lots to explore, sure, and I am, I guess, OK with the limited range of actions. But it is a puzzle to solve and once you have that routine down (a charming routine for sure), I wonder how long I will keep this fondness. But still a beautiful game.
  20. Episode 319: Armello

    I hope to play some MP this week - I'll post my impressions in this thread.
  21. Halfway through the year, so it's time to take a few questions from our listeners. Ask here in this thread, email me or Rob or post on my page.
  22. Episode 311: Total War: Attila

    Man, you guys should do the next Total War show. A lot of useful information here.
  23. Episode 291: Europa Universalis IV in 2015

    I have never tried the converter, but Rowan Kaiser sent me one of his saved games last year. Tempted to import, but I agree that the super-empires make things a little odd.
  24. Episode 292: Advanced Squad Leader

    We definitely need to look at the Squad Battles games. Such variety.
  25. Episode 290: Odds and Ends

    We should probably do a show like this every six months or so since there are sooo many smaller games that we tinker with through the year and then forget. Hope everyone has a great 2015!