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  1. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello there, I am a Mr New Person. I chipped in to the kickstarter (it seemed a sensible decision as I've listened and re-listened to the Thumbs run more times than I can count). My only thumbs related highlight was meeting Spaff at eurogamer 11 but not realising it was him. I was both feverishly ill and in a rush to attend the Uncharted 3 Nolan North panel, and shook his hand before impatiently running off. Needless to say the next day when I realised I'd missed the opportunity to loudly shout VIDEO GA-A-AMES or THE WIZAAAAARD I was distraught. I recently repurchased Far Cry 2 on the xbox, justifying it to myself that If I was going to replay it I might as well get some achievements this time.
  2. Well I gave $60 (if it wasn't for the fact that I am a poor, poor student I would have given more!). Despite the fact that I'm kind of kicking myself that I couldn't afford one of the art options right now, I have to say contributing to the future of Thumbs feels fucking great. I swore off forums a few years ago, but the Kickstarter reignited my desire to talk Thumbs, and I guess there's only one place I can go to meet committed Thumbs fans. So Hi everyone! Now I just have to done my T-shirt and wait hopefully for one of the Thumbs to come to the UK!