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  1. PAX East 2018 meetup

    Hey thumbs, if you're planning to go to PAX East this year, we're planning a meetup in the Idle Thumbs Slack channel #paxemeetsmeetsmeets Join us! We're tentatively looking at a dinner and/or drinks thing in the Seaport area on Saturday at 7pm. Click here if you still need a Slack invite:
  2. Important If True 6: Get Hoisted

    While Independence Day 2 may have been tame Goldblum (Tameblum if you will), you guys need to see this ad for the film in which Jeff Goldblum playing David Levinson meets "Jeff Goldblum the actor".
  3. PAX East Meetup

    Oops, didn't check the forums for a few days. I'll try and drop in slack tomorrow night to get the details!
  4. PAX East 2017

    Any Thumbs coming to PAX Prime East this year? (or want to?)
  5. What happened to Sean on Idle Thumbs?

    Bring back Sean for Idle Thumbs 300(0).
  6. What happened to Sean on Idle Thumbs?

    Bring back Sean for Idle Thumbs 300(0).
  7. Idle Thumbs !!: With Bagblast

    As a reader, I'm excited to see what happens next with the podcast. Are there any plans to get Sean back on the cast in any capacity (formal or occasional)? I know running a company is hard work but I miss his perspective.
  8. I totally thought he was going to at the end of the video.
  9. I got a super weird call-out from Chris in this episode around the 1:16:30 mark. Presumably, he was trying to find the name of the guy who sent in the Steam refund email but he accidentally read mine because it was next to it in the podcast inbox? At any rate, the refund whale stuff was way more entertaining. XD
  10. Pax East 2016

    Reminder: 6pm at booth #9177 (look for the guy demo'ing Gravity Wolf!) on Saturday! See you there!
  11. Pax East 2016

    I didn't do this at my first PAX a few years ago (not sure if they had it back then), but this looks promising: RE: Tamo Sounds good! Here's the map link; it's right across from the convention center:,-71.0495148,15z/ The general sentiment seems to be Saturday for dinner and/or drinks (sorry kickinthehead, but concerts don't start until 7:30 and hopefully we'll be done by then)? Does Booth #9177 at around 6pm still work? I've made a GroupMe chat for anyone interested and/or a way to find people if they're running late:
  12. Pax East 2016

    Grats on the booth! Maybe we should meet up there on Friday afternoon just before show floor close and see where our plans are at?
  13. Pax East 2016

    Any interest in drinks on Friday or Saturday, right around when the expo hall closes (6pm)?
  14. Pax East 2016

    Awesome! I'll definitely be around the indie area and we should do a Thumbs dinner of some sort. The show schedule just got posted on the website and on Guidebook!
  15. Pax East 2016

    Anyone coming to Boston for this? I'd love to organize a meetup. With a bunch of Thumbs back on the East Coast (Rob and Danielle, perhaps), I hope we can get a good showing. I'll update the thread when the schedule comes out.