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  1. Armored Core V

    I played a ton of Armored Core 2, and then less of 3 because me and my friends got burnt out, and haven't played anything since. That trailer makes me want to buy this game though.
  2. Stacking

    Wow I need to learn to read more than the first paragraph, but that's cool. If they brought Brutal Legend to PC, which won't happen, I would buy it again.
  3. Stacking

    Both costume quest and stacking don't have any dlc listed, so I'm not sure if it's not available yet or if they're already included or what, but at that price I would be happy enough to buy it separately later.
  4. Live Penguin Cam

    The panguins are cute, but not enough Jim Carrey. On a related note, does Mozilla still have that web cam set up with the baby red pandas, who I guess at this point might not be babies anymore?
  5. Gifts - Stuff for Free

    I have 2 copies of Sanctum ( I bought the 4 pack to play with my friends and only one of them was interested) and a copy of The Ball and The Wonderful End of the World that I got from the holiday thing, both of which I already got in the Potato Sack.
  6. Borderlands

    Was anyone here at PAX? I went to the Gearbox panel on the last day and Randy handed out cards to everyone who attended with codes for Borderlands 2. Needless to say I am excited for this game (well I already was) and I have much love for the guy.
  7. Recently completed video games

    Yeah, I have no idea how they managed to code that. I was afraid it would end up being like the banter NPCs say in most open world games where it's generic and repetitive, but it wasn't at all. It felt so tailored to me specifically and to what I was actually doing.
  8. Thumbs of Legends

    I was playing this game a lot and for some reason stopped playing after the first week of February, I think I was busy with school, and haven't gotten around to playing it since. It also got to the point for me where I really liked playing the game, but only when I was playing with my friends. I didn't feel like solo queuing ranked so I only played normals with my friends, but they play ranked a lot (a couple are in the 1600's and one is ~1850, so they don't want to queue with me) so it's basically a matter of if I log on at night and they happen to be on, aren't already in a game and want to play a normal.
  9. DOTA 2

    I've played it a few times with a kid who was a foreign exchange student when I was in highschool, since he's in Germany and plays both HoN and LoL, but with LoL to play with me one of us would have to make a new account as the servers are region locked. I played in the closed beta for HoN and at the time liked it as I was playing dota a lot, but stopped when the LoL beta came out and haven't touched it since. By the numbers in the lobby there are around 40-50k people online usually, which is about twice that of those in the DotA2 beta, so I don't know how well it will be doing once DotA2 launches. I still enjoy playing it as it's so much much different than LoL in terms of speed and how important things like positioning are, relatively. I imagine if I were to get into the DotA2 beta I would no long feel like playing HoN. As someone who doesn't follow HoN and didn't know that about the head guy at S2, bleh, disheartening to hear.
  10. GDC 2012

    He worked a lot of places, the only one I knew of growing up was Humongous Entertainment, who made educational adventure games for kids, as well as the Backyard sports games. Playing Freddie Fish and Put-Put games in the early 90's when I was like 4 or 5 is probably part of what made me like games, and especially adventure games, so much. He ended up going to Microsoft and for and was put in charge of developing Xbox Online (this is well before Xbox Live came to exist), but from what I understand it was to open ended of a mission statement for him and he obviously ended up failing to make it. Now he is unemployed and lives in a trailer in my other Uncle's yard and play's Ultima Online all day every day. From what I hear from my dad he's also crazy now.
  11. Stacking

    I missed costume quest, so the bundle of this, Costume Quest, and Psychonauts for $19.99 is too good for me to not buy.
  12. Desktop Dungeons

    Just a heads up, this game is currently free for people to play during GDC.
  13. GDC 2012

    oh here's the article, I forgot to link it and when I try to edit my post it just stalls, so sorry for a double post.
  14. GDC 2012

    The guys who made Desktop Dungeons are at GDC and staying at my friends house (one of them is his cousin) So if I'm lucky I might be able to get some second hand scoops. In other news, I was going through some old GDC articles and found something written by my uncle in 1999 (WTF?) I knew he went to GDC every year and worked on games, but I never knew he actually gave a talk. It also makes me sad that GDC couldn't still be in San Jose as I go to San Jose State University, which is right next to the convention center.
  15. Books, books, books...

    Yeah I ended up liking it a lot, a lot more than I've enjoyed a book in a long time actually. The fact that the book started off with him being a child of somewhat humble beginnings is probably what made me able to like him as I originally was completely unable to care about him because it seemed like he was just a character that someone wrote with the sole purpose of being super awesome and better than everything else in the story. Once I saw that he wasn't just boringly perfect it got a lot better for me.
  16. I'd be down, but the only experience I have of playing this game is a couple hours paying a couple missions of the Invasion '44 mod, so I know close to nothing about how to play and would be pretty terrible.
  17. ArmA 2

    I bought this last year in the steam summer sale id didn't play it until this past Saturday when I played with some people from the Rock Paper Shotgun steam group. I had no idea what I was doing or what was going on, but it was fun.
  18. GDC 2012

    Seeing as how Goatse has been referenced on the show multiple times... Toblix, do you wear a wedding ring?
  19. Books, books, books...

    At first I hated Name of the Wind because if how cocky Kvothe was, I wouldn't have gotten past the first 100 pages if my friend didn't keep insisting I continue.
  20. DOTA 2

    How are servers set up in DotA2? Are they split by region like LoL or is it like HoN where everyone can play together?
  21. Recently completed video games

    I beat Bastion, which is literally the only game I can remember beating off the top of my head since Brutal Legend. Good game, good art, good music, and I saw after the fact that Supergiant is based in San Jose, also a plus!
  22. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi, new user, have been listening to the podcast recently, downloaded and listened to the first couple episodes back when Chris was on Three Moves Ahead and have been meaning to get back to it. I contributed to the podcast when I saw it on Kickstarter at the same time I was contributing to the Double Fine game. At the time I didn't even know that the podcast had ceased as I'm still back in 2009 or 2010 and after coming to these forums it's nice to see that things like wizards are still relevant all the way in the future (read: present). No more words are coming out of my brain so I'm done.
  23. Books, books, books...

    After playing Arkham City I went back and re-read some of the Batman collections I own. I've decided that Long Halloween and Dark Victory, the Loeb/Sale books, are probably my favorite of any Batman comic I've read, which is most of it, excluding a chunk of the golden age stuff. After reading those I started reading Bone which I've been meaning to try for years and so far I'm liking it a lot. As for real books I'm slowly working through Name of the Wind, I could easily have finished it months ago but it's one of the few fantasy books that I've actually liked in a long while so rather than read it as fast as I want I've been rationing it and then will probably do the same with Wise Man's Fear, especially since it will most likely be close to 4 years before the last book comes out.