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  1. Consdering that right now they have only released a single game, albeit in different versions on different platforms, I'd consider them still indie. If their next two games are also AA level hits, that might change. In the end, isn't "indie" these days more about how a company appears from the outside than the actual definition ?
  2. The last boss always felt cheap to me. Partially because I couldn't make much sense of it story wise and partially because it forced me to switch from always attacking to hide MUCH more. That said, I take Vanquish over a Gears of War/Uncharted slow paced fighting any day.
  3. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Funky enough my old (lurking) account doesn't have any posting privileges anymore, so let me introduce myself again. PC and PS3 gamer here, passionate steam addict (working my way to 300 games), boring developer (finance software instead of games) and occasional troll opinion holder (considering Lord of the Rings a bad book, Metal Gear Solid boring games, still like Sonic games and dislike anything Mario). Nice too meet you all (again).
  4. Can you trust the "Can You Run It?" site?

    The only way to actually check, if you can run a game at a certain quality level (which is already hard to define) is to actually run the game. There are simply too many variables (bad drivers, faulty RAM, too much running in the background). Benchmarking is in principle the solution to that issue, but generic benchmarks like the GfW score or 3D Mark probably focus on the wrong elements (e.g. is the game demanding for the CPU or GPU), so you would at least need a per game profile. And to enforce that is tough due to the open nature of the PC market.