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  1. Neal Stephenson's CLANG

    you could probably do something with a flywheel or gyroscope that throws itself off balance when the virtual sword is hit, but I'm not sure that's physically feasible to do in something that's designed to be a game controller you use in a living room.
  2. Diablo III

    http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/6018173/Game_Design_Update-5_28_2012 they're fixing (probably reducing) gold/page costs for crafting recipes, and gems below Flawless Square will only require 2 lower-level gems to make rather than 3.
  3. don't forget the firefighting cisterns, which are responsible for the mysterious brick circles in a lot of intersections downtown. http://sfappeal.com/news/2010/11/there-are-brick-circles-at.php
  4. Home: "A Unique Horror Adventure"

    if you pronounce helicopter as 'elicopter, it's "an." otherwise, you're a pretentious douchebag. grammatically speaking.
  5. Depth Jam

    I'm gonna argue that they're both valuable, and they're both necessary, for different reasons. traditional game jams are a shotgun; they are many, many groups of people throwing ideas against a wall to see what sticks -- or, even, just to see if they can fully realize them and at least get something interesting done. the Depth Jam is a sniper rifle; it's a few, very small groups frantically iterating on ideas they already know (or at least think strongly) are good, to try and get a solid chunk of gameplay out of it for their "real" game designs. people who want ideas and a creative spark should participate in traditional game jams. people who have ideas but don't know how to make them into a game that they actually want to sell should go to a Depth Jam.
  6. for comparison: 2nd and Folsom: 2nd and Fulton:
  7. similarly, there is a set of numbered streets and a set of numbered avenues, which are arrayed on opposite sides of a central street, and never/almost never meet. as a result, living in the Mission, it confuses the hell out of me whenever I get an address for anything in the Sunset or the Richmond.
  8. Diablo III

    the worst example of this is when Emperor Hakan II warps in and tells you that he knows the true identity of Belial.
  9. Diablo III

    presumably the market is seeking sustainable prices right now, which means you're going to see a lot of things which are way too cheap, and a lot of things which are way too expensive.
  10. Diablo III

    you're not alone. I got to the end of the first act yesterday afternoon, and I had really bad sporadic lag for the entire . that fight is super latency sensitive, and I died three times because of the bursts of lag. I suddenly don't want to play Hardcore, like, at all.
  11. Diablo III

    tried this. it seems to work OK, but the worst part is that it looks like Elective Mode doesn't unlock all of your skill slots right away; at least for me, slots unlocked with level progression as normal. (that is, until you level up to the point where you'd normally unlock the category, you won't be able to assign skills to 1/2/3/4.)
  12. Diablo III BattleTags

    vogon#1915 stemming the tide of wizards by playing a demon hunter.
  13. Diablo III

    for what it's worth, the behavior of the physical disc described by Gwardinen is identical to the digital download copy. I wouldn't be surprised to find that -- if Blizzard is planning a day-1 patch -- they punted it out of both the disc and the initial digital download, and it'll be downloaded through the WoW-style installer we saw in the beta, which we don't even have access to yet.
  14. Infinite Jest

    incidentally, if you want to read some of David Foster Wallace's stuff but don't want to jump into Infinite Jest right away, you could do worse than to start with The Broom of the System or Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. to some extent I think they're the The Crying of Lot 49 to David Foster Wallace's Gravity's Rainbow -- it feels like they have as much, if not more, of his voice despite not being as intimidating as Infinite Jest. Brief Interviews, in particular, features one of my favorite pieces of writing ever, "A Radically Condensed History of Postindustrial Life": also, on a side note: I want to put in another vote for doing The Pale King one of these months. I haven't read it past the first half-chapter or so yet.
  15. Infinite Jest

    you really should read Infinite Jest. even if you're not the type to get way into literary criticism and analysis, it's a tightly-wound, interesting, and extremely funny book.
  16. Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs

    just started reading Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman this afternoon. loooooovin' it so far.
  17. Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs

    it ties in nicely to a point he mentions earlier: "in The Sims, nothing is everything." The Sims lays bare all of the subtle machinations involved in getting yourself out of bed and out to work in the morning, by forcing you to do all of them explicitly, and all around the world, billions of people are doing variations on the same thing. all of the greatest works of mankind, all of our art and media, all of our science, all of our wars and atrocities, are done by beings which are fundamentally just trying to be near a bathroom so they can take a shit in a couple of hours. (the road construction bit, I think, is just a reflection on the scale of humanity. or, at least, that's how I'm reading it.)
  18. Parameters

    you have to buy every weapon and armor upgrade and finish every mission and monster in the game , if it's the one I'm thinking of. there's no way to do it other than slot machine abuse, I don't think.
  19. Hybrid Beta

    yeah, I don't get the hate in some of the comments. the idea of the game seems awesome -- it seems like removing arbitrary movement would change it from a traditional FPS to more like a timing-based action puzzle game, where the key gameplay challenge is effectively using cover and choosing when to pull up stakes.
  20. Parameters

    protip for after you clear parameters the first time: yes, I just laid down a protip for parameters. yes, I know how sad that is.
  21. your name is the best, btw.
  22. The Walking Dead

    I watched the Giant Bomb quick look of The Walking Dead this morning, and chuckled a bit when someone mentioned "Ol' Breckon down the road." I am so not a zombie person, but I am tempted to get in on this from the good buzz it's been getting.
  23. Zorro Joins Double Fine

    man, I didn't throw all that money into double fine adventure just so they could hire Chris with it. *picks up the phone* hello, Federal Trade Commission? I am upset about video games. (seriously, though, congrats Chris.)