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  1. Thumbs Downunder/PAX Australia Meetup?

    Definitely worthy of a bump I'll definitely be there, only thing left to book is time off work!
  2. I'm fairly sure I'm not the only Australian Thumbs fact, I remember one of the guys from Halfbrick emailing in at some point. Anyway, I was wondering if any Aussie thumbs were interested in starting up a regular gaming group... ...and/or organising a meet up at PAX Aus next year? I'm assuming that it's too far for Chris, Jake, Sean, Nick and Steve to come, but that doesn't mean we couldn't meet up
  3. Jeff Goldblum

    On a whim I watched Jurassic Park today for the first time in years...I finally understand the Jeff Goldblum laugh that Famous keeps doing...also, I'm a little sad about just how dated the CGI looks.