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  1. Project Eternity, Obsidian's Isometric Fantasy RPG

    No lie, I'm REALLY interested in this. I straight-up love the amount of choices you tend to get in Obsidian games, and the only thing they've made that I played and ended up disliking when all was said and done was KotOR 2. That said, Jsawyer was totally bullshitting: there is no way to make elves cool. Every elf created within the past fifty years or so in fiction has been doomed to shitedom, and I fail to see how they will change this.
  2. Hey! It's totally symmetrical and thus NOT AT ALL RANDOM oh who am I kidding every five stories the entire pattern shifts, symmetry or no. Matter of fact, I intended to make it a crazy skysprawling random-jutting pile o' chaos architecture, but my OCB kicked me inna nertz and it ended up all same-sided and evenly divisible. I ended up flying once roofs and making the undersides of things got involved, sadly. But other than that, totally all-natural grass-fed lean legit-building in a frenzy of clicking and mining (with massive stone donations from the TwigPit)! Got to go back and finish furnishing its guts someday... I don't have much of an excuse for going awol so hardcore for so long beyond Diablo 3 and wilfulness, but at least for the last two weeks it was because my computer ate its own skull. I shall attempt to come back and do stuff like digging that enormous pit.
  3. Okay I admit I lied about coming back to finish the hobbit hole soon, but at least half of that is because my obsessive compulsive behaviour and completionism are eating at me. I can't build new stuff while 3/4s of my tower is still unfurnished, and I've got a total block as to what to do about it! The bottommost layer of the tower is done. I've got an enchanting table, an alchemy lab, storage space, furnaces, blah blah. The problem is the second layer (the first four-tower ring), which is basically as high as I can put anything I want to be practically available to me. One of these towers is now a gro-op for wheat, punkins, and mushmelons. The other three? NOT A DAMNED CLUE. Any suggestions for what practical doodads to cram into the three empty towers?
  4. Prolly me! It's all good. I shall resume construction of my hobbitly hole at some point.
  5. You missed a spot on the wall I got rid of the new infestation for you and cleared the edges, so THAT shouldn't happen again. Also, the cobblestone fairy visited me once more. Thank you, cobblestone fairy!
  6. I will keep that in mind the next time I require materials for the furnishing of my fabulous ultratower. That reminds me: the place's gross superstructure is just about done! Just need to rig the staircases and such on the fourth level, then find eleventeen million tonnes of glass.
  7. Everyone knows the only real reason to dig down to bedrock is so you can build a tower from there to the top of the sky. (I tried doing this. I think I was 1/300th of the way there after like a week and a hundred diamond picks) EDIT: Yeah, basically that. Make sure the pit you dig gradually slopes upwards on all sides - valley to the center of the earth!
  8. You are a gentlemen and an entire scholastic institute. EDIT: I decided to leave some sort of record of some of the crud in the village, then realized I'd hit 30 screenshots. So I'm just linking to the album proper here. I didn't get anything from inside the pyramid, mostly because it's such a damned maze now. http://s810.photobucket.com/albums/zz24/drakyn0/Minecraft/PseudoMayan%20Minecraft/?start=0
  9. It seems like poor form to follow this up in-thread after server shutdown was just announced, but I don't have PMs 'cause of post count so what the heck. I have a big ol' hollow crocodiloid cyclops statue at the border of the pseudomayan village I've been building near the big LOTR-esque channel-watching statues. I want a switch outside it, hidden (poorly) in its foot, and a switch inside it, and I want both of these switches to be able to toggle on-and-off: -A piston in the crocodile's mouth to extend and block the water flopping out of its throat. -Two pistons in its mouth to retract and open up the path inside it. The pistons, the switches, and some basic wiring that I've rendered into a hideous bloody mangled mess are lying around. So far I've managed to rig it so that one switch opens the doors and changes the water and the other does jack half the time and just the water the other half. I now know that I hate electrical engineering. Knowing things about yourself is fun!
  10. I'm still making stuff! Just very slowly. On occasion. Well, I finished the inside of that hugeass step pyramid. Hell, I'm done the whole pseudo-Mayan village as soon as I figure out the redstone guts on the crocodile idol. Or force someone else to do it for me.
  11. Look for the overgrown, smushed buildings. If you stumble over a broken dock or a mangled road, that'll lead straight to them.
  12. So yeah I thought that stuffing a castle into a cave was a good idea. I think it turned out sort of okay!
  13. I'd like a whitelisting (username's the same ingame), if it's okay. Because I really, really, really think that stuffing a castle inside a cave is a good idea and there's only one way to prove this.