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  1. Life

    Two days ago the spider that lived in our shower died, after having been our unobtrusive roommate for two years. I wrote a little eulogy over here. Yesterday my dog Puppo came in from the backyard carrying a fledgling in her mouth. It wasn't dead, but it was badly hurt and there was no way it was gonna make it. So we had to kill it (but I didn't, because I couldn't, so Kingz was the grim hero of the day). Nothing has died today yet but I am a little apprehensive :I
  2. New Forums! Post feedback, notes, etc here

    CHANGE ALARMS ME I'M IN SHOCK Haha the new smiley menu thing is pretty awesome. Great job guys!
  3. Post your face!

    Would you liken it more to a pining, or a longing?
  4. I'd like to recommend two contemporary books that I've read in the last year and enjoyed immensely: The Imperfectionists: A Novel, by Tom Rachman and Mr. Fox, by Helen Oyeyemi The reviews I found sell it as a love story, but I don't think that's accurate. While there is definitely a love triangle kind of thing going on and helping to move the plot forward, I wouldn't say that's what the book is about. I would say it is about a writer who always kills the women in his stories, what this says about him and his environment and how it tinges his interactions with women in the real world, and what his muse and his wife (two separate entities, one of questionable and fluctuating reality) think and do about this. This book, like the previous one I recommended, is both a collection of short stories and a single sprawling one, and likes to play with layers of reality and a few nonlinear hops here and there. It also uses a couple of archetypes to great effect, chief among them the "fox as a trickster". Here's some things the writer has said about it:
  5. Favorite early cancelled TV series

    They wanted the audience to get their voyeuristic pleasure on and not to think about it at all, because there's more money in cheesecake than in reexamining one's approaches and responses to sexualized imagery and situations. I'm guessing.
  6. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

  7. I just tried to deselect that.
  8. Plug your shit

  9. Life

    It is. At the same time, it is not.
  10. Life

    (it will)
  11. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

  12. Life

    I can maybe help, I know a little about marketing. What are you looking to market, what's your target audience, etc?
  13. Thumbpals

    Is it too late to join?
  14. Street Fighter and Sexual Harrassment.

    Nah man don't bother, it's just depressing.
  15. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    That is PERFECT.
  16. Street Fighter and Sexual Harrassment.

    I've done this. If you are the sort of person who laughs when you're nervous, you'll definitely find yourself reacting this way when you're in a room full of men who seem to tacitly accept the fact that this weird guy is all up in your business guessing your bra size and asking about your thighs and smelling you. Basically it's a version of flight in the fight-or-flight scenario where you're intimidated to the point of passivity. When you're scared like that the last thing you wanna do is escalate the situation. The end where she goes "OK COOL JUST SMELL ME SO I CAN GO" makes me so sad... and then he says something like "I hope she's gone to cry in the bathroom" which is PROBABLY WHAT I WOULD DO :C
  17. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    This is my dog Puppo, she really likes apples.
  18. Street Fighter and Sexual Harrassment.

    There's a video in this article for whoever's curious as to the exact nature of the shit he was saying to Pakozdi, nonstop, on the first day. She quit on the 5th day, so it was probably FIVE WHOLE DAYS OF THIS. It was hard to watch.
  19. Life

    This is the most important part of your post, to me, because it sounds like even when/if she makes up her mind you're already emotionally done with the whole thing. I sympathize with her not wanting to discuss the whole thing with you though, and don't think it's really much of a sign of anything; I wouldn't wanna let anybody in on the details of the problems between me and my partner, especially if that other person would be directly affected by whatever I ended up deciding. Still, if it's affecting you physically, you should probably distance yourself from it and relax.
  20. Life

    Nachimir you are the best. For content, re: life – I'm opening a new needlefelts store soon, which means I have to keep two stores stocked at all times. The second one being mostly fanart of webcomic characters (15% of sales go to the copyright holders), I'm expecting a lot of demand. I am pretty sure I can't actually keep up with this and it's probably a bad overambitious idea but oh well, too late to stop now!
  21. Movie/TV recommendations

    General good animated film recommendations: The Thief and the Cobbler - an unfinished yet stunningly gorgeous movie in more fps than your brain can handle Tokyo Godfathers - beautiful and heartwrenching Japanese movie about three homeless people L'Illusioniste - an animated Jacques Tati movie, full of all the lovely little details and mannerisms that make a Jacques Tati movie Twice Upon A Time - technically it's an obscure technique called "lumage", which is stop motion with translucent plastic cutouts. Very difficult to find. Terrible 80's soundtrack but otherwise great. The Triplets of Belleville - "delightfully retro cycling yarn that switches effortlessly back and forth through the gears from weary Gallic insouciance to frantic, jabbering mayhem (the French do, lest we forget, have that ongoing Jerry Lewis obsession)." Mind Game - a crazy trip of a Japanese movie that certainly does things you can't do with live-action Tintin - I went in fully expecting not to like it but I swear those are some of the best action sequences I've ever seen and they would be nigh-impossible to choreograph in live-action

  23. Plug your shit

    Kingzjester is livestreaming Hobo Lobo!
  24. Life

    Oh, I spend a weekend away from the Thumbs and a bunch of things happen. Welp, carry on everyone