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  1. Life

    Again, with 'you' I meant myself. We get a lot of burn-in-hell-sinners, scream-at-women-going-to-Planned-Parenthood, racist sexist homophobic conservatives around here, and it is very difficult, FOR ME, to remember that they are not in fact always fueled by hatred of minorities. I have not until now been able to see them as anything but a bundle of irrational prejudices and anger. I have not understood them. I know and am friends with people who favor conservative economic policies and perhaps a couple of social ones but are in favor of everyone having equal rights and all that, and they are not the people I'm talking about. I'm talking about people specifically like this lady right here. Before listening to the entire thing I would've just thought 'oh it's just another crazy hateful lady and I'm glad she lost', whereas now I actually feel bad for her, even if I'm not at all sad about the outcome of the election. Shit, is this a language thing? I was using 'you' as interchangeable with 'one' as in 'oneself'. As when writing a review. Anyway if you already knew that "I don't care if you're offended by me saying you will burn in hell" meant "I'm not trying to offend you, I just genuinely believe this is the most correct and effective way to do an ideological battle that will ideally end with you and I on the same side", which I, Sal Limones, knew kind of but not really, then good on you and I'm sorry this video did nothing for you. I don't think it should be being shared the way it is, and I disapprove of Hoatzin posting it, but since it was I wanted to point out the aspects of it that made me appreciate it as a piece of art and maybe someone who hadn't considered it that way would and might like it too.
  2. Life

    WTF. All I did was share my own personal impressions of the thing and why I like it so much. The "you" I use in my post is not YOU you, but a general you, which means me. I don't understand! If it's the part about approaching it as if it were in a gallery or on a stage, I was suggesting to imagine it in a different context in order to not get the 'another angry person on the internet' effect from it, which I believe anything in the context of the internet suffers from. You may not believe me but this monologue actually had a pretty big impact on me, which is why I wrote so many words and cared about it so much on an internet forum.
  3. Life

    That's fine, I like it for reasons only barely related to the politics. If she had been talking about any other extreme polarizing issue it would have had the same effect, to me.
  4. Life

    I had the same kind of feeling listening to that video as, say, watching a difficult, visceral play the likes of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf or God of Carnage, except as a monologue. Or an operetta. It has a refrain ("useless non-sharers get off the internet") that she puts between each act; each act has a different target and a different tone. First it's how mad she is at liberals, then at her ineffectual comrades, then at herself; then she becomes introspective and sincere and you begin to really feel for her and understand that she is not that crazy, she is not evil, even though she said she'd love to find you in her bedroom in the middle of the night and she'll kill you and enjoy doing it. She just believes completely different things from you. But she cares a lot, because she thinks these things are really important, and she just wants to save you, and herself, and everyone. And she understands that she can't do this alone, so she does all she can, fully convinced that humanity is essentially good and if she builds it they will come. But support does not come, and she doesn't understand why. In her pursuit of the greater good, she knows that sacrifices must be made, and she goes on like a martyr, ostracizing herself completely in order to serve her cause. Her heroes fall before her - Sarah Palin turned out not to be as dedicated as she, lowly vlogger. Breitbart turned out to be mortal. But she keeps running, alone, because she thinks she must. She is no complete fool; she doesn't believe all those conspiracy theories, and knows that truth is bad enough without them. So she feels surrounded by conspiracy nuts on one side and wishy-washy conformists on the other. That's where you start identifying with her. I think we all feel like this sometimes, when we care about a problem a lot. I think by the end, full of pathos and wounded defiance, you come out with a much better understanding of the angry unreasonable Republicans (who are a lot more difficult to empathize with than reasonable intelligent ones like the ones you know, TP2K1). Especially when you're an angry unreasonable leftist one of the people she sees as the enemy, instead of her ineffectual computer-illiterate but probably mostly well-meaning regular listeners. The conversation would go very differently and we likely would never have known of her vulnerability, her good intentions. I feel like this is a very persuasive reminder that people like her are not entirely selfish, whether or not they have weird prejudices and terrible opinions about minorities. They are just as scared as you are. I like it a lot, I dunno about you, but you certainly have to approach it as something you're seeing in a gallery or a stage.
  5. Breaking Bad

    Hoooooly shit he is such a psychopath
  6. Life

    Well, I don't know where you live, but you could try finding a few outdoors. Don't collect them all in the same jar though, they may fight. Alternatively, perhaps you can order some from a pet store? Or I guess you could call pest control but where's the fun in that?
  7. Life

    Sno: jumping spiders. They are fuzzy, adorable, harmless to you, and intelligent cold-hearted hunters. They'll murder anything their size or slightly bigger. They are metal as fuck and also cute. Miffy: Oof. I'd say if you are at all curious, give it a try, while always keeping it clear that your relationship with your girlfriend is the highest priority. If at any point it begins to interfere negatively, or creates feelings of guilt or jealousy from any party, cut it off. It could be a positive experience, though, so don't write it off entirely unless you feel really strongly against it.
  8. Life

    Kroms, wow. That is just... terrifying.
  9. Assange

    If we take the witness accounts as truth, he had very good reason to believe that she would NOT consent to unprotected sex, which is what he then went and did while she was sleeping. "She told her the uncomfortable part was that Assange had unprotected sex with her when she was asleep. Sofia also said Assange had nagged and tried to have unprotected sex with Sofia during the night but Sofia got him to wear a condom. Sofia had spoken to Assange several times about condoms."
  10. Assange

    No, I haven't read the letter, but I did hear that it was a pretty embarrassing ordeal. Yes, it definitely shows that their investment in the case goes WAY beyond just wanting him to get his just desserts for rape, and yeah this is all pretty obviously a circus. I don't doubt that most of the scandal surrounding him is because of Wikileaks and not because of what he did to the women, but I haven't seen anything that conclusively proves that the accusations are fabricated. After the initial interview he was allowed to go because they still had to review the evidence; now they have and they seem to have reached the conclusion that the evidence is sufficient for an arrest. Personally, I haven't seen anything to make me disbelieve the women's testimony. The fact that they brought the charges days or weeks later doesn't mean anything and is consistent with how rape charges are usually brought forward. The deletion of tweets, as you said, is a common and understandable thing; the woman having had a good opinion of the man or having consented to sex with him on a previous occasion is used by defendants in rape cases very often to discredit accusations (even though this is precisely how date rape or acquaintance rape works). However, from what I've read they initially wanted to push for sexual assault charges, not rape. I'm not very clear on what exactly happened there, does anyone have more details? I disagree with you on one thing, though -- how can a sleeping person consent to sex?
  11. Assange

    The sexual offense Assange committed that is considered rape in both countries is not the pinning down incident, but the one where he had sex with Sofia while she was asleep. Regarding the man in Serbia case, there are some differences... he had not been interviewed yet (Assange has, and now he is wanted for the second interview and for arrest), and he had agreed to extradition (Assange has not). Sweden doesn't have arrest power in the UK so it would make sense that they'd want to interview him in Sweden rather than there. The "storming" that the UK has allegedly threatened the Ecuadorian Embassy with is actually just a threat to revoke the its diplomatic protection, which would result in the Ecuadorian diplomats leaving the country and the UK cops swooping in to snatch Assange up. In conclusion, the Swedish legal system is weird, if they really wanted to frame Assange they should've accused him of a crime that isn't so universally and frequently dismissed for no reason, all the countries involved are also awful, and Assange is an asshole and very probably a rapist.
  12. Assange

    Here's a very useful post that covers a lot of the legal questions we were having:
  13. Assange

    Of course, if he weren't the face of Wikileaks or involved with them in any way the rape cases would probably never even have made it to court. :/ Or if they did, we certainly wouldn't be hearing about it in the international news.
  14. CLOP

    I rode a horse one time, it was exactly like in CLOP, I vouch for the realistic physics