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    I don't even know what words might start to describe my excitement for this. Maybe something like excessively stupid excited, Or WTFBBQEXCITED, or maybe just klasjhdfkskjhfk. Anyways, I'm excited! Contributing whatever I can! I guess my only question though is, has Jake even played any games recently?
  2. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Trine 75% off: Via Twitter Also, some cool indie bundles on sale: Indie Strategy Pack - $9.99 and Indie 2d Pack - $9.99
  3. Life

    School started 3 weeks ago. I haven't taken a math class in 7 years. Does anyone else suck at math here? I suck at math here.
  4. Recently completed video games

    Just out of curiosity, what were your qualms with it? I pretty much agree with all of your points of approval. I'm probably tainted by all of the good I experienced in the game, but I just don't have much to say bad about it at all. I really didn't notice much of a curve. The first battle is basically hand-fed to you. I suppose if someone didn't pay attention and isn't familiar with RTS/Tower Defense mechanics, then It could prove a bit hard to pick up. Online play is freaking awesome too! I hadn't messed with it till after I'd finished. It is indeed hard to find a games though. Maybe some thumbs would be interested in some matches?
  5. Post your face!

    Not sure why, but I instantly thought " Poop Joke " upon seeing this.
  6. Movie/TV recommendations

    Just finished watching Ink Strangely decent Fantasy/Sci Fi-ish flick I watched on netflix. It's a pretty hard movie to describe without giving away some of story. That said, It comes complete with cute badass fighting chicks, a dream realm, a creature with an obscenely huge nose, and dudes quest to not completely lose himself in his materialistic and pride-driven world. If you're bored and want a pretty decent weird movie to watch i'd it.
  7. Recently completed video games

    Brutal Legend :tup: The Good: (skip this if you hate lame fanboy praise ridden reviews) This game is just stupid fun. Hilariously awesome fun. I barely even remember it coming out for some reason, but it took the " Peeling out on some dudes face " Thumbs story for me to take an interest. The game starts with you taking the role of Eddie Riggs, a Roadie for some lame emo band. Some accident happens and then poof, bang, boom, you're back in medieval brutal metal times. Complete with multiple badass dudes trying to kick your ass, amazingly beautiful open world scenery, hilariously voiced story dialog, an awesomely metal soundtrack, and an extremely fun and brutal battle system. This game was everything I could hope for in a game. The Surprises: The battle system in this game was a huge surprise. Having really just picked the game up on a whim, I pretty much expected an experience similar to that of Dante's Inferno. I had no idea this game mixed RTS styled tower defense and close up hack and slash action. Battles consist of you basically taking command of an army of brutal rockers that you can build, upgrade, buff, direct, and fight alongside. The goal is to annihilate the opposing forces stage before they destroy yours. Extremely fun and different. Another unexpected was the stunningly beautiful open world landscapes. As stated before, I'd started this game expecting something pretty subpar (with no basis for this I might add, I'd known very little about the game). So being thrown into a world chock full of things like giant stonehenge-ish swords stuck into a beautifully lush meadow was pretty refreshing. There were points in this game where I just drove my badass hot rod around and looked at things. Awesomely beautiful things. The Meh: I have little to complain about. Hodrod controls were a little difficult at times, and the escort missions tended to be a little annoying because the enemies were a little hard to spot. That pretty much it.
  8. The Stanley Parable

    They are indeed different, but I honestly wouldn't warrant them worthy of any extra playtime. While I did spend the time to at least find 4 of the endings, I found them rather boring, confusing, and unfinished. The stories left little in the way of anything but a feeling of regret for spending the time to find them. If you want a fully fleshed out 3rd person narrative story, go watch Stranger Than Fiction. If you need to tickle the interactive aspect of it, open up the source SDK and walk around an empty map while watching.
  9. The Stanley Parable

    Was it just me or did it feel like this was missing Will Ferrell talking to his toothbrush?
  10. Post your face!

    Pretty much yep. In fact I greeted him as: Jake 'Two Right Thumbs' Rodkin
  11. Post your face!

    My most favorite picture ever. (sorry Jake)
  12. Tabletop RPGs

    I've got an interest! I only suffer from an extreme lack of know-how. I tried going back through the thread, but it was a bit confusing where/what game you guys have started. Can you share some links and maybe basic info for newb?
  13. Something witty about OnLive

    Gamefly just announced an unlimited PC gaming service. I don't use either service now, but when I can download a full PC game vs streaming it ... I know which one I'll choose. Source: http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/715242/gamefly-to-offer-unlimited-pc-play-later-this-year/
  14. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    Noobs allowed? I'd definitely be interested if so.
  15. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread