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  1. Idle Thumbs 115: Robot News

    Additional note on EVO stream viewer counts, niconico was simulcasting and those viewers weren't included in a lot of the counts available
  2. San Francisco Residents!

    Fun fact: My local "community supermarket" New Leaf (in Half Moon Bay) sells Stroopwafels. They are both delicious and over-priced.
  3. I assume that is what "and I'm Nick Breckon" means. We'll know his true status if his name is ever added to the new(-ish) hosts page.
  4. Anyone Remember?

    Steve's chair break happened in Scoops Horn, episode 52 of the re-labeled casts, episode 2 of The Idle Thumbs Podcast
  5. According to the Wiki history page, it was created back in August of 2011.
  6. Walked around the server a bit, looks quite impressive. I'd love it if I could get building rights and do some underwater constructions.
  7. is mine. I have too many games. Feel free to add me, its always nice to find new people to play games with
  8. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi everyone, I'm Tomaterr. I've been meaning to introduce myself for a while, but for some reason have not. So here I am. I've been listening to the podcast since about episode 10 of The Idle Thumbs Podcast, and from there went back and listened to all the previous episodes. And now I'm here. I play a lot of PC games. a lot. Also I'm still stuck playing through a ridiculous amount of PS2 games. But yeah, games. I'm 16, but I do try to not sound like an idiot all the time. You guys seem like a great bunch of people and I look forward to hopefully becoming a part of this community.