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  1. Ya, my apologies. I'm not entirely sure if he's ever been apart of a forum community hah. That and he's probably not on his A game today after last night (ole one-foot-in-the-grave just turned 30 and we weren't too gentle w/ him).
  2. Just bought my friend Bob Minecraft for his birthday. Was hoping he could get permission to build on the server; his name is slord_bob Thanks!
  3. 2:03 Whenever that happens, it freaks me out too O.o Also, just let me know anything I can do to help with the renovations!
  4. Speaking of maps... Is anyone else unable to get anything but the flat view to work on the interactive map?
  5. Last video of trial runs before I finish up and implement this nonsense in the station I'm building on the server.
  6. Ya, I'm having the same thing happen w/ having to place/replace the torches. I knew you could stick them under, I just hadn't bothered with the track I showed in the video as I was constantly moving stuff around to test different items out.
  7. My station testing video. It's on a custom map that is completely flat and the other junk in the background are other projects that I was working on at various points hah.
  8. I wasn't able to get on the server earlier so I was in my single player flat world game where I experiment with all sorts of nonsense. Anyways, I came up with a brand new station concept that honestly, has made me a little giddy (haven't found any youtube videos/forum posts about my particular design ). All of it makes use of the two new track pieces and is completely free of door or perpetual motion boosters. Right now it's just a prototype and is mainly showcasing arrival/departure functionality (flashing light for incoming passanger; pez dispenser with overflow rejection and indicator light for full/empty; automated cart return to dispenser and failsafe; etc) . Eventually I'll setup a switching system for up to 16 destinations. I'm going to try and make a video tonight so show how it works, but I've never attempted such a thing before; does anyone have suggestions for recording software? I've used FRAPS like 5 or 6 years ago for something once I remember but if there's something better please let me know.
  9. de_dust was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing to walk through. I had a hard time not crouching behind the wall at A and imagining myself with an awp. A+ job!
  10. Ya, I read their blog and forums about delaying 1.5 until the bugs are worked out on Notch's end. I'm going to post a youtube video sometime tonight/tomorrow morning of doing a bunch of speed testing w/ the new powered rails. they're not too shabby if used correctly.
  11. I just disconnected and reconnected just fine so I'm not entirely sure. I've never seen that error before either :x
  12. I was thinking the same thing. Simple loop boosters in the right spots might be enough (mid way points and whatnot for longer routes). At least it'll hopefully cut down on the number of boosters you have to chain for doordrop setups.
  13. Still giving me the "Sorry, we are unable to retrieve this document." Don't worry about it though, I can just muck about in single player and Portal 2 until Bukkit and the server updates
  14. "Sorry, we are unable to retrieve this document."
  15. I didn't think you could keep it from updating :x Unless that's an option somewhere I just haven't found.