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  1. Soren is great every time I've heard him on 3MA. But Rob Pardo? What an amazing way to start a cast. I can't wait to listen!
  2. I'm glad the GOLD BLUM idea came up. The thumbs idea left me worried the Danielle's gloves would end up with an unintentional goatse. :-(
  3. So many things to say now: Raising a daughter has been absoultely insane. My wife and I have done our best to avoid the gender stereotyping, but she has bought it wholesale. The first time I wore my Gaming's Feminist Illuminatti shirt, it absolutely blew her mind. She didn't know how to process a boy wearing pink. So that's a challenge. Anita was a great fit for the podcast. I hope you contrive an excuse to get her on again. I'm assuming that, since Campo Santo is associated with Panic, some of the Thumbs must know Greg Maletic. That guy knows his Disney. The podcast he is on, The Golden Horseshoe Review, is really great. Also, if you haven't seen his California Adventure posters, check them out. I think they are better than that park deserves.
  4. Not enough Danielle Riendeau in this episode!
  5. Episode 216: Lost in Space

    I'm only about a third of the way into this episode, but I've already shouted "Yes!" a few times while listening. I'm super glad Rob decided to try the original Master Of Orion. It is such a tight little ball of mechanics. It's so weird that ever since then, developers (including Simtex with MOO2) have been trying to follow up by making the genre more elaborate and, therefore, unwieldy.
  6. Episode 213: On Campaign

    There have already been some great responses, but I couldn't help but comment as well. Especially since Tom was so eager to know more about us. I rarely play RTS games. Even classic real time RPGs like Baldur's Gate are too hectic for me. But that doesn't mean I don't like the occasional RTS campaign, at least to follow the story. I am not very competitive, so standard RTS gaming like Tom advocates is more than I can handle. The one time I tried a multiplayer Starcraft 2 match (one of the warmup games you play before placement), I got so panicked that I quit the match after 60 seconds. After this episode, I'm a little ashamed to admit that the only RTS campaign that I played to completion was Dawn of War II. I loved that final mission, boss fights and all.