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  1. Hmm, 6 hours and 3000 $ to go. I believe the chances are pretty good.
  2. Hopefully it will: it now has 20500 out of 30000 and still about 2 days to go.
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/942343365/the-interactive-adventures-of-dog-mendonca-and-piz A really promising Kickstarter project which seems to be inspired by the Lucas classics, as well as noir/horror movies (like American Werewolf in London) and Indiana Jones (there are references to Nazi occultism and the Vatican). It is based on a cult Portuguese comic, and the storyline is set in Lisbon. It involves a werewolf private detective, his demon assistant (in a little girl's form), a talking gargoyle head and a young pizza boy solving all sorts of mysteries. The plot premise is this: In ages past, Lisbon was the stage of great power struggles, a powerful capital and a strategic point that separated the Old Continent from the vast ocean that lead into the New World. Nowadays things haven't changed that much. What looks like a normal city extends its webs of mystery like an iceberg, deep beneath its surface. For the supernatural beings of this planet, Lisbon is the new Casablanca, a terrain that belongs to no one, where the hidden politics of an unseen world are at play and normal folks stress to build a life among all the forces in conflict. It is an asylum for the disenfranchised hordes of vampires, goblins and other such creatures but, like any other place like it, it's also harrased by the interest of different political agendas, secret societies and organized crime. In Lisbon, every shadow has eyes and every eye is witness to a new mystery. They also released a playable demo, which looks very LucasArts-ish: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/942343365/the-interactive-adventures-of-dog-mendonca-and-piz/posts/1024079
  4. Armikrog: Earthworm Neverhood 2?

    A new fan video on Kickstarter:
  5. Toonstruck... 2?!

    The funny thing is, now there's even a creepypasta story about it: http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Toonstruck_2
  6. A new Kickstarter by Pendulo Studios

    New updates: 1) a sample of the game's soundtrack 2) soundtracks from the other Pendulo games 3) And finally, a new reward: the Summer Sale, which allows you to get a physical version of one of the backgrounds from the first Runaway. It comes with a certificate of authenticity, which includes a brief story about the background you have chosen. And as if that weren’t enough, it is signed by the whole team
  7. And another adventure-related news... There's a Zak McKracken remake project in the works. It's following basically the same plotline, but with some new stuff added, and the creator has gotten a personal approval from David Fox. They're currently in need of artists. More details here: http://www.adventure...p?topic=46259.0
  8. A new Kickstarter by Pendulo Studios

    A new screenshot: And the Spanish writer Ramón Cerdà, who claimed one of the 5 "Look mum, that's me" rewards and will appear as an in-game character.
  9. A new Kickstarter by Pendulo Studios

    Update #1: they've started writing the backers' names on the office walls! Also, some backers' avatars and banners
  10. The Pendulo Studios jump on the crowdfunding train, having started their own campaign related to the game "Day One". It tells the story of Ethan, a young and acid journalist who learns from his doctor that he’s got a terminal disease: he'll be dead before the end of the day. Back home, he finds a capsule and a note: “This will keep you alive 24 extra hours. Come to Paris for more. We’ll find you.” They're providing a vast array of rewards, including an oldschool "big box" edition of the game, an opportunity to put your own creations (art, music, texts, etc.) in the game, Ethan Grant's Edition of The Devil's Dictionary with his own notes, thoughts and traces of events that happen in the game and even the chance to study a course in Video game Design thanks to Universidad Complutense de Madrid and become an intern in Pendulo Studios. Check this out for more: http://www.ulule.com/dayone/
  11. Unfortunately there are no such news by the moment. I would've gladly funded it
  12. So I wanna tell you about one more game (don't worry, it's better than Crazy Mansion ). It's a pretty old AGS project by IbeX Studios, dated 2003 (there were no news since then), but some of the materials still remain on the net. The game was going to include fully animated AVI cutscenes, multiple walkthroughs and other cool features; the plot sypnosis is the following: You can find more info here: http://www.adventure...title=Jimmy_Jam http://ibex.adventuredevelopers.com/ http://tvtropes.org/...m=Main.JimmyJam http://www.facebook.com/JimmyJamGame
  13. Haha, no I'm not affiliated with this project.
  14. They said they're still in need of graphic artists, so I believe these will be redrawn. The GUI design and the animations of the mansion in the Youtube trailer seem to be of almost professional quality.
  15. A few days ago I've stumbled across Crazy Mansion, another project with a crowdfunding campaign. It's very heavily inspired by both Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle, but it doesn't use any copyrighted things from those games. Instead, it's a completely different story set in the same universe. It's created by Desperate Studios team, who created their first games in the days of C64 and Amiga. You may check this out for details: http://crazy-mansion.heimat.eu/ http://www.indiegogo.com/CrazyMansion The GUI design: