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  1. Turning off death completely would be pretty cool, but not being able to commit suicide just in case you got lost somewhere in the world seems like it would be a problem. Maybe theres a way to keep deaths, but have it so you don't lose the stuff in your inventory when you die?
  2. Would it be possible to just turn off death completely? If so, would you guys agree that it would be a great idea?
  3. Sweet, thanks man! EDIT: Is anyone else getting timed out when trying to connect to the server?
  4. Could someone grant me building credentials? I wanted to send PM to either tabacco or Kingz, but my lack of posts on this forum kind of makes it difficult to do so. I know I'm not much of a reputable person here on the forums, but Im huge fans of Idle Thumbs, and would love if I could participate in making the Idle Thumbs Minecraft server even awesomer. My Minecraft Handle is OldMouse. Ive already logged in everything, too. Thanks!
  5. "Butts: Hold onto them." This totally caught me off guard, and made me laugh like crazy. Good ol' butts.