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  1. Jeff Goldblum

    Technically not actually Goldblum, but it's hard to ignore soundbites involving scoops.
  2. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    The replay system in Mario Kart looks pretty great actually. Being able to slow it down and watch the characters emote to each other is weird. Also I guess Luigi just looks super pissed the whole time now?
  3. All this Waluigi love. Let's not forget whose year it's been.
  4. Not-Game Doodles

    Don't worry, I've taken the necessary steps and turned myself in just in case. @Clyde, The wind deflecting fireballs was an accidental thing, but yeah there was something satisfying about it so I left it there! And the title floating in the air was one of the first things I ever did in the Unity engine and I sort of became blind to its weirdness over the hours spent looking at it. V0.2 will change it to read "Congrats Nick" instead. Thanks guys for messing around with it! EDIT: Oh hahahaha this is a new thing. Congrats Nick Congrats Nick Congrats Nick (good job Tobacco).
  5. Not-Game Doodles

    Looking up and seeing the moon with computer screens surrounding float by was pretty great, Dinosaurssssss. I spent last weekend trying to learn Unity stuff, so may I present: Wizard Battle by Laxan -Trying to make a modular magic system where spells interact in cool ways. -3 mouse buttons and wasd are only controls -WARNING there are some sounds, so maybe turn down the volume beforehand. -Some collision stuff -All stock assets for the moment -One basic AI who will shoot you (He is an engineer model with a cube on his head, who spins around horizontally. I got too tired to fix him ) Full list of spell combinations and other notes: EDIT: Is this a not-not-game? Should I post it somewhere else instead?
  6. I found an old blackmail note from a game a few months ago. I think I was being scammed out of a tech deal, but they followed through in the end so I never had to post it. Such a weird game.
  7. So I guess mobs have pathfinding now. I went thousands of cubes away from spawn searching for a jungle biome. I never found one. Deciding to head back, I needed to tunnel down and find redstone to make a compass. In a chasm underground, 4 zombies lurched out of a cavern. I retreated across a single-block wide bridge, and assumed the zombies would run straight at me, falling into the chasm below. NO. They turned, crossed the bridge and deftly ran along the ledge I was standing on and killed me. So, yeah. Life finds a way.
  8. Apparently there's a whole new client you need to play the latest few builds. Got it here:
  9. My ID is Implosiony when you get the chance.
  10. Mmm, the black coffee of Minecraft. Count me in! Also yeah, let us know if we can chip in funds somewhere. (Kickstarter...?)
  11. The threat of Big Dog

    Sir, you are being stabbed.

    A friend pointed out that there's an option in the interaction menu thing that lets you specify the scope of who you can hear. I set it to friends and crew and the silence is golden. I have no idea if it affects who can hear me though.
  13. Feminism

    Would they possibly include female characters just to justify their usage in marketing materials? Evony eventually included some sort of Queen character to try make their "Play discreetly, m'lord" ads seem less ridiculous.