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  1. Books, books, books...

    The ending to Murder on The Orient Express pissed me off. Obviously, I won't spoil it, but it really felt like Poirot was pulling the entire solution out of his ass. Not only that, no resulotion comes from it. He explains who the murderer is, then it just ends, like it just cuts to black.
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yes, and? I really fail to see how that can influence your opinion of a TV series. Shouldn't things like characterisation, content, plot, music and direction be more important than topography? Or am I missing something? What? The A-Team movie was great. Great acting, cool action scenes and good music. Not only that, the film took time to breathe, and let its heroes have fun. I loved that. It was basically a Michael Bay movie if Michael Bay was good at his job. Which he isn't. Michael Bay that is.
  3. Minecraft

    Agreed. Minecraft could use some Norway style fjords I haven't played Minecraft in a while, actually, because I had to send my good computer away to get it repaired. Hopefully it'll come back soon, because I feel like I'm missing out on so much stuff. Minecraft did something to me a computer game hasn't done to me in ages: made me sit quietly in a frozen position, merely moving my fingers and eyes as I played the game. I loved it!
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    And I thought I was a big nerd. It appears I am outmatched.
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    So basically, what you're saying is you avoid the show because of the spacing of the letters in the title card? As well as the previously mentioned things, obviously.
  6. Recently completed video games

    The most recent game I can remember completing was Metroid: Other M. The amount of melodrama in that game was staggering. While the gameplay was decent, the story had me wanting to tear my face off at times. When I was done with the whole thing I felt there was so much potential there, that they managed to waste. If just minor tweaks had been made, I would have liked it so much more.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah, the auto-tuning is a bit bad. Though it seems to me most of the auto-tuning is done on the male performers. Or maybe I'm just hearing it wrong. Still enjoy Glee for the sheer fun it has with a fairly clichéd and trite premise. But that's just me. Also: kerning?
  8. Fable 3

    I never played Dragon Age, mostly because my PC wasn't good enough to run it. And RPGs take so freakin' looooong to play anyway.
  9. The All New XBox Gamertag Exchange Thread!

    I mostly play, well, whatever I can, though I don't have that many multiplayer games. But feel free to contact me if you want to play Street Fighter 4 or something.
  10. Thumb Association

    Well, I have started using the term "day one perch".
  11. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Quiet you, I'm trying to make it with the cool kids!
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    TV recommendation: An Idiot Abroad. If you're a fan of Karl Pilkington, or would like to see a real life Homer Simpsons travel to places he really doesn't want to go to and be an embittered ass while he's there, it's loads of fun. Also: Glee. For obvious reasons.
  13. Fable 3

    What other games these days have done anything but have a two-sided sliding scale? Knights of the Old Republic did go against the fabric by having what you'd expect to be inherently "good" actions actually turn out to have "evil" consequences, but I haven't experienced any game recently that uses the two-sided scale in any way you wouldn't suspect.
  14. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

    I've only played the demo, but it did leave me wanting more. The character animations and voice acting was damned good in my opinion, even if the platforming and combat wasn't particularly deep. I think Enslaved is going to be one of those games in which it's not really about making it to the end, but what happens as you make your way towards it. Yes, you can argue that all games are about that, but from what I've read of comments and reviews there's a lot of things happening as far as story and characterisation is considered that a lot of games these days really lack. Not to mention the fact that the game also looks damned good. I'm not much of a graphics whore, but I don't mind games that take the "post apocalyptic" setting and turns it on its head by overgrowing it with green. Definite buy for me.
  15. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello! I am The Rusty Magus, though after creating my account I somewhat regret adding the "the"-part. Oh well, we shiv and burn, I guess. Thanks to fellow Idle Thumber Hermie for pointing me in the direction of Idle Thumbs, though I'm bumbed out that I wasn't able to follow the podcast from the start. I only started listening to it on episode 7 after Nick had left, so I only got around to listening to seven episodes before the cast went belly-up. Still, there's always the back-catalogue. About me: I'm Norwegian, born and raised, and I'm currently working my way through a bachelor's degree in film studies. I'm also a film journalist for the local student radio. Oh, I also play video games. I started out with the GameBoy and have worked my way through every generation of consoles since then. My brother and I first had a SNES, then we got a PS1, then an Xbox, and now I have an Xbox 360, a Wii and a PS2. I've also played at least one version of every single Nintendo handheld: GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance and DSLite. I'm something of a Nintendo fanboy, as you could probably surmise, and I'm eagerly awaiting the launch of the 3DS. I consume things video gamey on a daily basis, be it videos, trailers, reviews, podcasts or just playing them. I'm also a writer for indie site The Gaming Vault, which I won't plug anymore on this particular site. Unfortunately I fall into the same trap a lot of gamers past their teenage years: lack of time to play. But I try my best to play as much as I can. Hopefully this will be a forum I'll be spending a butt-load of time on.