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  1. The theoretical game they described around the 40 minute mark reminded me of Sleep is Death by Jason Rohrer: One person plays the game while the other is doing improv based on the first player's decisions. It's sort of like if an adventure game met D&D. If you could stream the side of things that was creating the game with the player not watching the stream, this could lead to some pretty interesting results.
  2. Idle Thumbs Streams

    The Dark Souls 3 stream was super fun. I can't wait to see more streams.
  3. Twin Peaks Rewatch 1: Pilot

    Fun first episode! I looked it up and I am about an hour and a half drive from the Twin Peaks cafe, Twedes Cafe I may just have to make a trip down and get some photos for the forums.
  4. They were right. Spycraft: The Great Game is on GOG and is only $5.99! Maybe the guys can do a Saturday Stream?
  5. I'm finding it really hard resisting the urge to register
  6. Dear Esther

    I tried to give it a fair shake. I even sat through the beginning area again after my "can I swim?" experiment went poorly, but it just didn't manage to grab me.
  7. Two Guys from Andromeda (Space Quest) Reunion

    Their kickstarter is now live
  8. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    It's awesome to see this coming together. Especially since it is similar to a concept discussed on an older cast about how the guys wished for a game with a smaller setting but with a ton of detail. I'm very interested to see what they come up with.
  9. Nintendo bringing Xenoblade to North America in April

    I need to get back to it. I'm only a few hours in but love what I've played so far. My brother finished the EU version he imported and said even though it's about 20 hours longer than FFXIII, it felt a lot tighter. I think that speaks volumes.
  10. The Elder ScrMMOlls

    I'm enjoying Skyrim, but I don't know if I'd enjoy it if w3edp0calypse420 was in my face yelling racial slurs while I was trying to fight a bear.
  11. Hot Scoops, Inc.

    I'm very excited to see what they come up with. We need more great non-combat games. It can't all be ba-dow ba-dows and pew-pew laser beams all the time.
  12. Legend of Grimrock - Tile based Dungeon Crawler!

    I have never played this style of old school dungeon crawler for more than a few minutes, but Grimrock has me hooked.
  13. Nintendo bringing Xenoblade to North America in April

    My brother just finished his import copy about a week ago. His total time was 81 hours. I grabbed the NA release and have played the first few hours. It reminds me a lot of FF XII, but feels more streamlined. I also love the fact that most quests auto-turn in so you don't have to worry about returning to town until you are good and ready.
  14. Nintendo 3DS

    I'm really digging Tom Clancy's Shadow Wars. It sounds dumb, but the way they use the layering in the menus is actually pretty sweet. Since I'm a sucker for turn based strategy, it was an easy purchase to make when I grabbed my 3DS.
  15. Dead Rising 2

    I just got it from Gamefly but haven't had a chance to pop it in. I think I might try to finish up Case 0 first so I can transfer my dude with all of his sweet levels.