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  1. Pizza Tonight / A Chill Hell

    getting there! just gotta stick in some dialogue code and some level design and the first half is near enough ready to go!
  2. Pizza Tonight / A Chill Hell

    already proof-of-concepted the character customisation, all the pieces will be block colours and the run animation is just 4 frames, meaning i can add a bunch of clothing pieces really easily. gonna do a slightly less obnoxious animation to actually have in-game though edit: updated the sprite, added a couple of options to every slot, it's already coming together really nicely edit2: added a chattering face for the dialogue boxes
  3. Pizza Tonight / A Chill Hell

    oh yes! that works for a lot of reasons. you can't not love a robot falling over.
  4. Hey thumbs, I'm a long time reader, first time wizard jammer. I met zerofiftyone at an indie dev meetup and he recommended i give Wizard Jam a try, so here I am! My basic plan as it stands is to make a fairly simple platformer that starts out with character customisation. You build a character and get a pizza delivered but OH NO! the delivery person slipped and dropped the pizza all over town! You have to run around the city, jumping over pits and spiked fences, collecting slices of pizza. This section will probably last 5 minutes at most before you inevitably die (if not to spikes, then to the final slice of pizza which was POISONED) and turn into a skeleton, voiding all your character customisation, and take the slow hellevator down to A Chill Hell. This will most definitely include a late title card and most definitely the itchio page will have no mention of this section for MAX SURPRISES. A Chill Hell so far is mostly planned to be a fairly easy-going zone where demons are bored of torture and you can explore the space to your heart's content. or maybe there will be objectives, i'll have to see how i'm doing for time, haha. another idea i'd like to do is include a hamburger mode where the pizzas are hamburgers and nothing else is different