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  1. Far Cry 3

    I watched the trailer twice over, and the introductory stuff with the camera view was done pretty well. The lens was appropriately dirty, the voice of the person behind the camera at any given time was appropriately adjusted. My big complaints are three things: 1) The villain's animations when he's screaming at the dude are way off. 2) Dubstep is horrible, I hate this shit music. 3) I'm not sure if I buy into the protagonist being able to throw knives like that. In the E3 trailer I thought it was some sort of skilled guy you were playing. I don't mind the playable character being a step in the 'bro' direction. Anyway. I think the E3 reveal was way better. I'm also curious as to whether or not there will be a sufficient amount of "wub wub" in the game. (kill me)
  2. New Idle Thumbs Website

    Wow, everything on the site loads way faster than I remember. And the front image is great. Kudos to everyone who worked on the site. For real. Also crossing my fingers for a new series of podcasts, as ever.
  3. Fuck Steve, grats Steve 3.

    Now I have this expectation.
  4. Goty.cx 2011

    I haven't devised my own GotY list or pick (and there's not a lot for me to work with) but Gamasutra has their own list made! Specifically targeting indie games. Here's the short of it: They've got some honorable mentions in the article there. I kinda want to fault them for having Minecraft in that list, but they at least acknowledge it was already in their list last year.
  5. Fuck Steve, grats Steve 3.

    Putting them on YouTube is one thing, but annotations? That's a lot of work. I wonder if they have Farcry 2 saved to their clipboard to help save on time.
  6. Fuck Steve, grats Steve 3.

    Jake Rodkin and the Temple of Thumbs.
  7. Fuck Steve, grats Steve 3.

    No it certainly fits. I wonder why Steve and Chris decided to leave Irrational. Or, if they had the choice to leave themselves. I hope it's the former. But good move heading to Portland, Mr. Gaynor. I lived there briefly and it's a pretty great city. As for Chris' news, I found out about it via tweet from Famous.
  8. I like that he's credited with Idle Thumbs before anything else. Downloading right now to give a listen, though.
  9. I hate using necromancy on a thread but my journey through listening to the rest of Idle Thumbs brought me to this episode, and I had to express love for Jake for his rant about the Windows registry and everything that followed. Autoexec.bat indeed.
  10. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 4

    Anyone got time to do a sort of writeup (brief) of the game you had? I'm a little hooked on this game now.
  11. I hear they give you happy pills after you get this procedure done. And then everyone can yell "Pills here!" at you.
  12. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 4

    Wow, I've just witnessed my first act of betrayal in this game. And it did not disappoint my expectations. It wasn't against me, but it puts me in a very odd situation.
  13. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 4

    My portrait looks like some sort of hostile flesh-eating species. I feel compelled to lie about peace.
  14. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 4

    My first inbox message in my first game of Neptune's Pride is someone saying hi in roleplay speak. What do I do?!
  15. New people: Read this, say hi.

    I have a habit of doing as I'm told, so as a new person I'm here to say hi! Discovered Idle Thumbs when folks elsewhere on the internet mentioned it being dead again, so for the last couple of weeks I've been backtracking episodes while listening to the last couple when they arrived.