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  1. Stardew Valley

    Build a stable. Hop on your horsey, which you get to name, and ride around going "wheeeeeeee."
  2. Stardew Valley

    The only time I ran into this feeling was in winter. But even then, if you plan carefully, you can actually still farm. During any given day, you can: - fish - farm crops, which includes watering, tilling the ground - forage - chop wood - mine - mingle with townsfolk / give gifts - go to the bar and play an arcade game - gather things up for the community center bundles You don't have to squeeze doing everything into a day. I often just handle my watering needs and then pick something to do for the rest of the day. Chopping wood can be a bit of a pain if you run out of trees. The answer is to start a tree farm! Trees will always drop one seed on chopping down. On rare occasions, you'll get a second seed. And more often than not they will drop seeds around them slowly over time, which you can leave in the ground to grow or dig up with a tool to replant elsewhere. Wood doesn't make a ton of money if you find yourself not needing to build things; just 2 gold per block (3 gold if you take that experience route). But it is something to do.
  3. The threat of Big Dog

    All I'm gonna say is if a robot stitched my eye back together after whatever accident would make that necessary, that robot is gonna be my new best friend. We're gonna hang out and play video games and shit.
  4. The Next President

    I can't think if this deserves its own thread or if it's worth posting here because it is a campaign issue (for Democrats at least). It's about the minimum wage increase and why particular arguments against it are a load of shit. Keep in mind, "a load of shit" is the tone and rhetoric of the article's writing, but people are allowed to be frustrated at dumb shit. More importantly to note on that however is that the article is full of citations to back it up. http://kitchenette.jezebel.com/heres-how-every-argument-against-a-minimum-wage-hike-is-1728874042
  5. The Next President

    Oh and here it is, Clinton's spoken words on video about "I don't know where [sanders] was." She even names him in the 1993 video clip, fuck me. https://twitter.com/Libertea2012/status/708903222216302593
  6. The Next President

    Hillary Clinton must have said something in the last 24 hours about "where was Bernie Sanders when I was fighting for healthcare reform in the 1990s?" because the internet is flooded with this stuff right now: Spoilers: Sanders was right there with her literally.
  7. The Next President

    Oh shit I was just arriving to link to this video. That is a defeated man. I actually feel really badly for Rubio. I know he has a soul now. Which means that some way, some how, the things we disagree on can be met with the act of convincing him to change his mind or outright educate him.
  8. The Next President

    It's not supposition anymore. Trump and his followers are trying to usher in the next era of fascism that could damage the world for decades.
  9. The Next President

    So did anyone hear about the Donald Trump rally that protesters managed to have shut down just by their size and presence? Oh.
  10. The Next President

    That's right. First, there's the popular vote for the options we have. Then, a group of people chosen by the options will make the actual votes. That will narrow down the options, and the process repeats.
  11. The Next President

    I was under the impression this was an election thread.
  12. The Next President

    Edit - Going to tack on that 88% of Congress is going through election this year as well. So y'know. To anyone who says Sanders won't be able to get anything done without Congress' approval or help... uh. Just vote for the appropriate people. A solution. Imagine that.
  13. The Next President

    I linked before about the Clintons destroying welfare in the country, and here's an example of how it is rippling out to today. SNAP benefits are about to be taken away from a lot of poor people. Starvation is about to hit America somehow. http://www.thenation.com/article/congress-is-about-to-take-food-away-from-the-poorest-people-in-america/?nc=1
  14. The Next President

    I really, really must stress that her support is usually verbal only. I'm sure people will find the outlier or two where she actually did more than just say something for an election's sake.
  15. The Next President

    As opposed to my off topic last post, this is a Facebook link / video embed so I dunno how it'll work out for people clicking it. But it's about the $15 an hour thing, a guy giving his testimony on where he's been, how he's served the country, and where he's at. https://www.facebook.com/1518274855144200/videos/vb.1518274855144200/1518831441755208/?type=2&theater This is the kind of person I fight most for. It's the kind of person Sanders fights for.
  16. The Next President

    By the way, related to this, yesterday Republicans were attacking a representative in Illinois for not standing up for our troops. Except that one, she was a veteran herself. Also she's a double-amputee, having lost her legs.
  17. The Next President

    This is the most nit-picky thing to nitpick if you're trying to be critical of Sanders or fair to other campaigners.
  18. The Next President

    $3,200 in total from the registered lobbyists according to that article. That's not what lobbyists or corporate interests give when they're buying a politician. When people talk about taking money from lobbyists, they're talking about stuff like Clinton taking the $30,000-some from the NRA guy alone. There's a difference between someone giving money as an individual, and then someone who manages the funds for a lobby group giving that group's money. Please.
  19. The Next President

    Part of my point though is that whatever she supporters, Sanders has supported. For longer. And has actually worked toward it. And he doesn't come with the baggage of a shady career nor take money from lobbyists.
  20. The Next President

    She was against gay marriage until 2013, which was when that whole thing came around in the country anyway.
  21. The Next President

    A friend of mine and I were talking earlier this week and she said, "How did we grow up in the 90s thinking the Clintons were the most awesome thing to happen to our country?" and then went on to lay out everything about DOMA and such that I already listed. And it's true. Up until this election cycle, I always said Bill Clinton was a great president and my one citation was the surplus he left the country with. But when you take a closer look... holy shit that guy was Republican. And his wife was thumping the drum or even driving him to do things he did. So now I'm left with Obama being the only president I actually like in my lifetime so far (though this time I can cite the things I like and measure them against things I don't like). That kind of perception by the way is part of why Clinton has support. It's why I make such an effort on social media and wherever else I can that doesn't ban politics discussion to bring up how terrible Clinton actually is and how she actually stands against what people desire from their government. She has a career of doing it. I hate to deliver such a low blow here, but when people of the LGBT community declare they support Clinton, I fucking die inside because they are literally supporting someone who wants to hold them back and has a career of holding them back.
  22. The Next President

    More things RE: Clinton. - in 2008 she said that racism wasn't a problem for Obama but sexism was for her. lolwtf - Clinton was an advocate of healthcare reform until she started taking money from the opposite lobby. - This week it was disclosed that Clinton is now taking money from the NRA. Every politician who takes money from the NRA responds to gun violence with lame messaging about how guns aren't the problem. - The Clinton-backed regime in Honduras is assassinating people speaking their mind about that regime or things that need helping in their country. Foreign-policy experience, right? - Clinton created a team in the state department to promote fracking in other countries. FUCKING FRACKING. - When a pair of black women crashed an early Bernie Sanders campaign speech, he stepped back and let them have the mic. When a black woman paid the $500 fee to confront Clinton about her 1996 quote about bringing black people to heel, Clinton kicked her out while also not addressing her previous shitty quote. - Read this and learn why Clinton doesn't actually give a shit about people in poverty. - Bill Clinton violated election rules by campaigning for his wife at polling stations, but he and her will likely get away with it because they're like a mob family that can get away with anything. - In 2008 Obama convinced the DNC to put a ban on campaign fundraising from lobbyists, arguing it wouldn't serve the needs of the common American people. Last month, the DNC lifted the ban and the money started pouring in for Clinton. BTW I have just as many problems with the DNC as Clinton this election cycle with how underhanded they've been handling this election because an Independent wanting to run on their ticket is more popular than their bullshit-artist. - Clinton supporters claim Clinton does more to help black people. Meanwhile there's plenty of photos and evidence of Bernie marching and being arrested with civil rights protesters, and he's stood with them since. But hey why pay attention to things like history and facts? - The CEO of Twitter had a hashtag suppressed on the site, "#WhichHillary," which was being used to bring up her inconsistencies and back peddling and lies. He is a financial supporter of hers btw. More to come, I want to play some games and have other things to do aside from go back over all this stuff from the last half year. And twenty years.
  23. The Next President

    No he isn't. Before yesterday's caucusing, the delegate count was 476 for Sanders and 676 for Clinton (this doesn't include superdelegates). Meanwhile, there are 4051 delegates left to figure out from 31 states. The South is more or less done caucusing, and the more liberal places are what's left - which is where Bernie's core popularity resides. And it should be noted that Sanders is gaining momentum and voters while Clinton is losing momentum and voters. (Edit - by the way Sanders won yesterday's caucusing so the gap has closed up) I'm sick of the fibbing about Sanders and how "far behind" he is. Clinton hasn't won this by a long shot. Remember, Clinton won Super Tuesday in 2008 but lost to Obama in the long run. As for Clinton... I have a lot of negative things to say about her. She is literally a Republican in Democrat clothing. She and her husband are responsible for a lot of non-liberal policies, like The Defense of Marriage Act, Don't Ask Don't Tell, outsourcing America's workforce to other countries, banning gay people from donating blood, and other things. The fact that people can stand up and say, "Yes, I want the first woman president despite all of that" is super selfish. It's shallow, meaningless symbolism people are voting for. I mean for fuck's sake, this is a woman that said young black people need to be "brought to heel," who wants to deport children, who takes money from the corrupt assholes that have been slamming our economy into the ground... but let's ignore everything she does on the job and her whole career because we can arbitrarily have our first woman president. While people did vote for Obama because they wanted the first black president, by and large Obama was favored because of the issues he was going to address during his presidency. He talked about doing the job. Meanwhile, Clinton slammed Obama and even went on to suggest that he would be assassinated. Fast forward to now, eight years later, and she acts like Obama is her best friend despite the way she treated him. She really pissed me off a couple months ago when she suggested that Sanders was "disloyal" to Obama by voting against some Obama-driven things. That's not what our government is about. We're allowed to have disagreements. She thinks of the presidency as a crown to win and she's treating this whole thing, when she speaks to the public, like a highschool prettiest princess contest. Then she'll bar the press from covering her private speeches and meetings with Wall Street. Speeches she gets paid an inordinate amount of money for. Clinton has also been treating this campaign like it's still the 1990s. Like that lame ass pandering is okay to do, or not realizing the internet exists to fact check her or perpetuate her fuck-ups. My personal favorite, which also actually personally offended me as a half-Mexican, was when she said she's like my Mexican grandmother. Fuck you Clinton, no you are not, not in any way. And when she was asked to elaborate on it at a town hall her answer was that she once watched over a bunch of Mexican children. What the actual fuck? As far as policies go, anything that Clinton manages to speak about in a liberal manner Sanders does better with - both in his consistency on the issues and his plans for them. But hey, why vote for how someone is going to perform on the job when we can arbitrarily have our first woman president, who will actually regress the country and put a lot of people out? Y'know who I'd vote for instead? Elizabeth Warren. Policy-wise she's like Sanders, and hey, she's not a corrupt fuck like Clinton is. She'd make a great president. Or vice president. Sanders-Warren would be an awesome ticket. This is only a fraction of what I have to say about Clinton and how she's a terrible person and politician. I really am ashamed of how many people still buy into her lying bullshit because none of her actual motivations or career actions are hard to find. She talks the talk at election time, but her actions speak for themselves. She's not going to do shit to help people in poverty, or racial-based injustice, and frankly I doubt she actually gives a damn about helping women because hey, she's got hers so fuck everyone else.
  24. Elsewhere on the net I talk about the goingons in video games that aren't about the games themselves. Y'know, like layoffs companies hand out, or moments like Electronic Arts commenting of Zynga's recent counter-suit filing, "This is a predictable subterfuge aimed at diverting attention from Zynga’s persistent plagiarism of other artists and studios. Zynga would be better served trying to hold onto the shrinking number of employees they’ve got, rather than suing to acquire more." That sorta thing. Looking around here on Idle Thumbs I can see that this sorta stuff comes up as side-discussion, but no single incident necessarily warrants a thread of their own (besides, there'd be lots). So I want to give it a shot and see how a sort of catch-all topic would run around these parts. From what I see, this community is pretty kickass at avoiding console war type nonsense, but just to be safe: no console warry antics. I guess I'm making that emphasis because the first thing I have to talk about is Sony's press conference thinger they had leading up to the Tokyo Game Show starting off. Among the things talked about were a new slimmer PS3 and a price-drop on the PSP. Now, the latter doesn't surprise me one way or the other, but along with the price drop, they're putting out new color models of the PSP. Those aren't two typos in a row; the PSV has no new hardware or pricedrop. It all has me confused because it kinda seems like Sony is marketing against itself, since the PSV is ailing in sales (its biggest week in Japan was like two / three weeks ago when one of those Vocaloid games came out). Speaking of Zynga earlier, they have more important departures from the company, hot on the heels of them buying yet another company into their fold. That company has been a sinking ship this year. I feel bad for those dudes. Last odd news: Microsoft filed a patent for implanted controls. Look at this crazy shit:
  25. Stardew Valley

    I'm trying to figure out what happens when you get the glittering boulder removed (the purple glitter rock by the mine entrance, in the river). It's one of the community center milestones. If it turns out it does something crazy like making crab traps more worthwhile I'm gonna scream.